Top 5 Best Frittata Pan – Cook Frittata and Omelette Better Than Before

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, a vegetable frittata or an egg frittata on a frying pan can meet your cravings and protein needs right at home. This Italian dish is probably the only fancy meal that’s easy to cook. It has become popular across the world because of its simplicity and the burst of flavors it offers in just one bite. Just get simple things together, such as olive oil, baking dish, goat cheese, parmesan cheese, or feta cheese, heavy cream, bell pepper, veggie, butternut squash, cherry tomatoes, spinach, fresh herbs, leftover vegetables, sour cream, sweet potato, onion, shredded cheese, coconut milk, tomato, etc. If you have a combination of these items you can cook your favorite cooked frittata, crustless quiche, scrambled eggs, sheet pan frittata, baked frittata, creme fraiche, on your favorite cast iron skillet, cast iron pan, non stick pan, or omlete pan.

Well, if you’re tired of eating pancakes every other day, try making a frittata. Serve it in the best frittata pan, and enjoy a delicious meal without giving much effort. Frittata is usually served in a whole pan, like a cheesecake or a pie. You can cut it like a pie as well.

However, if you’re looking for a pan to make a frittata, we have just the right list of products for you. Here we have selected the top 5 frittata pans and reviewed them along with a buying guide. Read on to check them out and order the best one for making delicious frittata!

#List Of The Top 5 Frittata Pan In The Market – Editor’s Pick:

The 5 Best Frittata Pan Reviews in 2021

Whether you want to make a traditional frittata or come up with your own frittata recipe, the following pans are perfect for both. We have reviewed products from different price ranges; you’ll definitely find something that fits in your budget. So what’s the wait? Let’s get right into it!

1. TECHEF – Frittata and Omelette Pan, Coated with New Teflon Select/Non-stick Coating

If you are looking for a versatile frittata pan that you can use for making other recipes likes Panini sandwiches or pancakes, this one is perfect for you. The pan is foldable so you can use it over a grill as well.

It comes covered with high-quality Teflon having available in two different colours, black and purple. The Teflon makes this pan completely non-stick. If you’re on a diet or are looking to use less oil in your food, we highly recommend this pan for you.

Do you like fluffy omelettes but have never succeeded in making one? Well, the key to make an omelette fluffy doesn’t really lie in well-beaten egg whites, pans also play an important role. This particular cookware is designed specifically for cooking the perfect, fluffy, and soft Italian frittata.

Many users regarded this cooking container as the best frittata maker as the pan ensures even distribution of heat and doesn’t overcook food. Cooking with this pan is also very comfortable. It has a sturdy build and double-riveted handles that stay cool even if you’re cooking over the stove.

Besides, the handles are made of stainless and are long-brushed; this gives them an extra level of protection and durability. You can even bake cookies in this pan. It can withstand temperature up to 450F in the oven. So, bake a crusty and delicious pizza by folding the pan before putting it in the oven.

However, cleaning kitchen wares are definitely a tedious job. Unlike many other non-stick pans, this one doesn’t require hand washing. You can put it in the dishwasher and you’ll have a clean pan in no time, effortlessly.

Highlighted Features : 

  • Easy to clean
  • Foldable
  • Sturdy handles
  • Versatile
  • Oven-proof


2. Cuisinart FP2-24R Frittata Non-Stick Sauce Pan

Looking for frittata pan sets? If yes, this set of two non-stick, red coloured pans will be perfect for you. It’s always great to have more than one pan for making omelettes because eggs leave a stench on pans and you’ll need to wash them thoroughly. Many of us might not have the time to do so every day.

You can use the saucepans together as well. They’re both the same size so one fits perfectly over the other. Each pan is 10inches in width, which gives you enough space for making frittata, pancakes, omelette, and even pudding.

If you’re a busy person, we highly recommend this set for you because the pans heat up very quickly. They are made of aluminium, which makes them light yet sturdy. Aluminium also ensures even distribution of heat all across the kitchenware. The pans can be used over the stove or in the oven up to 350F.

Moreover, the non-stick interior of these pans is certainly attractive for people who like convenience in cooking. Both the pans come with two handles; one long and another short. The handles stay cool while you’re cooking over a stovetop, but they’ll heat up in the oven.

As both pans are of the same size, storing them is simple. Just put one over another and you’ll be saving a lot of space. Like the previous pan, these don’t require hand washing either. The set is designed to be dishwasher safe and it stays non-stick even after several washes.

Overall, Cuisinart frittata pans are designed to be long-lasting. You can definitely use this set for years without any issue.

Highlighted Features : 

  • Attractive design
  • Non-stick
  • Safe for dishwasher
  • Can be used in the oven up to 350F
  • One pan can be used as a lid for the other


3. Nordic Ware Italian Frittata and Omelette Pan

Ask any home cook, they’ll say that the Nordic ware frittata pans are the best for making fluffy omelettes. Designed especially for making frittata and omelettes, the foldable pans are very easy to use and maintain.

On top of that, the best thing about foldable pans is the availability of two cooking surfaces at once. You can use one side for cooking a small frittata and the other for making pancakes. We love the foldable cooking pans for their versatility and time-saving design.

Unlike the previous kitchenwares we have reviewed, this one is completely made of aluminium. So, the handles might heat up over the stovetop, but the product will last longer as well. This Nordic ware omelette pan can be the kitchenware you pass onto the next generation.

Also, for making a delicious frittata, the non-stick coating is important. Therefore, all of the products we have mentioned here, including this one, come with a non-stick interior.

On the other hand, two surfaces of this pan aren’t completely of the same size; one is a little larger than the other. So, you can fold it and use one pan as a lid for the other one. This will allow you to boil things like dumplings in the pan.

