Best 36 Inch Gas Range for the Money- Reviews 2019

For people who love to cook, choosing the best gas range should be their main priority. They need something that is more powerful and bigger than regular gas ranges. If you are one of these people who require more burners and power, what you need is a 36” gas range.

36” gas range has the size and power of a commercial gas range but it is appropriate for home use in terms of insulation and safety. When choosing this kind of gas range, you should consider some factors.

For one, choose a 36” gas range that is easy to clean. The food debris should not get stuck below the cook top because it will be more difficult to clean. Just imagine trying to remove small food crumbs and grime underneath your cook top. It will take you a few hours just to clean everything out. Make sure that the gas burners have seals that will prevent food debris from getting stuck under them. And if you want to find a gas range that cleans itself, you will have a difficult time because this is feature is usually seen in electric ranges.

Criteria To Select The Best Gas Range

Although I shortlisted these products based on certain criteria and did comprehensive research on them, still you can do your own research if need be based on the same criteria. You may include following aspects while doing your research:

  • Price
  • Number of Ovens and Racks
  • Burner Power
  • Weight and Dimensions
  • Capacity
  • Fuel Type
  • Self-Cleaning
  • Customer Satisfaction

As per my research, the 4 most important aspects out of these to consider are PriceWeight & DimensionsCapacity and Customer Satisfaction. Let’s discuss these further one-by-one:

  • Price – Either you are price conscious or you are quality conscious. But there is a fine balance between these two. I believe in purchasing affordable yet high quality products. In short, go for value for money!
  • Weight and Dimensions – You don’t want your gas range to look awkward in your kitchen. So depending upon the space available and your aesthetic taste, choose the range which is a right fit for your kitchen.
  • Capacity – Capacity is one of the most important aspects while choosing a gas range. Generally 4 cu. ft. capacity is right for a small family of 4 people. While if you have more than 4 members in your family, then go for the range with more than 5 cu. ft. of capacity.
  • Customer Satisfaction – Actual customer reviews should also be one of the most important aspects while choosing a gas range. Customer Reviews on are one of the most genuine and credible for any product out there. While it is important to see whether the product is highly rated, it is also important to see the total number of reviews. Say if product ‘A’ has a 5 star rating but just 2 reviews, and on the other hand product ‘B’ has 4 star rating with 20 reviews, then I would go with product ‘B’.

Experts Picks: Top 4 Gas Range

Top Five 36 Inch Gas Range Reviews

1. Kenmore – Freestanding Gas Range in Stainless Steel

Sporting a modern look and some pretty interesting technical specifications, the Kenmore gas range represents a curious take on the standards gas stove. On the one hand, you have your typical gas range arrangement with the knobs for regulating the temperature and heaters, and on the other hand, there is also a digital display with a clock and a timer! Here are some of its features in more detail:

Materials – Most of this gas range’s exterior is made out of stainless steel. This choice of material does not only look good but also ensures the range will survive at times steamy cooking processes which can result in rust with other types of metal. With stainless steel, however, there’s no need to worry, as it will go undamaged no matter how long it’s been exposed to humidity.

Burners – This Kenmore freestanding gas range comes complete with 5 burners of varying size. These can cover pretty much all of your cooking needs (At least when the temperature is in question.), no matter what size of the pot ‘n’ pan you’re planning to use.


  • Features 5 Burners
  • Comes with an Oven and a Broiler
  • Digital Display


  • The timer beep only beeps once (Not that much of a big deal, but you got to be careful not to miss it.)

2. Cosmo – Gas Range with Convection Oven and 5 Burner Cooktop

If you’re on a lookout for a proper powerhouse of a gas range that will cover pretty much all of your cooking, roasting, and broiling needs, this Cosmo gas range can be a great option for you!

Equipped with powerful burners, a spacious oven, and some smart technology behind the scenes to make it all run as smoothly as a clockwork, this particular contraption will present a cook’s tool you’ll love to use.

Burners – Similarly to the previous product, this gas range also has 5 burners of varying heat levels. These, from the lowest to the highest, exert the following amount of heat intensity: 5,000BTU, 6,900BTU, 8,200BTU, 17,400BTU, and the most powerful one of 44,400BTU’s. So, regardless of your preferred cooking style or what dishes you’re making, this gas range from Cosmo will do the trick for you.

Knobs – For easy use and also, looks (why not), the folks at Cosmo have equipped their gas range with a series of stainless steel knobs. This contributes to a modern and attractive aesthetics and the maintenance is a piece of cake, as well!


