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Best Gas Cooktops Reviews

Many homeowners are opting for a fantastic way to customize their approach to cooking by choosing a gas cooktop for their kitchen. A gas cooktop differs from a traditional stove or range in that there is no oven connected with it. It is built right into the countertop, just like a sink. Cooktops use natural gas as fuel, and most are easily converted for use with propane.

Gas Cooktops Offer Flexibility And Efficiency

Gas cooktops offer flexibility in the kitchen regarding placement. While traditional placement along an outside wall works well, cooktops may also be incorporated into the counter top of a large island in the center of the kitchen, which decreases distances to the sink, refrigerator/freezer, pantry, or utensil storage. Making a cooktop the center of the action increases efficiency and decreases fatigue. In addition, with today’s open floor plans, having the cooktop more centrally located gives you the opportunity to interact with gathered family and friends, rather than standing with your back to them during food preparation.

If you love to cook, or simply want to make the work go more quickly with greater efficiency, a gas cooktop will be a welcomed addition to your culinary pursuits or kitchen routine. Installing a cooktop can be done easily, whether you are remodeling, building new, or simply want to incorporate one into your existing kitchen. Wiring, and venting if required, does not present a significant challenge, and most contractors have experience installing cooktops.

What Are Your Options?

Gas cooktops are available in 30-inch models with up to 4 burners, and 36-inch models with up to 6 burners. Options available on gas cooktops make selecting the right one easy. Decide if you need a 30-inch unit, or if you would prefer the increased capacity of a 36-inch unit, which may provide better value. While an all-burner surface is standard, options include grill and griddle accessories, wok rings, and removable wood cutting surfaces. Powerful burners of 15,000 BTU or more, bring food up to cooking temperatures quickly and produce better frying and wok work, while low-heat controls allow for simmering without scorching. Cast iron grates, dishwasher-safe knobs, and sealed burners make clean-up quick and easy. Most gas cooktops require the use of a ventilation hood, though downdraft models draw exhaust into the unit from below. Some downdraft cooktops also offer vent free options using filters. Explore your options on our site. The chances are we’ll be able to connect you to the perfect gas cooktop to make your cooking more enjoyable, more efficient, and more delicious!

Top 10 Gas Cooktop Reviews

1. Kitchenaid Downdraft Gas Cooktop

Using the Right Tools to Produce Exceptional Cuisine
Every serious cook needs superior tools of the trade, from outstanding cutlery, to high-quality pots and pans, to the appliance that delivers the heat to bring it all to a perfect culmination, fit for any table filled with family or friends. The Kitchenaid Downdraft Gas Cooktop gives every culinary arts practitioner the right tool to deliver superior dishes every time. The surface is made up of 3 heavy-duty cast iron grates that allow for seamless transition from one burner to the next, so the busy cook can move the sauce from boil to simmer, while putting on a pan to sear or fry. The 5 sealed burners deliver balanced heating throughout the grated surface.

Sizes and Additional Features
Choose from the 30-inch, 4-burner Kitchenaid Downdraft Gas Cooktop that is right for smaller kitchens, or broaden out to 5 burners at 36 inches. The infinite heat controls make for “just right” cooking of every dish, and great versatility is provided by burners that range from the 6,000 BTU simmer-friendly fronts, to the 17,000 quick-boiler. Clean up is easy with sealed burners and dishwasher-safe grates and knobs.

What Sets it Apart
An excellent range of burners is included, so each pot, each dish, will cook to perfection on the right heat setting. Balanced heat delivers optimal, even cooking, from high heat Asian stir-fry to low heat sauces that require extended simmer time. The design works well in new or remodeled kitchens and provides a great tool for a wide range of cooking styles.

2. Viking Professional Gas Cooktop

Commercial Quality and Professional Performance
If you are shopping for a gas cooktop in this price range, among the industry’s best products, the chances are you spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen. You also, likely, demand the very best from the appliances you select. That’s as it should be, and Viking understands. They have created the Viking Professional Gas Cooktop to surpass the expectations of the serious cooks who use them. This highly rated appliance outperforms others in its class with commercially used components like the high-output 16,000 BTU burners that deliver perfectly balanced heat to every pot, with infinite control settings, and sealed design for safety and easy clean up. Control is at your fingertips with electric ignition that lights each burner at any setting, and relights them should they require it. The ultra-low burner height capability makes for perfect simmering, as well.

Sizes and Additional Features
The Viking Professional Gas Cooktop packs all this quality into 30-inch and 36-inch models, featuring 4 and 6 burners respectively. The continuous grate cooking surface allows you to employ more than one burner for large jobs, with incredible heat distribution and balance across the cooktop.

What Sets it Apart
The Viking Professional Gas Cooktop may not do much that others in its class don’t, but it does everything with the best components in the business. Your efficiency, creativity, and enjoyment in the kitchen will all increase significantly when you employ pro-grade performance and versatility in the pursuit of culinary perfection. You, your family, and your guests will all notice the difference!

