10 Best Automatic Gate Opener – Expert Reviews & Buying Guide in 2022

Opening gates can be quite boring and downright physically demanding at times. (Especially if you have to do it daily and you’re gate weights a tonne.)

Let’s say you’re planning on herding cattle and need a way to keep your cows or sheep all in one place once you and your faithful shepherd dog gather them. Or, you’re just not too keen on opening a large electric gate yourself every time you get back home from work in your car. In both of these cases, what you might need is an automatic garage door opener or an automatic electric gate opener to make your life easier!

They can open these gates from afar via remote controls, will open up on their own thanks to various inbuilt sensors, and perform other different sci-fi moves that will not only make your gate-handling much easier but also look quite cool, indeed. This article will give you the 10 best automatic gate opener expert reviews buying guides in 2021. We hope these gate opener reviews will give you enough confidence in buying an electric sliding gate opener or driveway gate opener or swinging gate opener or single swing gate opener or dual gate opener or solar powered gate opener.

#List Of The Top 5 Automatic Gate Opener In The Market – Editor’s Pick:

In this article, we’re going to talk about automatic gate openers and how they can help you regulate your gate-opening business, so to speak. We’ll also talk about what features you’d need to pay attention to in order to buy the best possible model for your needs. Last but not least, we’ve organized a list of 10 products in this particular category, so you can see which one of them fits your needs in the best way.

Right then, let’s see what’s going on here, shall we?

A Brief Buyer’s Guide

  • The Gate Size

The first of the consideration factors you must look into would be the size of the gate you want to buy an automatic gate opener for.

If you have a small gate, you probably won’t really need a huge and elaborate gate-opening contraption in order to open and close it. For example, if you’re gate consists of a single door that swings one way, an articulated arm will probably do a decent enough job.

On the other hand, if you have a larger gate you aim to equip with these automatic motor thingies, you might want to consider getting linear arm-type of openers, or perhaps the options with sliders.

  • Installation

When it comes to installing an automatic gate opener, there are, generally speaking, two types of ways to do it.

The first one would be the DIY way, meaning that you would (with some help of an instruction manual prepared for you by the manufacturers) be able to do this yourself. The thing is, even though it can be quite demanding and even downright tough at times, installing your own automatic gate opener can be done.

(And, if you’re an avid grease monkey, it may even be a bit of fun, who knows!)

The important thing to keep in mind here would be the costs. With a DIY solution, you obviously won’t have to call in some people to do this for you. If you were to buy a brand new contraption of this type that you don’t know the knowledge or the tools to install yourself, count on the costs of hiring someone for the task of installation.

  • Price

Automatic gate openers can get quite pricey.

While they’re doing a rather simple function that doesn’t really require all that high-tech stuff, the motor itself, the mechanical parts for actually moving the gate back and forth (or swinging open and closed) still build up to a fairly large amount in many cases.

Of course, one of the biggest points of differentiation when it comes to the price itself would be the size of the gate. It will determine how powerful a motor you need, the size of the mechanical components, as well as the other necessary parts and accessories.

  • Remote Control Function

One of the biggest blisses of having an automated gate opener would be the fact that you won’t have to open heavy gates on your own anymore.

Well, as excellent as this is, to begin with, some manufacturers of these exquisite mechanisms have decided even to go a step further. What if your gate would open at a press of a button – from afar! That’s right; there are options out there on the market allowing you to open your gates remotely, which means you won’t even have to get out of your car to park it in your backyard or garage. (But then you’d need to have such a remote for your garage door, as well.)

Although it does add a certain amount to the overall price, these remote controls are actually quite a worthwhile investment. (Especially if you’re the type of person who’s too lazy to go out of your car!)

  • Auto-Close Option

This one’s pretty ingenious, too.

How many times have you forgotten to turn your stove off, load the dishwasher, or close your gate? Well, if these mishaps keep happening to you, an automated gate opener with an automatic close function may be just what you need.

The idea behind this fairly useful addition is quite simple. After the gate has been opened, the timer will start a countdown. If you don’t close the gate within the designated period, it will close on its own!

(An important note: Most automated gates actually work based on infrared sensors, which automatically detect any objects close to the gate itself. If such an object exists, the gate will ‘think’ it’s a car or a person, and therefore it won’t close on its own.)

Best Automatic Gate Opener – Top 10 Product Reviews in 2022

1. Mighty Mule – Medium Duty Gate Operator

Mighty Mule MM360 Medium Duty Gate Operator, Black

With a name such as a ‘Mighty Mule’, this automatic gate opener has the potential to open and close your gate for years on end – just like a proper mule. (You won’t need hay and horseshoes for this automated mechanism, though!)