  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • 5 Burners
  • High-precision temperature contribution
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty


  • It heats a bit unevenly

3. Thor Kitchen – 6 Burner Gas Range + LP Conversion Kit

With a name that evokes the imagery of tough Vikings of yore and also of kitchen utensils, the Thor Kitchen company is a business that takes their gas ranges seriously, indeed.

When you first look at this chunky contraption, you’ll see why some people consider it a pro tool for chefs, as similar ranges can be seen at McDonald’s and in other food-making establishments.

Burners – In the department of heaters, this particular range fares pretty well, indeed, as it packs 6 different burners on its top. There are two sealed burners exerting 15,000BTU’s of heating power, then a single burner of 18,000BTU, and then 3 smaller ones each producing 12,000BTU’s.

(Also, the first duo of 15,000BTU burners has also got a simmer function that cooks your food slowly at 650BTU’s.)

Oven Interior – For purposes of both excellent looks and temperature retention, the inside of this gas range has been made of blue porcelain. Combined with the stainless steel exterior, this oven does look quite interesting.


  • 6 Burners of Different Heat Levels
  • Halogen Lights Illumination
  • Nickel-Plated Oven Racks
  • CSA Certified


  • A bit expensive

4. Cosmo – Dual Fuel Gas Range

Featuring a heating system that can be converted to propane (If you have the kit for it.), the Cosmo’s dual fuel gas range is a simple but sturdy kitchen appliance that will do three things once you install it- look good, save money, and cook delicious food!

(A quick note, however: This Cosmo gas range comes with the heating settings designed for natural gas. If you want to convert it to propane, you’ll need a separate kit. Oh, and yes, you’d need to buy it separately, as well.)

Burners – The Cosmo dual fuel gas range enables you to work with 5 different burners with heating power ranging from 5,000BTU’s all the way to 18,000BTU’s for the most powerful ones. Plenty to cook even the toughest stake or slowly simmer a bone broth, for example!

Conversion Business – As we stated above, it’s possible to convert this appliance to propane, which can be convenient if you live in Europe or otherwise have a lot of this gas just laying around. Anyway, if you do decide to go for it, you’d need to buy your own installation kit.


  • Adjustable Oven Racks
  • 5 Shelf Positions
  • A Hefty 2-Year Warranty on Parts and Labor
  • Elegant Design


  • Some users have been reporting the oven door not being level

5. Verona – Dual Fuel Range

Made out of stainless steel and designed using some of that well-known Italian ingenuity, the Verona Pro-Style fuel range is a cooking apparatus with not one, not three, but 2 oven doors!

The bigger oven should be used for cooking bigger pieces of meat and Thanksgiving turkeys, for example, while the smaller one can be used for heating up a stale sandwich or something.

Burners – As is the case with most gas ranges falling into this price range, the Verona dual fuel range also has 5 burners of varying heat intensity. Also, you can change up the fuel source if you want to, but note that you will need a specialized kit for this purpose, as well. (Luckily, this kit is included with this product.)

Digital Interface – Other than its looks and the ability to change up its fuel source, the Verona gas range has also got its fair share of modern technology inbuilt in its framework, so to speak. For example, the clock, as well as the timer can be set using it.


  • Made out of Stainless Steel
  • 5 Sealed Gas Burners
  • Made in Italy
  • Storage Drawers


  • Some pans and pieces of bake-ware don’t really fit in the oven

6. Bertazzoni Master Series 36″ Stainless Steel Dual Fuel Range

There are few names that bring a smile of delight to both cooks and kitchen designer like Bertazzoni; this jighly regarded purveyor of quality kitchen appliances has reached such a level in the world of cooking that a Bertazzoni gas range is simply a must have item in a modern designer kitchen.

Great looks and stunning performance combine with superb quality and build to create some of the most exquisite ovens and hobs that have ever been seen, and there is much evidence of this in the three excellent models we chose for our review.

Words do not do this simply wonderful and amazingly stylish range justice, for it is as beautiful as it is functional, and utterly gorgeous to behold. For $4,499.00 you are buying the very best in quality kitchen ware – and it shows.

Proof that anyone can have Bertazzoni quality in their kitchen comes in the shape of this superbly designed and very impressive range – buy the best and be impressed!

There is something special about a Bertazzoni gas range even before you cook with it; sleek and beautiful in design and clearly stunning in terms of quality, these beautiful devices brighten up a kitchen and offer a guarantee of the very best in kitchen style, and you will be pleasantly surprised at how eminently affordable these wonderful creations are.

