Latest 6 Best Adjustable Beds of 2022

The bed is a piece of furniture on which people sleep or relax. The frame of a bed is made from wood or metal on which a mattress is placed. If this bed is mechanized and can be controlled to move different parts of it according to the user’s comfort then it is called an adjustable bed. First, an adjustable bed was designed by Dr.Willis Dew Gatch in the 19th century. This bed was first used for medical care units and hospitals. The purpose of this bed is to give comfort to people with injury or mobility problems due to old age. But nowadays anyone can use these beds.

This article will help you to find the best adjustable beds.

# Top 5 Best Adjustable Beds in the Market – Editor’s Pick 

1. Best Overall: LUCID L300 Bed Base-5 Minute Assembly-Dual USB Charging Stations-Head and Foot Incline-Wireless Remote Adjustable, Twin XL, Charcoal

Want to enjoy movies or do some web browsing while you are still on the bed, then LUCID L300 is perfect for your needs. It has a premium design and is quite durable.


  • LUCID L300 is made from premium quality materials, and it has a sleek design.
  • It is controlled by remote control.
  • It is very easy to install and takes only a few minutes to assemble.


  • Folding hinge design makes it easier to control as per users’ comfort. Also makes it easy to install.
  • The head and foot sections can be positioned independently. The head part has an angle of 0 to 60 degrees, and the leg section has an angle of 0 to 45 degrees.
  • The motor used is premium quality and is very quiet. And reliable.
  • The backlit remote controller comes with a battery. It has an option to save your favorite position. It also has a built-in flashlight.
  • The double USB charging port is on both sides of the bed. One is for regular charging and the other is for fast charging.
  • The capacity of this bed is 750 pounds.
  • Beautiful charcoal gray framework.
  • It comes with a 10 years warranty.


  • The legs are too high, and the bed tends to flip if the weight is shifted to one side.


LUCID L300 is a fantastic adjustable bed at an affordable price. The separate control for the head and foot section makes this product very unique. This bed is perfect for pregnant women.

2. Best Runner up: iDealBed 4i Custom Adjustable Bed Base, Wireless, Massage, Dual USB Charge, Nightlight, Zero-Gravity, Anti-Snore, Memory Pre-Sets, Queen

iDealBed 4i is a perfect match for any decor due to its craftsmanship design. It is built with quality and durability. It can provide ultimate comfort.


  • iDealBed 4i custom adjustable bed has a durable structure and nice fabric on it that makes it a perfect choice.
  • It can be controlled remotely.
  • It takes only a few minutes to assemble it.


  • The Head and leg sections can be aligned separately. The Head section can be moved up to 75 degrees, and a leg can be moved to an angle of 48 degrees.
  • Dewert Okin motor is ultra-quiet and can lift to 850 lbs.
  • Backlit and wireless remote control with a built-in flashlight.
  • To help blood circulation or body pain it incorporates a full body massage option.
  • Four position settings. Flat, Anti-Snore, zero gravity, and lounge position. Two custom positions can also be saved in the memory of your remote control for easy use.
  • Two USB charging ports under the bed near the head position for charging your mobile or laptop.
  • Adjustable height ranges from 9 inches to 15 inches.
  • Two 9 volt batteries are used in case of a power outage.
  • High-Quality upholstery with an eye-catching charcoal color.
  • There is a lighting option under the bed.
  • Assembly requires no tool.
  • The tubular steel frame is durable and gives perfect support for any weight. The structure supports all kinds of mattresses.
  • It can be fit into an already existing bed frame.
  • 3 years full and 10 years prorated warranty.


  • Some complained about the leg bending near the area where it is connected with the mainframe.
  • There were few problems with the motor being overheated.
  • The USB port position is awkward.


The design and look of this adjustable bed are without doubt very unique. Not only it can change the positions but also has an incorporated massage option which is great for blood circulation or patients with pains. The price is however too high.

3. Best Quality: Sven & Son King Adjustable Bed Base Frame 5 Minute Assembly, Head & Foot Articulation, USB Ports, Zero Gravity, Interactive Dual Massage, Wireless, Classic (King)

Sven & Son king adjustable base, or adjustable bed frame is perfect for any bedroom. It has a sleek design that matches your home decor easily. It has a strong built quality. This comes with varieties of options to make you sleep or rest uninterrupted.


  • Sven & Son king adjustable bed base has a design that makes it easy to fit in any home decor.
  • It has a sturdy built quality which makes it last for years.
  • It comes in simple packaging and takes only minutes to assemble.


  • The position of the head and leg can be changed separately. The head section has an angle range of 0 to 75 degrees, and the leg section has an angle of 0 to 45 degrees.
  • The frame supports a zero gravity position which is good to remove pressure away from the heart. It also supports anti-snore and tv watching positions. These positions can be saved in the memory of your remote control.
  • Base made of heavy steel is quite durable. It comes with a mattress retention bar which helps to keep the mattress in place.
  • Two separate heavy-powered motors with a lift capability of 1700 lbs.
  • Wireless remote control with various buttons for controlling the bed with an integrated flashlight and backlit buttons.
  • This base offers a full body and pulse massage option, which can be helpful to remove fatigue from joints and normalize blood circulation.
  • Two USB ports help you to charge your electronic accessories like mobile or laptops.
  • The under-bed lighting system illuminates the interior of your room with soft light.
  • The adjustable leg option gives you to choose the best height for your base.
  • Non-prorated warranty of five years.