This model, in particular, was designed for medium-sized gates up to 16 feet in length and weighing in at no more than 550 pounds. Also, it’d be worth mentioning that this mechanism is designed for single swing gates.

Another interesting characteristic of this gate opener would be that it comes with an instructional DVD where you can see all about setting this gate up. It means that you can do the entirety of the setup completely on your own, which is great if you’re the type of person who enjoys DIY tasks.


  • Dual sense technology
  • It comes with instruction sheets and a video
  • Around the clock tech support
  • It comes with a remote control
  • Perfect for single swing gates
  • DIY installation


  • Some users have reported minor problems when it’s windy out
  • Some users have complained about inefficient and slow customer support


2. US Automatic – Sentry 300 Commercial Grade Automatic Gate Opener

USAutomatic 020320 Sentry 300 Commercial Grade Automatic Gate Opener

Another DIY entry on this list comes in the shape of this Sentry 3000 automatic gate opener. It represents a simple and relatively small piece of technology that performs excellently even with a small electrical input. In fact, a single mini solar panel can power this thing up, so you won’t have to spend any money on electricity. (Other than the initial investment, of course.)

As far as the dimensions of the gate are in question, this thing can withstand the load of a gate that’s up to 20 feet long. Similar to the product from above, there’s an instructional DVD you can take a look at and then complete the installation of this unit completely on your own. For the record, you may need to watch it a couple of times before you’ll be able to pick up all the details about the installation itself.

For all of the tech geeks and lazy folks out there, the great news about this unit is that it comes with a special remote control you can use to open and close the gate from afar. Actually, there are two of them, so you’ll have a spare model if you lose the first one.


  • Works on gates up to 20 feet in length
  • It comes with 2 remote controls
  • It can pair it up with a solar panel for free electricity
  • DIY installation
  • Instructions on DVD
  • 3-year limited warranty


  • Fairly pricey
  • Some users have reported that it’s quite loud and slow


3. GHOST CONTROLS – Heavy-Duty Solar Single Automatic Gate Opener Kit

Ghost Controls Heavy-Duty Solar Automatic Gate Opener Kit for Driveway Swing Gates with Long-Range Solar Gate Opener Remote - Model TSS1XP

Representing a simple but highly effective solar panel-based mechanism that can do wonders for swing gates up to 20 feet in length, this heavy-duty solar-powered gate opener can be an excellent solution for households or farms requiring a strong and sturdy gate as their entry point.

As far as installation is concerned for this model, all you need to do really is follow the instruction sheets to a T and build up this thing quickly and easily. (Well, fairly quickly at least.) Once this thing is up and running, you won’t need to worry too much about stuff such as energy efficiency, as this thing comes with a solar panel you can install wherever you like. (Just make it near the gate, and don’t let it be under a tree or something as silly as that.)


  • It comes with a solar panel
  • DIY installation
  • Designed for swing gates up to 20 feet
  • Quiet operation
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 18-month warranty on remaining parts


  • Installation, while not requiring any tools, can take quite a bit of time
  • Some users have reported problems with the remote controls


4. Mighty Mule – SGL Opener, Single Gate Kit

Mighty Mule MM560 18' 850# HDTY SGL Opener, Single Gate Kit

Another product coming from the renowned Mighty Mule company comes in the shape of this SGL Opener. It represents a single gate automated opener that you can install completely on your own. It’s made exclusively for swing gates, and the maximum length of a gate in feet amounts to 18 feet. As far as the weight limit is concerned, this thing can withstand the weight of 850 pounds.

This product comes in packaged with detailed DIY instructions, both in the form of a written manual and a DVD, so you really won’t have to know all that much about installing automatic gate openers in order to set this baby in place.

Once you purchase this product, you can expect a single-button remote control in the package, as well as an AC transformer, the instructional DVD, as well as all the necessary secondary parts.


  • Designed for single-swing gates
  • Dual sense technology
  • 24-hour technical support
  • It comes with an installation DVD
  • Works with all types of gate
  • 18-month Mighty Mule warranty


  • Some customers have complained about poor customer support
  • Some customers complained about not receiving enough parts for correct installation


5. CO-Z – Automatic Sliding Gate Opener Hardware Sliding Driveway Security Kit

CO-Z Automatic Sliding Gate Opener with 2 Remote Controls, Electric Rolling Driveway Slide Gate Motor, Complete Gate Operator Hardware Security System Kit for Sliding Gate Up to 40 Feet

Made out of high-quality stainless steel, this automated sliding gate opener represents a tough piece of technology that can survive a nuclear blast and serve you for years to come. (Alright, perhaps not a nuclear blast per se, but years of use and tough weather – sure.)