• 36” design
• High efficiency burners
• Child safety feature
• 4 burner design
• Simmer burner for precision

8 Advantages of Gas ranges (Dual Fuel) over Electric ranges

  1. Even Heat – Gas ranges generate better and even stove top heat for cooking. The heat from the gas flame heats the bottom as well as sides of utensils, which cooks much faster compared to Electric ranges.
  2. Better Control – Gas ranges are easy to gauge and level of heat can be precisely adjusted by altering the flame. Thus they offer better control over Electric ranges.
  3. Economical to Operate – Since Natural Gas as a fuel is much cheaper and easily available across the states as well as it creates no pollution, so Gas ranges are much economical to operate overall compared to Electric ranges.
  4. Better Efficiency – Gas ranges are more efficient than their Electric counterparts. In fact they will cook 2 meals for the same amount of energy with which Electric ranges just 1 meal!
  5. Economical to Purchase – Natural gas ranges are comparatively more economical and inexpensive than Electric ranges. And they are better value for money.
  6. Flexibility – As soon as you turn off the flame, the range no longer emits heat, so your food will not get overcooked even when you leave it on the stove to rest without continuing to cook.
  7. Fuel Advantage – So there is a short cut, or some other problem due to which there is no electricity. No problem! You don’t have any dependency upon it anyway!
  8. Dual Fuel Edge – Most of the gas ranges come up with electric oven these days. Additional option of electricity for the ovens as a huge advantage!

Benefits of 36 Inch Gas Ranges

  • They kind superb substitute for electric cookers which the vast majority of the houses are utilizing. This kind of instrument presents you improved heat that’s reliable as well as provides faster meals than our common electrical cookers. Essentially this products has 4 or eight burners of various dimensions in the very best portion including a separate fuel connection with the lessen part. For working this cooker you will need to set up a fuel variety individually.
  • The fuel collection comes in a 36 Gas Range of variations and colors matching the demands in the shopper. You could have 4 to 8 burners of various measurements depending on your own usefulness. There’s way more options left with the customer even when deciding on this gasoline collection. Also, you could have distinctive opportunities for implementing this gasoline ranges in a variety of cooking area types. In spite of this, quite a few house proprietors are unwilling to install the range owing on the worry factor of leakage and inflammable nature.
  • Contrary to customary oven which may be operated by ‘plug and play’ solution this kind of fuel ranges requirements a line individually for creating the tools. And that is the reason numerous are hesitant to function a gasoline valve in their kitchen. However most of these cookers are extremely helpful and supply steady cooking edge for the end users. Presented that, it’s the discretion belonging to the person to modify in excess of to fuel vary from electric oven considering that it is genuinely convenience and aesthetic. Various retail store proprietors gives you the method of setting up and set up utterly absolutely free of fee for advertising their programs. If you are new to this sort of fuel ranges then you definitely might have some doubts which should be clarified.
  • 36 Gas Range are not an merchandise for being feared on, but rather make sure you know a great deal more details about it. It can be thoroughly safe if handled with care and security precaution. You should have not feel concerned about your children given that they can’t operate it when you switched off the gasoline valve below. The fuel line is related with the unit of cooking by separate line or via a gasoline cylinder. All you’ve to carry out is usually to open up the appeal below and ignite the burner in the very best once you wish to cook. When you are finished with the cooking, you must first of all change off the burner for placing off the flame and near the valve beneath for additional safety.


Q1- Where can I get a professional in the GTA to cut my granite to fit our countertops?

  • Granite is usually cut with disc cutter. Not a diy job as a first attempt.
  • Most kitchen fitters will be able to do it for you, get 2/3 quotes or a recommendation from a neighbour. I would ask them to include fitting in the quote. Granite is really heavy and awkward, and they will carry the correct sealants for stone.


Looking at almost all the aspects, my personal vote goes to Cosmo! It has largest number of pros with very few cons. It is the most trusted product out there as can be seen in its 3.5 star rating from as many as 14 customer reviews. In case not Verona then my second choicewould be Kenmore as it is a decent product overall with highly affordable price compared to other two products. And my third choice would be Thor Kitchen – 6 Burner Gas RangeRest all depends upon your requirement and choice. Bertazzoni has 5 star rating and Smeg has 3 star rating from 3 and 4 customers each. But the point is Verona is the most purchased and most trusted out of all these products, which matters a lot!

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