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5 Benefits Of Dual Fuel Gas Range You Should Not Miss Out

Dual fuel gas ranges by definition are those ranges which heat the cooktop using gas and ovens using electricity. There are lots of debates regarding whether one should go for dual fuel gas range or not. Here I would like to discuss 5 benefits of dual fuel gas range which will help you in decision making:

  1. Stable Oven Temperature – Dual fuel ranges have no fluctuations in the temperature of ovens. This is quite handy especially if you are fond of baking. Also its stable temperature allows an all round even cooking.
  2. Self Cleaning Facility – Since dual fuel ranges are equipped with electric ovens, that is why all of them come up with self cleaning feature.
  3. Dual Fuel Advantage  Dual fuel option of gas for cooktop and electricity for ovens is an added and empowering advantage for lots of range owners where there is facility of powerful cooktop cooking and evenly oven baking and simmering. Thus it offers the best of both gas and electric cooking. Check out the review of top 36 Inch Dual Fuel Ranges here.
  4. Performance  Want to celebrate parties at home and cook for your guests or want to cook daily? No problem. Dual fuel ranges are beast when it comes to performance and efficiency.
  5. Long Term Utility – Your family may expand or your cooking tastes may develop such that you need to do lot of baking and simmering. For long term utility, dual fuel ranges are your best bet!

If the above stated benefits match your requirements, then I would definitely recommend you to go for dual fuel range of your choice!

5 Important Features Of Gas Ranges You Should Be Aware Of

All the Gas Ranges come with certain features. Some of the features are standard and present in all while some are exclusive features which change from brand to brand. Here are 5 important features of Gas Ranges which you should know about:

1. Burner Types  There are mainly 4 types of burners in Gas Ranges:

  • High-Power Burners: Generally Gas Ranges have 1 or 2 high power burners with heating capacity of at least 15,000 BTU.  These burners are effective for searing and quick frying and boiling.
  • Low-Power Burners: They are also known as Simmer burners as they are used to prepare simmering foods and delicate food like sauces, chocolates and candies, etc.
  • Wok Burners: For much higher heat requirement, some Gas Ranges provide Wok burners which generate heat upwards of 30,000 BTUs.
  • Sealed Burners: Sealed burners prevent food from falling below the stove’s surface, which makes cleaning much easier.

2.  Griddles – A Griddle is a large flat cooking surface for use on the cooktop. It can be a standalone unit which can be fitted over one or two burners, or may have its own built-in burner.

3. Broilers – The broiler on your Gas Range may be located in a separate compartment below the oven, in the oven itself or at eye-level. Some customers consider broilers inside the oven or at the eye-level to be easy to use than broiler below the oven, simply because latter requires you to bend each time!

4. Oven Capacity –  If you have to cook for 1 to 2 people , then go for Gas Range with double oven capacity. On the other hand if you have to cook for 3 to 4 people, then go for Gas Range with oven capacity of 3 to 4 cu. ft. And if there are more than 4 people to be cooked for, then go for Gas Range with oven capacity of more than 4 cu. ft.

5. Grates – Burners grates are made from different materials like Brass, Steel, Cast Iron or Porcelain coated Cast Iron. Grated made from Porcelain coated Cast Iron are quite convenient to clean in the dishwasher.

So, I am hopeful that this article must have helped you to get familiar with main features of a Gas Range.

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