8 Important Aspects To Check Before Purchasing Any Gas Range!

Purchasing a Gas Range or gas stove or gas kitchen appliance or for that matter, any other range for your Kitchen is not a quick or impulsive decision. There are various types of kitchen equipment or cooking appliance to choose from such as brass burner, dual fuel range, natural gas burner, aluminum burner, grill, standard oven, gas oven, etc.

Since Gas Ranges do not come cheap and there are various other aspects to be considered, the decision has to be taken after evaluating all the options. I have compiled a list of 8 aspects which I feel are very important while making such a decision and I am sure this will help you too! So here is the list:

  • Price 

Either you are price conscious or you are quality conscious. But there is a fine balance between these two. I believe in purchasing affordable yet high-quality products. In short, go for value for money!

  • Number of Ovens and Racks 

If you are a multitasker and like the flexibility to cook different dishes at the same time then it is important for you to choose the range with lots of racks and/or rack positions. Otherwise, you may go for a range with single oven and not many racks or rack positions.

  • Burner Power 

These days most of the ranges come up with 5 burners. One of these burners is a simmer burner with less than 5,000 BTU power in almost all the ranges. The rest of the four burners are of a higher power. So, as per your cooking style and requirement choose the range carefully. Also as a side note, higher power does not always mean better performance or vice-versa. Please click here for details regarding different types of burners.

  • Weight and Dimensions 

You don’t want your gas range to look awkward in your kitchen. So depending upon the space available and your aesthetic taste, choose the range which is the right fit for your kitchen.

  • Oven Capacity 

Oven Capacity is one of the most important aspects while choosing a gas range. Generally, 4 cu. ft. capacity is right for a small family of 4 people. While if you have more than 4 members in your family, then go for the range with more than 5 cu. ft. of capacity.

  • Fuel Type 

You want only a gas range or only an electric range or a dual fuel gas range, it totally depends upon you. I personally recommend dual fuel gas range as it includes the benefits of both gas-only and electric only ranges.

  • Self-Cleaning 

I am sure you will agree with me that it is highly uncomfortable to scrub the spillovers and other leftover food from the cavity. You don’t want to do this boring task, right? That’s where the self-clean feature makes life easy for you! So, if you are like me, do choose the range which has self-cleaning features inbuilt!

  • Customer Satisfaction 

Actual customer reviews should also be one of the most important aspects while choosing a gas range.. While it is important to see whether the product is highly rated, it is also important to see the total number of reviews. Say if product ‘A’ has a 5-star rating but just 2 reviews, and on the other hand product ‘B’ has a 4-star rating with 20 reviews, then I would go with product ‘B’.

So all the best! And have a great time shopping for a new range for your Kitchen!

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