  • Sometimes it gets stuck in only the zero gravity position.


Sven & Sons King Adjustable Bed Base Frame is one of the best adjustable beds you will find in the market. It offers the best quality and sleek design to match your interior. It is strongly built and has many features to improve your sleeping. 

4. Best Reversible: DynastyMattress DM9000s Split King Adjustable Bed Base Frame, Top of The Line Quality, (Independent Head Tilt & Lumbar Support) Quad Massage, Bluetooth, Audio Music (Split King-Without Setup)

Dynasty DM9000 bed base is one of the most demanded bed bases in the market. This is built with high-quality materials. It has a design that easily matches any home decor. It has multiple options to give you a good night’s sleep or resting while watching tv or doing work on your laptops.


  • DM9000 offers luxurious design and durability to last for years to come.
  • It can be operated with remote control.
  • Easy assembly takes only a few minutes.


  • Independent head tilt angle from 0 to 15 degree, chest tilt angle from 0 to 60 degree and foot tilt from 0 to 45 degree makes it an excellent bed base for any condition whether it is for watching tv or reading books or for medical care.
  • Special lumbar support gives comfort and proper alignment to your lumber.
  • Zero gravity position ensures proper blood circulation by moving pressure from the heart. Also supports anti-snoring positioning.
  • A wireless backlit remote controller with a built-in flashlight has a memory button that allows you to save your favorite positions and align the bed as per your favorite position in just one button push.
  • Adjustable leg height lets you set the perfect height of the legs.
  • The base is made from alloy steel which is stronger and very durable.
  • Four powerful motors are used, and they are almost noiseless. They can lift to 1800 lbs.
  • This bed base offers massage options like a wave, pulse, or full body massage which, can be very helpful to increase blood circulation.
  • Two USB ports for charging your mobile or laptop. It also has Bluetooth speakers.
  • Under the bed lighting option, let the bed area be illuminated to increase the ambiance of your room.
  • Wall hugging technology helps in sleep apnea or acid reflux.8 inch wall hugger included.
  • 10 years of warranty.


  • The USB port doesn’t work properly.
  • Speaker is for a show. Delivers muffled sound.
  • It does not support all kinds of mattresses.


This bed base is very strongly built and offers most of the facilities a modern adjustable bed can offer.

5. Best Affordable: Sven & Son Essential Adjustable Bed Base Frame (Storage Bed Compatible) Zero Gravity, 5 Minute Assembly, Head & Foot Articulation, 1-Touch Flat, 2 Memory Positions (Split King, Adjustable Bed Only)

We already know how good Sven & Son bed bases can be. Here we will be reviewing another product that is storage bed compatible. This one is not different from the previous product because it is built with the same craftsmanship, and the base is so strong and durable to last long. Though, it has a lower capacity than the previous one discussed.


  • This bed has durable built quality and a beautiful black finish which matches the interior of your room perfectly.
  • It is capable of providing massage support.
  • It takes only five minutes to assemble the whole bed base.


  • The part that supports the torso and leg can be separately tilted. The torso part can be tilted from zero to sixty degrees, and the leg section can be tilted from zero to forty-five degrees.
  • The zero gravity position is really helpful as it takes pressure away from your heart and eases blood circulation.
  • Two wireless remote controls are easy to use. Whether it is zero gravity or flat or tilted head or leg position all the positions according to your liking can be saved in the remote control.
  • Heavy steel construction makes it one of the most durable bed bases. The leg of the base has a 12-inch height which is quite standard.
  • Storage bed compatibility helps to store extra bed cover or pillows. This can be used in an already existing bed frame.
  • Two powerful and silent motors to keep the tilting mechanism running. These motors have a capacity of 660 lbs 
  • Mattress retaining bar helps to keep the mattress in place. This base supports all kinds of mattresses but a memory, air, and latex are best to use with it.
  • One year non-prorated and ten years of the standard warranty.


  • No USB charging support.
  • There is no flashlight in the remote and no under-bed lighting system.
  • No adjustable leg only fixed 12 inches.


Sven & Son Essential adjustable bed base is perfect for use in medical care or home. Its independent articulating feature and memory saving option in the remote can be quite handy while you are watching tv or trying to read a book. Just one click of a button will ensure to fix the base to your favorite position.

6. Best Choice: Sven & Son King Adjustable Bed Base Frame Platinum (Individual Head Tilt & Lumbar) + 14″ Hybrid Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress and Adjustable Bed (King)

Another beautiful creation from Sven & Son is their King adjustable Platinum bed base. More powerful and more strongly built It offers every facility an adjustable bed can offer. It also matches easily with your room’s interior. This product also comes with a premium quality mattress.


  • This bed base is very durable and quite elegant in design.
  • It offers multiple positioning with massage options.
  • Easy assembly takes only a few minutes.
  • The mattress with this product is medium soft and has a temperature controlling feature using gel.