3. Thermador Masterpiece Gas Cooktop

Perfect Heat, from Sizzle to Simmer
Every serious cook knows the benefit of a gas cooktop over conventional electric. Instant heat is available with gas, and prep time is reduced. In addition, the heat from the flame is balanced, with no electric-burner style hotspots that ruin meals and pots or pans. Thermador takes gas cooktop innovation to new highs with their Thermador Masterpiece Gas Cooktop. Instant heat is delivered by the sealed, star-shaped burners that deliver 56% more flame than standard circular gas burners. The unique shape makes for balanced cooking by heating the center and edges of the pan uniformally. This commercial-quality unit features heavy-duty cast and steel construction and easy to use front controls featuring bezels that allow you to rapidly adjust the heat on each burner.

Sizes and Additional Features
The Thermador Masterpiece Gas Cooktop is available in 30-inch or 36-inch models, each with 5 burners with easy-to-clean design. The front burners employ patented Extra-Low flame technology that provides the perfect simmering option, allowing you to attend to other kitchen duties without worrying about scorching the sauce. These cooktops are convertible to propane and are designed for easy installation in all types of construction. The sleek style is made to coordinate seamlessly with other Thermador kitchen appliances.

What Sets it Apart
The Thermador Masterpiece Gas Cooktop takes its work seriously, with burners that start at and industry-leading 8,000 BTU and climb to 16,000 BTU. This is a perfect choice for cooks with limited time that still want the kind of quality, balanced heating unit that will deliver consistent cooking for outstanding meals.

4. Jenn Air Downdraft

A Great Environment Created for Great Food
The Jenn Air Downdraft Gas Cooktop features revolutionary, patented construction that employs its own ventilation system, eliminating the need for traditional ventilation hoods, which allow odors and moisture to escape into the home’s environment. The JX3 uses a powerful, quiet 3-speed fan to pull air into the appliance, and away from the cooking surface. Even odors from food spilled onto hot burners are immediately drawn away so they never linger in the air, ruining the ambience being created alongside the fine cuisine. This ventilation system has been demonstrated to be the industry’s best in independent testing, and can be converted for duct-free installation with optional kit and filter.

Sizes and Additional Features
The Jenn Air Downdraft Gas Cooktop comes in two sizes, the 30 inch with four burners, and 36 inch 5 burner model. Both JX3 models include sealed burners starting at 5,000 BTU ranging up to the 17,000 BTU high output burner that will reduce the time needed to bring large pots up to cook or boil temperatures. Electronic ignition makes for an easy start, while the Flame-sensing Re-ignition system will keep the fire going, whether you are using natural gas or have converted the burner for propane. Porcelain over cast elements and dishwasher safe knobs make the unit easy to clean when another perfect meal has been presented and enjoyed.

What Sets it Apart
The downdraft design on the Jenn Air Downdraft Gas Cooktop JX3 uses the most advanced self-venting system on the market. The duct-free ventilation option makes it a great choice for easy installation in new construction or remodeling projects.

5. GE Profile 30″ Built-In Gas Downdraft Cooktop

Less Chore, More Fun in Food Preparation
GE has been bringing innovation to the kitchen for more than 100 years, with products that increase ease, efficiency, and the quality of every meal created. The GE Profile Gas Cooktop is the next step in the company’s efforts to make your job more enjoyable, and offer you more creativity, more culinary control. This high-efficiency appliance features powerful burners which get you cooking right now, with balanced heat throughout the continuous, flat cooktop. Move pots and pans around with spill-proof ease. And if there is a spill, clean up is easy with the sealed burner design and dishwasher-safe grates and knobs. The 15,000 BTU power boiler means a watched pot actually does boil, and very quickly! Pasta, sweet corn, and leftover stew will be on the table is less time, every time.

Sizes and Additional Features
The GE Profile Gas Cooktop is available in 36 inch design, employing five burners and centralized controls for great functionality. The front burners keep the flame at very low setting, allowing for superb simmering characteristics down to just 140 degrees for those dishes which simply cannot be rushed. Electronic ignition starts the flame and relights it if needed, anything the control knob is calling for heat on its universal spectrum.

What Sets it Apart
GE’s commitment to affordable quality and innovation makes this an excellent choice for the homeowner who wants to upgrade their cooktop to a professional quality appliance without a commercial budget. Great design makes the GE Profile Gas Cooktop easy to use, easy to clean, and a great asset for great cooking.

6. Whirlpool GLT3057RB 30″ Sealed Burner Gas Cooktop

The Whirlpool GLT3057RB 30″ Sealed Burner Gas Cooktop is good looking four burner cooktop. It is setup for use with natural gas but comes with a propane conversion kit – this work should always be done by a qualified professional.

The Whirlpool GLT3057RB features sealed burners, the largest of which deliver up to 12,500 BTU – great for when you need to cook at a high temperature. The smaller burners are great for when you need a lower heat for gentle simmering.

This cooktop is easy to keep clean and the control knobs are removable to make it even easier to wipe around preventing deposits collecting under the knobs.