So far, this product from CO-Z is probably the toughest, most durable model on this list, as it can routinely withstand weights of up to 1,400 pounds and support gates of up to 40 feet in length. To make this happen, this CO-Z gate opener comes with a powerful 200-Watt motor that enables it to open and close this gate quickly and without producing more than 56 dB of noise, miraculously.

There’s also a remote control present as a part of this story. In fact, this thing can function without any problems at more than 100 feet distance. So, you can easily open it from the comfort of your car without even getting out. Also, you can close it the same way after you’ve entered your yard with the car. Quite convenient!


  • It comes with an integrated 200-Watt motor
  • Works based on the sliding mechanism
  • Can withstand forces of up to 1,400 pounds
  • Auto-close feature
  • The remote works at 100 feet of range


  • It does not come with a gate sensor (The gate will push against anything in its path.)
  • Some customers complained about the instruction sheets not being exactly the best


6. Mighty Mule – Automatic Gate Opener for Heavy-Duty Dual Swing Gates

Mighty Mule MM562 Automatic Gate Opener for Heavy Duty Dual Swing Gates for 18' Long or 850 lb

The Mighty Mule company’s made quite a name for itself in the market for automated gate openers. Whether it’s single swing doors or dual swing doors, the folks at Mighty Mule seem to have a solution for everything, and it’s really showing as they’re quite well-spread across the market.

As our entry number 6, we’ve got a model that’s perfect for dual swing gates. Despite double the amount of installation work, due to the nature and design of these gate openers themselves (which is dual), you can do everything on your own – it’s just that you’ll need double the time. To make this process easier and more intuitive for you, the folks at Mighty Mule have come up with an instructional DVD.

Along with the motor, the DVD, and other parts, you’ll also get a remote control. This thing is a single-button controller where the gate is opened and closed with a single button press. (Of course, if the initial position of the gate is open, pressing the button will close it. And vice versa.)


  • Dual sense technology
  • For gates up to 18 feet in length
  • Can withstand up to 850 pounds of pressure
  • Installation DVD
  • Single-button remote
  • 18-month Mighty Mule warranty


  • Some users have reported that their gate opener doesn’t open the gate all the way
  • Some users have reported incomplete installation materials


7. TOPENS – Automatic Rack Sliding Gate Opener

USAutomatic 020320 Sentry 300 Commercial Grade Automatic Gate Opener

Here we have an automatic rack sliding gate opener so tough and powerful that it can take up to 2,200 pounds of weight without compromising on the performance. Also, the gate can be up to 40-feet long, and there’ll be no problems with this device.

The reason this unit, in particular, has the potential to offer such a force is the fact that it possesses half of a horsepower, which is more than enough to offer you a smooth operation. (As long as your gate does not exceed the weight and length limit.)

For those folks who tend to forget about locking their doors and windows, this unit has quite a solution in the store. Namely, the thing is that you won’t really need to close the gate on your own, as the gate will do it itself thanks to its auto-close feature! Neat, isn’t it?


  • A powerful ½ HP motor
  • 4-button remote control
  • Can support gates of up to 2,200 pounds
  • Auto-close function


  • There are no instructions for the wiring itself
  • Some customers have complained about flimsy materials used for the build of this unit


8. E8 – Stainless Steel Automatic Gate Opener

E8 400MM Stainless Automatic Gate Opener for Gates up to 26 Feet Long and 1200 Pounds for Dual Swing Gate

If you’ve got a dual swing gate, you fancy NOT having to open and close all the time on your own; this E8 stainless steel automatic gate opener might be just the tool for you. It will work perfectly for gates up to 26 feet in length and up to 1200 pounds in weight, so to speak.

This thing comes with all the itsy bitsy bits and pieces you’ll need to install easily from the ground up. It even comes with a suitable AC/DC battery backup, which can be a lifesaver in case of sudden power outages or other disasters. If you care to go down the road of alternative energies, you can even connect this device to a solar panel and channel free electricity to your heart’s content! We mean, to your gate’s content!