  • Heavy steel construction makes it durable and long-lasting.
  • The head and foot sections can be tilted separately. The head part has tilt angle range from 0 to 75 degrees, and for the foot, it ranges from 0 to 45 degrees.
  • Special lumber support makes your lumber feel comfortable and keep in alignment.
  • This base especially supports zero gravity and anti-snoring position. Zero gravity is good for the heart as it removes pressure from it and anti-snoring helps if someone is suffering from a snoring problem.
  • Four powerful individual motors offer a soundless operation. These motors have a capacity of 1800 lbs.
  • Wave, pulse, or full body massage keeps your blood circulation normal and helps to release pain from joints.
  • Two wireless backlit remote controls with a built-in flashlight. These remote controls can save the memory of your favorite position.
  • A dual USB charging port is very helpful as you can charge your mobile or laptop while relaxing on your bed.
  • Adjustable leg height is really handy as you can fix the height as per your requirement.
  • 8-inch wall hugging is a cool feature that helps you in case you are suffering from sleep apnea or acid reflux.
  • Under-bed lighting improves the ambience of your interior.
  • Emergency power backup is incorporated with the base.
  • The mattress retention bar keeps your message in place.
  • 14-inch memory foam with base has gel infusion which keeps your body cool by taking away heat from the surface using gel. This foam also helps to remove pressure points and ensure a good night’s sleep.


  • Motors are not as soundless as advertised.
  • Even with gel infusion the mattress tends to get heated and is too soft.


Sven & Son platinum bed base is the one you are looking for. It offers multiple articulating positions according to the user’s choice and also supports zero gravity. All these positions can be saved in the remote and can be activated with just a push of a button. The structure and motor both are very sturdy and powerful. This can be a perfect choice if you are going to buy an adjustable bed.

Buying Guide:

How would you know which adjustable bed to buy? There are few things you need to consider before buying adjustable beds from the market. Here we will discuss those tips to help you to buy the best adjustable beds.

Decide which size you want to buy. There are different sizes available in the market. You will choose according to how many are going to sleep on your bed.

Weight capacity decides how much weight the bed baes can carry. The weight capacity is always defined by the manufacturers. Buy according to the number of people and their weight in total. If it matches the defined weight capacity then you can buy it. A strong and silent motor for this purpose is preferable.

Now, what about the articulation or tilt of different parts of the base? Look for bases with independent head and foot articulation options. This articulation is for increasing comfort and relaxation. Because an upright head and legs positioned upward increases blood circulation and lets the body relax more comfortably. Some bases offer zero gravity and anti-snoring positions also. In zero gravity position, the legs are placed above the heart level, and the upper part of the body is in the upright position which, will completely remove pressure from your spine and maintain proper blood flow. So buy those that offer flexible positioning of the head and leg.

The remote control system is a must for your adjustable bed. With the remote control, you can level your position as per your choice without leaving the bed. The remote control can save your favorite positions also so that you do not have to adjust every time you get on the bed. Some remote controls have a built-in flashlight which can become handy during night times.

Look for bed bases that are strongly built from steel or alloy steel. Because a strong bed base can last for years to come and will save your money.

If you want a full body massage, or wave or pulse massage then go for the bed bases that offer the massaging option.

Assembly should be easy. Look for bed bases that can be assembled without any expert and take a little moment to assemble.

The bed base you are going to buy should have adjustable legs. So that you can choose the best height according to your needs.

Wall hugging is an important feature. In normal adjustable beds if you raise the upper part it will move your whole body forward while wall-hugging slides the whole bed to its previous position while still you are in your upright position and can easily reach for your nightstand.

If you want to charge your mobile phone or laptop while you are still relaxing on your bed then go for bed bases with the USB chagrin option. Some also offer Bluetooth speakers.

Some bed bases offer independent lumbar support to keep your lumber in proper alignment. Look for the one with lumbar support.

Mattresses retention bar is required to keep your mattress in the position. So a bed base with a mattress retention bar is necessary and should be kept in mind while buying a bed base.

The price is very important. It has to be reasonable and at the same time offers all the features that you want.


Adjustable beds have many benefits. It not only improves your sleeping position, or sleep position, or how you relax. It also ensures proper blood circulation and in some cases can remove pains from your joints which can be very helpful for people with physical limitations or of old age. Also features a massaging option in some bed bases which, is also helpful for your body. Considering these so many benefits, the adjustable bed has now become the common norm for almost every person. This article will hopefully help you to go through the best adjustable beds in the market.


Can you use any mattress with an adjustable bed?

Yes, you can use almost any kind of mattress with your adjustable bed base. But innerspring mattresses which have pocket coils are more compatible with the adjustable bed bases.

Do doctors recommend adjustable beds?

Yes, many doctors recommend adjustable beds to patients with arthritis or fluid retention.

Is it okay to sleep in a zero-gravity position?

Yes, it is ok to sleep in a zero-gravity position as this position can take away pressure from your heart which can happen if you sleep in an unaligned position thus improves your blood circulation.


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