Here is a summary of the main features:

  • Sealed gas burners
  • Propane conversion kit included
  • Larger burners have a burn rate of 12,500 BTU
  • Electronic ignition

7. Bosch 500 Series NGM5064UC 30in Gas Cooktop

The Bosch 500 Series NGM5064UC 30in Gas Cooktop is a four burner cooktop that is available in both black and stainless steel models. It is able to operated for both natural gas and propane, although on leaving the factory it is set up for natural gas use. However, it should be noted that unlike most other models it does not come with a conversion kit if you wish to use it with propane.

The Bosch NGM5064UC has four sealed gas burners the largest of which delivers up to 16,000 BTU which is great for when you need those really high temperatures.

This model also has a couple of useful safety features. Firstly, there is an indicator light telling you when any of the burners are on. Also, if any of the burners go out through spills or they are blown out, then they will automatically re-ignite.

The cooktop is easily cleaned and the knobs are removable to make this task easier.

Here is a summary of the main features:

  • Four sealed burners
  • Large burner which delivers 16,000 BTUs
  • Electronic ignition
  • Burner “On” indicator light
  • Automatic burner re-ignition
  • Removable control knobs

8. GE Profile PGP989DNBB 30″ Gas Downdraft Cooktop

The GE Profile PGP989DNBB 30″ Gas Downdraft Cooktop is a four burner gas cooktop with a downdraft fan which effectively pulls away cooking odors and stops those lingering smells in your kitchen.

Its factory setting is for natural gas, but it is able to be converted for use with propane. A conversion kit is included, but you should make sure that this work is done by a qualified professional and that all local regulations are adhered to.

The GE Profile PGP989DNBB gas cooktop features a one-piece ceramic glass worktop that is sleek and easy to clean. All grates and knob are removable and are dishwasher safe.

The powerful downdraft fan pulls away steam and smoke away from your cooking. You should remember for the fan you will need to have a duct or piping installed.

Summary of features:

  • Downdraft Exhaust – Powerful exhaust system effectively pulls smoke and steam out of the kitchen
  • Gas On Glass Cooktop – Features a flat one-piece ceramic glass surface that is sleek and easy-to-clean
  • Sealed Cooktop Burners – Eliminate the space between the burners and the cooktop to help contain spills and boil over liquids, ensuring easy cleanup
  • Continuous Grates – Provide a flat, sturdy surface allowing easy movement of pans between burners
  • Dishwasher-Safe Grates and Knobs – Feature durable construction for worry-free, effortless cleaning and maintenance
  • Deluxe Cast Grates – Constructed from a premium cast iron material for a long-lasting performance and durability
  • Upfront Controls – Controls are placed within easy reach at the front center of the cooktop

9. Frigidaire FFGC3015LB 30″ Gas Cooktop

The Frigidaire FFGC3015LB 30 Gas Cooktop is a great 30″ four burner gas cooktop. It can be used for either natural gas or propane, although it is shipped as set for natural gas use. It is supplied with a conversion kit and instructions, however this should only be undertaken by a qualified technician following all the necessary local requirements.

The Ready-Select® Controls allow you to select options or control cooking temperatures. The sealed gas burners allow you to enjoy easier cleanup and a burner that stays looking great.

The control knobs are color-coordinated; white, black and bisque cooktops come with matching knobs — while stainless steel models feature neutral black knobs.

The Frigidaire FFGC3015LB 30 Gas Cooktop features an electronic pilotless ignition which saves energy and can be ignited manually when electricity is out.

Its low simmer burner is perfect for delicate foods and sauces.

Its exterior dimensions are –

Height : 2-7/8″
Width: 30″
Depth: 21-1/2″

So here is a summary of the main features:

  • Sealed gas burners
  • Color-coordinated control knobs
  • Electronic pilotless ignition
  • Includes low simmer burner
  • Propane conversion kit included

10. KitchenAid Architect Series II : KFGS306VSS 30″ Gas Cooktop

The KitchenAid Architect Series II KFGS306VSS 30″ gas cooktop features five burners with middle burner delivering an impressive 15,000 BTU. On delivery it is set for use for natural gas, however it can also be converted for use with propane and a conversion kit is included. If you do wish to convert to use with propane you should make sure this is done by a qualified professional.

The KitchenAid KFGS306VSS has an electronic ignition which has a safety feature if one or more burners power off due to external causes (such as water spillage, wind, distorted flame,etc.), the ignition system will turn on to re-ignite the flame. When the flame comes back on, the system will stop sparking. It also features a cooktop lock which avoids unintentional use of the burners.

A further safety feature is the Hot Surface Indicator Light. This stays on for as long as the cooktop surface is too hot to touch, even after the burners have been turned off.

In order to make cleaning easier the control knobs are removable and are dishwasher safe.

Its exterior dimensions are:

Depth, Overall: 21 in.
Height: 2-7/8 in.
Weight, Shipping (Approx.): –
Maximum Width: 30-1/4 in.

So here is a summary of the main features:

  • Sealed gas burners
  • Propane conversion kit included
  • Center burner with high burn rate of 15,000 BTU
  • Electronic ignition
  • Hot surface indicator light
  • Automatic lighting safety feature if burner goes out

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