  • Made out of high-quality stainless steel
  • Can withstand 1,200 pounds worth of a gate
  • AC/DC battery backup
  • Compatible with solar panels
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty


  • The instruction manual could have been made a bit more detailed
  • Some users were dissatisfied with the control box


9. ALEKO – Automatic Dual Swing Gate Opener

ALEKO AS1200NOR Automatic Dual Swing Gate Opener for Gates up to 20 Feet Long 1320 Pounds

Equipped with adapters for both AC and DC, this automatic gate opener can be a great solution for people who have a variety of power options in their household and fancy possibly switching them up in the future. (Meaning for this purpose, in particular.)

It said it’s not the end of ALEKO’s efforts in the powering up department, so to speak. Namely, the engineers working at this company also made sure that this unit can be powered either by a battery pack, or a solar panel. (Which would then need to be connected in a special way, of course.) Oh, and also, both of these are sold separately from this main offer.

This unit comes with two motors, two remote controls, as well as the entire hardware; you’ll need to install this thing completely on your own.


  • Works both on AC and DC
  • Can pair it up with a battery pack or a solar panel
  • It comes with two remote controls
  • All installation hardware included


  • The control box is not waterproof
  • Some customers have complained about inefficient customer service


10. ALEKO – Chain Driven Sliding Gate Opener

ALEKO AC1400NOR Chain Driven Sliding Gate Opener for Gates up to 40 Feet Long 1400 Pounds

For an owner of a sliding-style gate, this right here automatic gate opener can be an excellent choice. As far as the weight and length of the gate are in question, the measures work thus – the length amounts to 40 feet in length, while the maximum allowed weight shouldn’t surpass the 1,400-pound mark.

The interesting thing about this gate opener, in particular, would be the fact that it comes with an option to hook up as many remote controls as you fancy, and then set them up at any value of your choice. It can be an excellent option for a company owner or a person who needs to house many employees’ cars in a single parking lot.

In order to ensure the safety of this unit, the folks at ALEKO installed a number of movement sensors, which will automatically stop the gate’s closing mechanism in case an object is detected on its border, so to speak. A great addition to high-frequency zones or parking lots!


  • Chain-based sliding gate
  • Can support gates of up to 1,400 pounds
  • Security movement sensors
  • Can support up to a hundred remote controls
  • The remote controls are completely user-programmable


  • Some customers were dissatisfied with the customer service
  • Some customers were not happy with the instruction sheets


Types of Gate Openers

1. Underground

And by ‘underground’, we mostly mean the place where the motor is situated.

Of course, automated gates need something to make their automated mechanisms come to life, and, in most cases, it’s an underground motor that pushes the gate doors to swing open when they need to.

Now, the phrase ‘in most cases in the paragraph above is crucial because not all types of automated gate openers have an underground motor. Some of them have visible motors, which tend to be quite efficient, but then again, not that visually pleasing to some people.

(Indeed, some folks find that being able to see the mechanism and the motor that powers up the automatic gate opener are rather visually unsatisfying.)

2. Articulated Arm

Representing probably one of the simplest types of an automatic gate opener, models with articulated arms represent are fairly popular solutions for small doors.

The working principle behind an articulated arm gate opener is quite simple, really. A motor is linked to the arm, and the arm can have a hinge on it that makes the swinging motion possible. It is also the reason why it only can work on small doors.

Big doors, by virtue of their robust build, would require the motor to be way more powerful to pull this off, so virtually no manufacturers venture to make these. (Also, the arms would have to be so big that the entire structure would look ridiculous and be completely impractical.)

3. Sliding

Now, the alternative to the aforementioned articulated arm of opening and closing doors would be the sliding door solution.

Although visible above the surface, this one can be considered more of a space-saving option than the mechanism from above. The principle itself is quite nifty, really – there’s a cog connected to a shaft and the motor, and there’s a large rod with some teeth welded underneath the gate itself.

This way, as the motor starts spinning, the gate will slowly start moving left or right, depending on which side you installed it. If you want the gate to go in the opposite direction (in order to close it, for example), all you need to do is put the motor in reverse gear and turn it on. As simple as that!

4. Linear Ram

In contrast to the articulated arm, the linear arm is considerably more – well, linear.

The thing is, where the articulated arm design fails to live up to the expectations of users due to the massive amounts of space it requires, the linear arm delivers perfectly.

Since it works in pretty much the same fashion hydraulic drills do, there’s really not much to worry about when it comes to its stealing enormous amounts of space. To open the gate, the arm extends, thus creating the swinging motion it needs to complete the opening process.

To close the gate, this same mechanism retracts, thus bringing the doors together.

As you can see, this sort of mechanism works pretty much exclusively for swing-type gates, as there’s no much purpose in installing this sort of mechanism on other kinds of the gate.

