Top 06 Best Double Oven Gas Range Reviews & Buying Guide in 2022

This article will discuss the top 06 best double oven gas range reviews and buying guide in 2022.

If you spend your life in the kitchen, you’ll probably appreciate a functioning oven. How about two? Not separate ovens! But two ovens on the same stove. There are such appliances called the double oven gas range. Both ovens are built into the same gas range, and the unit looks like something you’ll see in a commercial kitchen. Double-wall ovens, electric ovens, electric ranges, induction cooktops, etc., do not fall in this category. Gast stove, thor gas range, sealed burner, freestanding range, cosmo grp366 freestanding gas range, oval burner, gas burner, gas kitchen range, 5 sealed burners, etc. do fall in this category.

But the double oven gas range is not reserved only for the professional chef. It’s also designed for the home. So, you don’t have to feel like a dork for wanting one. At the same time, a double oven gas range is not typically cheap. That’s more reason to shop around before parting with your dough.

This review makes your search for the best double oven gas range easier.

We have done our homework, and here are some top picks for the best double oven gas range you can buy.

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Double Oven Gas Range Buying Guide


But first, here are a few things to consider when buying a double oven range.

1. There are Two Types

Yes, the double oven range comes in two varieties, the slide-in range and the freestanding stove. The slide in style is designed to fit within a space in your kitchen counter layout.

On the other hand, the freestanding oven range can be placed anywhere in your kitchen and does not have to be inserted into a predetermined space. Both the freestanding and slide-in oven ranges carry a smaller oven at the top and a larger oven at the bottom.

2. The Bottom Oven is Close to The Floor

Using the bottom oven can be a pain if you have a bad back. You would need to check whether it would be comfortable for you to use the bottom oven for baking your turkey. While you shop, take the time to test it by pulling out the racks. If it’s no problem, the double oven range is for you.

3. There is No Storage Drawer

You’d be disappointed if you expected to have two functioning ovens and a storage drawer for your baking tins and other items. The double oven gas range is designed to have separate ovens that can bake at different temperatures simultaneously. The dimensions of these stoves must still fit most kitchens. As a result, no storage drawer.

4. Check the Capacity of The Ovens

There should be more space for you to use in both ovens combined. The bigger oven should hold larger items like your turkey roaster or more than one baking pan. The smaller oven should function and the larger one and allow you to bake or warm things up like a pro. For double oven gas ranges, capacity matters.

5. Try the Controls

You will have more controls to work with on your double oven stove. Get to know which control works with which oven. You wouldn’t want to preheat or raise the temperature of the wrong oven, would you?

6. Also, Check the Features

With so many double oven ranges to choose from, their features are bound to be important considerations for you. For example, the convection function is usually connected to the bottom oven. Some double ovens carry this function in both.

Top 6 Double Oven Gas Range Reviews

1. LG LDG4315ST 30″ Freestanding Double Oven Gas Range

Let’s start with the LG 30-inch Freestanding Double Oven Gas Range – the ProBake Convection ovens. Expect baking like a professional when using this top-of-the-line product from the LG brand.

Your baking results will be even and flawless as the ProBake technology is put to work. A noticeable feature is the heating element placed at the back wall of your oven instead of at the bottom (like other models). This arrangement allows for even heat distribution throughout the ovens.

With a capacity of 6.9 cubic feet, this double oven provides the largest working space on the market. So, if you are preparing multiple dishes or entertaining a large gathering, you’ll have no problem putting both ovens to work.

If you’re in a hurry, the smaller oven is perfect for heating things in a flash. When demand is high, prepare your favorite meals at various temperatures simultaneously.

The controls are conveniently placed, so you don’t burn yourself reaching over a hot cooking surface. Clean your ovens fast – within 10 minutes- with the LG EasyClean function.


  • This LG freestanding double oven range is well designed and looks attractive;
  • Controls are arranged for convenience;
  • It is easy to dismantle the LG range to clean and maintain it;
  • Burners have a high heat capacity (compared to other ranges);
  • You can prepare anything faster with the ProBake convection ovens;
  • Use the dual ovens for cooking different dishes at different temperatures;
  • The ovens are spacious.


