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Your car is not only an aid, but it can be an investment in the future, because depending on the care you give it, you can prolong its useful life. OHB tells you the recommendations to prolong the life of your car. Keeping the car in good condition will help you travel with greater safety in addition to allowing you to drive the car for much longer and someday sell it.

Leave the car in the workshop and stay without it even for a few hours, it can mean a real upset in our daily tasks, this causes many of us to delay the corresponding review or hurry a much needed repair, as long as we do not run out of car , with the danger that this can mean for our security.

Thinking about that, at Oh Hello Broadway we offer you a free Tips and Guide on Buying car accessories that will help your day to day life.

We will give you some ideas about what is important to check when you buy a car , so that this acquisition is cause for satisfactions and joys, and not a reason for problems and unnecessary expenses of money.

12 Tips for Every Car Enthusiast

  1. New or Used? This is a question to which you should have an answer before you get to the dealer. We have another article that talks about this topic, which you can find here. Think about it very well, and then stay firm in your decision. Do not let the salesman persuade you to buy a new car if you think a used car would be better for you.
  2. Consider Your Needs . Cars that are for sale can fall very attractive, but a good price does not affect what you really need. If you have imagined a truck for your new job, a large sale of sedans should not affect your decision. Do not let the seller press you to buy a sedan. I know what you need and do not abandon the plan. Do the same when viewing flashy ads or refunds.
  3. Do not tell the seller what color you prefer . The seller knows that you want to leave the dealership with a car. By telling a superficial detail, such as your favorite color, you give the seller more opportunity to take advantage of you. Suddenly, all the red cars are more expensive than the other cars. It would be a good idea to choose some colors that you do not like and say those.
  4. The Seller Does Not Prefer Cash Money . You may think that, by showing a wad of cash during the negotiation, the seller will give you a better price. The truth is that the dealer makes money for financing, which we will discuss in a moment. They do not want you to pay completely with cash, but to finance your car. So, do not expect the salesperson to change his mind when he sees your cash.
  5. It is convenient to compare financing prices . As we said, the dealer makes money for financing, but that is not the only option. The best place to compare financing rates is a credit union. Generally, credit unions offer better interest rates on loans. Visit several credit unions and bring the papers they give you with the dealer.
  6. Never Make Negotiations Based on Monthly Payments . Perhaps the seller will start the negotiation by saying, “We can offer you monthly payments of xxx.” Do not argue with him / her anymore, and tell him that you are willing to pay the total price for the car. It is easier to find yourself paying more than you should with monthly payments if you had paid with a single payment.
  7. Your strongest power is your ability to get out . We already mentioned that the seller has good cards in his deck. Your best card is the fact that you can leave at any time. However, do not threaten to leave if you do not intend to do so. If the seller realizes that you are cheating, you have given all your power in the negotiation.
  8. Do not Believe Everything They Tell You . The seller of used cars does not exist in each dealership, but they do exist in some places. One of the most common tricks is “bait and change”. You can see a price online or on television that seems perfect, but when you get to the dealer you find that they no longer sell that car at that price, they already sold that car, etc. Now that you are in the showroom, the seller will offer you another car with a much higher price. Do not give!
  9. Tell them in advance if you want to exchange your old vehicle . Like the situation with the wad of cash, some people believe that having a vehicle to exchange is their hidden advantage. The truth is that it does not matter when you tell the seller that you have a vehicle to exchange. The dealer will offer you the same price in any case. The choice of the moment will not change the value of the car. In fact, if you keep the information of a vehicle that you want to exchange, the seller will have to start the paperwork again to include it.
  10. Visit to the Dealer The Final Day of the Month . The end of the month, or even better the end of the quarter, is the best day to buy a car. Car producers establish sales quotas for dealerships every quarter. If the dealer sells this number of cars, individual sellers receive a bonus. Then, while the end of the quarter approaches, the prices of the cars go down.
  11. Read the Contract with Care . If you are not ready to buy the car, do not let the seller hurry you to sign the contract. Especially if you decide to finance your car by the dealer, read very carefully. Pay close attention to extra phrases that may have slipped into the contract, such as an extended warranty. If you buy a newer car, you may already meet the requirements to receive a warranty by the dealer. If you accidentally sign up for a guarantee you do not need, read your contract. You must have several days to cancel it.
  12. If You Feel Uncomfortable, Go . Buying a car is no small thing. If you’re not completely sure, you can go. Unless you have signed a contract, you still have time to change minds. You can sign a document that is called an Order from the Buyer, and it is not coercive. If you need to take the night to think about your decision, it may be a good idea to sign one of these. Even if you have signed an Order from the Buyer, you can still decide not to buy the car.