All things considered, an automatic gate opener is a contraption that can make your life much easier if you have a heavy gate that is often opened and closed.

Whether you’re a farm owner, have to manage some company grounds, or are just a private individual, one of these can save you some effort and make your driveway approach a much easier task than usual! We hope you found this article helpful and wish you the best of luck with your gate opener installation.

5 Advantages of Having an Automatic Gate Opener

1. Convenience

Not having to open and close your gate (especially if it’s a particularly heavy one) every time you go get your groceries or pop out for a merry night on the town is a small but measurable bliss, wouldn’t you say?

Having an automatic gate opener will save you some time and spare you from moving heavy objects along the way. Quite convenient, indeed!

2. Safety

Just imagine this scenario – you’re busy fixing your car in your home workshop, and then you go straight home ready to crash in your bed and have a well-deserved good night’s sleep. But oh no! – you forgot to close the gate.

Now thieves, spies, packs of rabid wolves, AND opossums can enter your property willy-nilly! An automatic gate is sure to prevent this (especially those models with automatic close timers), so if the safety of your home and yard is your number one concern, an automatic gate opener is a must!

3. It Looks Cool

Let’s face it, folks, automatic gate openers simply look cool.

Driving back home and being able to fling open your gate at a click of a button does look cool both from inside and outside the car. To the curious on-lookers, you’ll come across as the all-powerful lord of everything under the sun! (Especially of the gate!)

4. Privacy

Increased protection and control of your front gate also inevitably means more privacy for you and your family.

You won’t even have to go out and check your gate if you think someone’s at the door. At a press of a button, you can decide whether or not to let that person in or halt their attempts to enter your property.

5. Great for Insurance

In case you ever desire to sell your house, its value will be raised if you’ve got an automatic gate opener installed.

You see, the more safety features a house has got, the less likely it is to get broken into, so its value with insurance companies goes up. So, a small investment, in the beginning, can not only keep you safe for years but also bring you more money if you decide to sell your property!

How to Install an Automatic Gate Opener

1.  Prepare the Gate

Not every gate looks the same, has exactly the same dimensions, or is set the same way. Therefore, getting your gate ready for an automatic gate opener installation is essential for ensuring it will be successful. (Meaning the installation, not the gate itself, of course.)

The thing is, a gate will only need as much work as it deviates from the shape it needs to be in, in order for you to set up the opener easily. So, if the gate is too close to the ground, you may need to file down the edges so that it won’t scratch the surface below.

Also, suppose the materials where the hinges of the gate opener need to be installed are old and rusty, for example. In that case, you need to remove the rust and treat the metal underneath so that it becomes ‘healthy’ enough for the setup procedure to go through.

The same goes for other materials such as wood and plastic. Although faulty wood and plastic parts are more difficult to fix. In fact, more often than not, you’d be much better off replacing them altogether.

2. Decide Upon the Spot for Installation

Depending on the type of gate opener you’ve bought, you may be able to bury it underground almost completely or hide it behind some bushes. The point is that you don’t want people to see the motor and the mechanism, as it’s both unsightly and some teenagers can come and tinker with it, so it may be unsafe, as well.

So, make sure to put your automatic gate opener mechanism on the inside of the gate, and try to hide it as well as you can. (Of course, this may not always be possible, but if you can do it – do it.)

3. Mount the Opening Mechanism

The opening mechanism represents the mechanical arrangement that allows you to open and close the gate remotely.

The important thing to take into consideration when it comes to mounting it onto your gate would be the amount of work that needs to be done prior to actually connecting the gate and the mechanism. For example, you may need to drill in order to fit the connecting piece onto the gate.

Also, you may need to perform some smaller adjustments to the mechanism itself, in case it’s too large or too small for the gate.

4. Connect the Electronics and Wiring

Once you’ve set up all the mechanical parts and connected them with bolts, hinges, and other means of connecting, so to speak, you can proceed to the second stage of the task – the electronics and stuff.

Usually, this part of the job shouldn’t be nuclear science, really. Most of the tough-to-figure out electrical components are actually already taken care of by the manufacturers themselves, so you don’t really need to be a trained electrician in order to figure out what to do.

Moreover, the manufacturers routinely include installation instruction sheets to go with their products, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble installing the darn thing yourself!

5. Program the Remote Control

This is the area that depends mostly on what you get with the sort of gate opener you choose to go for. For example, if your gate opener enables you to program your remote control, you can make it work in exactly the way you want it to.