  • The burner knobs are very sensitive and may ignite your stove or ovens by accident if you’re not careful.



2. Samsung Appliance NY58J9850WS 30″ Slide-in, Dual-Fuel Range


The Samsung Appliance 30-inch slide-in dual fuel range solves your cooking and baking woes. This stove can work with cooking gas, but it also runs on electricity.

Consider this dual-fuel design as a flexible and convenient way always to cook or bake without having to worry about fuel. Furthermore, this stove and oven range gives you the flexibility to cook, bake, or simmer several meals simultaneously.

The Samsung slide-in dual fuel range comes with five burners, two ovens (the top oven is 2.4 Cu. Ft. and the bottom oven is 3.3 Cu. Ft.), and a warming drawer.

It’s easy to clean and maintain this stainless-steel range. Using this hybrid appliance will help you save on electricity.


  • The ovens in this gas range pre-heat within five minutes, which is a great feature;
  • A warming drawer is included to keep your food warm whenever you need to; it even has its knob to set it from low to high;
  • Burners are in various sizes to provide even heating to any pot you choose;
  • The Samsung gas range is easy to clean and maintain.


  • The primary disadvantage of the range is the price.



3. Thor Kitchen HRG4804U 6 Burner Gas Range with Double Oven


What should you expect from an appliance provided by Thor Kitchen? Only the best in quality and performance. The Thor Kitchen HRG4804U six-burner double oven gas range is your best bet for any job in a demanding kitchen.

This unit is quite versatile as you can choose to have it perform as a free-standing range or as a slide-in (remove the backsplash).

You’ll be creating meals like a pro chef with these large double ovens (at 4.2 Cubic feet and 2.5 Cubic feet). So, let your meats, fish, or pastries bake, roast, cook, or sear. Prepare delicate sauces by simmering at low heat with this adaptable gas oven range.

Not satisfied that you can do enough with this gas range? Use the 18,000 BTU grill (stainless steel) to put together your favorite grilled meals.


  • Heavy-duty construction featuring six high-performance burners and a stainless-steel griddle;
  • Features an infrared broiler with a 16,500 BTU capacity and a convection oven with 22,000 BTU;
  • Adequate oven spaces for your various meals;
  • Efficiently manage your oven in manual or automatic oven control;
  • This gas range can be ignited electronically.


  • Knobs seem a bit backward at first.



4. GE Profile PGS960SELSS 30 Inch Slide-in Gas Range


General Electric has done this high-quality GE Profile 30-inch gas range again. At 6.7 Cubic feet, this dual oven cooking range is a perfect fit for most kitchens. It is designed with the capability to communicate with your smartphone.

This double oven cooking range is also high-tech as it features a Wi-Fi connection that allows you to manage it with your smart devices.

Cooking, baking, and grilling are made simple with the edge-to-edge cooking top featuring a 21,000 BTU tri-ring burner. You can even reverse the cast iron, and it works just fine. Another time-saving feature is that this gas range/oven also cleans itself with steam (so you don’t have to).

The GE Profile slide-in gas range comes with a stainless-steel finish as an option you can choose.


  • The G.E. Profile Gas Range is designed as a slide-in unit that is easy to install,
  • The ovens are reasonably sized at 2.4. Cubic foot (upper oven) and 4.3 Cubic foot (lower oven);
  • It comes with five burners that range between 5,000 and 21,000 BTU;
  • For your convenience, the G.E. Profile gas range is designed to use a Wi-Fi connection;
  • It is durable and can take the demands of a busy kitchen.


  • Cleaning is not simple and easy
  • The burner caps chip easily



5. 48″ 6 Burner Gas Range with Double Oven and Griddle

Your cooking and baking may be a pleasure with this 48-inch six-burner gas range.  This is an efficient double oven gas range, but it is also durable, thanks to the cast iron cooking grates that are supplied with it.

With this versatile double oven gas range, your fish, steaks, pork, chicken, any meats, or pastries will be done to perfection. Cleaning this unit is quite easy as the parts can be removed and replaced whenever you want to clean and maintain it.

In addition to the double oven that is the main feature of this six-burner gas range, you will find an infrared broiler. Indeed, your kitchen will be complete with the addition of the double oven gas range.

You might, however, be a little put off by how easily the oven knobs peel. Otherwise, this is a double oven gas range worth having.


  • As with most ranges on the market, this six-burner gas range also includes a 15,000 BTU dual burner that is quite powerful for boiling water fast but can be lowered to 650 BTUs to simmer your chocolate and delicate sauces;
  • The cooking grates are made of durable cast iron;
  • Set the right temperature with the commercial temperature knobs that can take the demands of everyday use;
  • It’s easy to clean the ovens, which are coated with blue porcelain;
  • Easily cooks or sears fish, meats, steaks, and anything else you want to put in your ovens.


  • It does not take long for the oven knobs to peel and the markings on the gas range to fade.



6. Jenn Air Double Oven Gas Range

Jenn Air is a well-known and well-respected company that manufactures home appliances. Included in that list are some state-of-the-art double oven gas ranges.

With Jenn Air, you should expect excellent performance from your cooktop and ovens and a beautiful modern design to match your kitchen aesthetics.

A double oven gas range allows users to cook food at different temperatures. The smaller oven on top is excellent for family meals, but if you’re baking several dishes or having a large party to cook, you could easily use both ovens.

Jenn Air is universally respected for making high-quality gas ranges. The 48” Pro-Style Gas Range with convection is a great unit. It is durable and elegant in any kitchen, featuring electronic ignition and flame sensing re-ignition, stainless steel handles, and oversize stainless steel knobs.

Six sealed burners and a 2.2Cu. Ft. capacity will get your turkey dinner on the table in short order!

While the Jenn Air Double Oven Gas Range is a high-quality unit, some customers who own or have owned one report that they are very costly to repair.

Some users have reported their range lasting anywhere from 10 days to a year, while others have had no problems. A few users have also reported that it’s really hard to get any assistance from the Jenn Air company when their range does stop working.

Sometimes they won’t even know when they’ll have the replacement parts coming in, which could leave you without a working oven for who knows how long. Customer reviews seem to be either very good or bad, and there aren’t many reviews that kind of fall right in between.

But, This is typical of most reviews when it comes to products, and you need to do your research and ensure that the Jenn Air double Oven Gas Range is right for you.

The Jenn Air Double Oven Gas Range would be a good pick as long as you get one that doesn’t run into any problems. If something does happen, you should know upfront that it can be very costly for repairs or replacement parts.



Benefits of Double Oven Gas Ranges

  • Double ovens make cooking multiple dishes at the same time easier, with more control and the ability to time your dishes, so everything is served hot. One oven isn’t practical for large families, especially with today’s demanding schedules. For chefs who love to create in the kitchen, a Double Oven Gas Range allows you to grill, boil, roast, and bake all at the same time.
  • Gas ranges come in different configurations. A stacked over/under freestanding double oven gas range features a smaller top cavity good for baking, roasting vegetables, or heating individual meals. Remember that the smaller top oven often doesn’t cook at the same rate as the main oven – often because it doesn’t have a built-in fan. However, if you need both ovens to function equally, get a fan in the upper cavity. Many cooks use the top oven as a warmer rather than cook the main course.
  • The main cavity is where you will get your bells and whistles. The main oven is the most utilized of the two and should come standard with defrost slow cooking and a circulating fan. While grilling or baking side dishes in the upper cavity, cook your main course here.
  • Side-by-side ovens work even better, but you need space in your kitchen to accommodate the width. Six burners are common with this configuration, and you can expect to pay a little more than the stacked models.

Final Words

Buying a double oven gas range shouldn’t be a pain in the neck – not with a reliable review that you have researched. While there are many other options for you to consider, these recommended picks can be your starting point.

You can find exactly what you’re looking for in the best double oven gas range that suits your purpose and fits your budget. It’s worth checking and considering the various features and advantages that dual oven gas ranges provide when buying your appliance.

Your final decision would be right.