On the other hand, if you’ve received a pre-programmed remote control, chances are – it will only have a simple, open, or closed type of function. Still, even a model like this will do the job of, well, opening and closing your gate quite well, indeed!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How Does An Automatic Gate Opener Work?

Answer: Automatic gate openers aren’t really nuclear science.

The way they work is that you have a mechanism in place that can open and close the gate whenever you need it to, via a signal that is sent through a remote control device. This way, you can open and close the gate remotely.

Also, some models of automatic gate openers have inbuilt sensors, so you don’t even have to use the remote control for them to fling open the gate in question! All you need to do is approach the gate with your vehicle and then the sensors will pick up your presence and automatically open the gate.

If the sensors register no vehicle, the gate will close on its own after the designated time period has elapsed. Quite clever, isn’t it?

2. How Much Does It Cost to Install an Automatic Gate Opener?

Answer:  When it comes to the installation itself of an automatic gate opener, it doesn’t really cost anything extra. Well, in most cases, it doesn’t.

The thing is, the manufacturers of these apparatuses go out of their way to make sure their automatic gate-opening products are easy to use and, more importantly, – easy to install. Therefore, you can expect your automatic gate opener to come with a detailed DIY instruction sheet you can use.

Other than that, perhaps the only cost when it comes to the preparation of the installation itself would be if you need to alter the gate itself somehow. (For example, fixing some of its damaged parts or refurbishing its surface.)

3. How Do Gate Remotes Work?

Answer: Gate remotes work thanks to the signals that get sent out to the receiver in the gate itself.

In this case, the remote control device is the transmitter, you’re the operator, and that box of wonders full of wires and circuits that are connected to the gate-opening mechanism would then be the receiver.

When you press the open or close button, the signal is sent out towards the receiver. The receiver then picks it up and turns it into the binary code necessary for the control box to read. After the deciphering (which happens in this control box), the gate opens or closes, depending on what command you issued from the transmitter!

4. What Signal Does Car Remote Use?

Answer: While modern-day car locks also use a radio-wave transmitted signal for opening and closing their locks, there’s no risk that you’ll accidentally unlock your car while trying to close your gate, for example.

Now, as far as car remote signals are concerned, the deal is quite straightforward – a coded signal is sent from the transmitter towards the receiver located in the lock of the car’s door. After the software responsibly for security onboard the car determines that the signal received matches the necessary one for the door to become unlocked, it will proceed to unlock the door. (The deal is pretty similar for the locking process, as well, by the way.)

Voila, couldn’t be simpler!

5. What is Gate Automation?

Answer: Gate automation, broadly speaking, is equipping a gate with a special mechanical and electrical rig that allows the user to open and close it remotely or via a series of sensors that can tell if something’s passing through it or not.

So, any sort of gate that opens on its own without the need for the use of physical force on the part of humans can be considered an automated gate. Automated gates are more convenient, look prettier when installed in the front of your property, and even tend to increase their value in the long run. (Especially noticeable with insurance companies.)

6. Is A Solar-Powered Automatic Gate Opener A Good Choice?

Answer: If you’re looking to save electric energy, have some money to invest for a flying start, so to speak, and are willing to bet on solar power (which is pretty reliable, even during the winter months), then yes – solar-powered automatic gates are worth taking into consideration.

The thing is, gates tend to be heavy and bulky, so opening and closing them on a daily basis can draw quite a lot of electricity out of your grid creating massive bills for you to pay.

A solar panel will set you back some money in the beginning, but they will start paying off soon enough, as you won’t have to worry about your automated gate’s source of power anymore!

7. How Much Does a Solar Gate Cost?

Answer: Generally speaking, solar panel rigs are generally sold separately from the main automated gate package, so the prices you see may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. (Some companies include a solar panel in their offer.)

That said, solar panels aren’t exactly cheap, which is one of their most notable downsides. A solar panel complete with the cables and all will set you back at least 1,000 bucks. And this is only the basic version. More advanced models with more features and that can generate more electricity will exceed the 1,500 dollar mark.

So, if you have the money and are interested in being environmentally friendly, by all means, go for the solar panel! That thing will pay off after some time and then you’re going to love it, for sure.


All things considered, an automatic gate opener is a contraption that can make your life much easier if you have a heavy gate that is often opened and closed.

Whether you’re a farm owner, have to manage some company grounds, or are just a private individual, one of these can save you some effort and make your driveway approach a much easier task than usual! We hope you found this article helpful and wish you the best of luck with your gate opener installation.