Having compared to other pans for making a frittata, this one is of better quality. Although most foldable pans have loose or too tight hinges, this one comes with a sturdy yet easy to move hinge. Because of the well-coated interior, cleaning this pan is also very simple.

We’d recommend purchasing a set of mitts if you’re purchasing this pan because the handles get too hot.

Highlighted Features : 

  • Oven safe
  • Foldable with durable hinges
  • Long-lasting
  • Well-coated non-stick interior
  • Compact


4. HappycallNonstick Double Pan, Omelette Pan, Flip Pan, Square

This one is probably the most convenient frittata pan to use you can purchase. Whether you’re making stovetop frittata or any other dish, the pan will definitely give you a deliciously cooked meal.

Available in several sizes, the double pan is designed perfectly for busy home cooks. The PFOA-FREE product comes with a non-stick surface and an eco-friendly design. Thus, the exterior of the pan is made of ceramic which makes it flexible to use yet sturdy. Also, the pan allows users to cook using less oil as it doesn’t absorb any oil at all.

It’s a versatile kitchenware. You can use the pan for cooking meat like a whole chicken or even fish. The pan is also ideal for making small deserts like crepe cakes or pudding. Don’t worry, moisture from meat won’t evaporate in this cooker either because it comes with a silicone seal that locks in moisture and keeps the meat juicy.

Furthermore, the silicone is FDA approved, so it’s safe. Once the lid is closed, this pan becomes completely sealed. You can flip and rotate the pan without spilling and splattering anything. It’s the perfect pan for making omelets, low-roasted vegetables, baked potatoes steak, fajitas, fish, bacon, and more.

Food is cooked faster inside this double pan because its magnetic handles increase interior pressure. The 3 layers of coating give the perfect non-stick surface for cooking.

Along with making your life easier, the pan will look out for your health as well. In case you have used too much oil, the rear vent of the pan will capture excess grease and moisture so that you don’t consume it.

Highlighted Features : 

  • Comes with FDA approved silicone seal
  • Ideal for cooking meat and eggs
  • Grated surface
  • Cooks food faster with extra pressure
  • Has a rear vent


5. Blue Frittata Pan

Have you ever heard of the decadent dish, Tortilla Española? This is a different kind of frittata that originated in Spain. The dish is made of potatoes and eggs. This particular pan is made in Spain and especially designed for making a delicious Tortilla Española. So if you like potatoes in your eggs, you should definitely opt for this one.

The non-sticks pans set comes with two interlocked pans that are completely attached. You can make the best frittata combination using this set as flipping the pan is simple and splatter-free. The pans can be used separately as well, just unhinge them at the joint and use only one if you’d like.

Both pans have a diameter of 9 inches, which is wide enough for making frittatas. They’re non-stick, so you can even use them for cooking steak, fish, or making pancakes. The advantage of non-stick pans is that they’re easy to wash. You can put these in the dishwasher or just give them a quick rinse and dirt will come off right away.

Nevertheless, one setback of this set is that it cannot be used in the oven. The handles or the bodies aren’t built to withstand the oven temperature. But you can use these pans over the stovetop for years. We highly recommend the set for dorm students or low-income families who often don’t use the oven, but would love to have a frittata pan.

At the same time, we liked the flexible and simple design of this set and definitely recommend it for people leading busy lives.

Highlighted Features : 

  • Two pans in one set
  • Specially designed for making Tortilla Española
  • Flipping is splatter-free
  • Pans can be unhinged if required
  • Easy to clean


Things to Consider Before Buying Frittata Pan

Now that you have gone through the frittata pan reviews, we’d like to provide some insights on these products so that you can make a well-informed decision. Before you buy a pan, remember to consider the following features:

  • Non-stick Surface

Not only frittatas but also other dishes taste better if cooked on a non-stick surface. All the products we have reviewed come with non-stick interior, but the quality of all interiors aren’t the same.

Teflon is the most widely used coating for making pans non-stick. Many people think that Teflon is bad for health but that’s actually not true. The coating releases toxins only when it’s heated at a temperature above 570F.

So if you’re using non-stick cookware in the oven or stovetop, make sure the temperature is below 570F. Otherwise, toxins may seep into your food.

  • Design

Whether you are making stovetop frittata or brunch frittata recipes, the design of your pan will highly influence how the two different dishes will come out. For example, a foldable pan is excellent for making brunch frittata dishes. On the other hand, a plane pan will be best for making stovetop frittata omelette.

We recommend opting for a set of two hinged pans that you can use separately if you’d like. Yes, they’d take a little more storage space compared to the foldable pans, but they’re also more flexible to use.

If you don’t have space for two pans, go for the foldable one. You can make delicious stovetop omelettes on one of the surfaces easily.

  • Material and Build

These two features are very important if you’re looking for a long-lasting pan. Most frittata pans are made of aluminum or steel; you can opt for any of them according to your preference. Aluminum heats up faster than steel so if you’re looking to save time, you should opt for aluminum pans.

On the other hand, steel pans are sturdier and longer-lasting. So if you’re looking for long-lasting use, go for steel made pans.

However, we recommend the hard-anodized aluminum kitchenware, which basically offers the best features. It will last longer but also be light and easy to use.

If you’re purchasing a set of two frittata pans, we’d recommend checking the hinges first. Sometimes, separable pans come with flimsy hinges that break easily. Hence, it’s best to opt for iron or steel made tight hinges.

Besides, foldable pans often have a screw holding the two pieces together. So, check the screw and tighten it yourself every once in a while.

  • Handle Design

Most of us use oven mitts if we often bake in the oven. Although it’s very normal to use oven mitts, you can also opt for pans whose handles stay cool even under high heat.

Some of the pans we have reviewed here have this quality. Most pan handles don’t retain heat if you’re cooking over stovetops, but they do when you’re cooking in the oven.

Additionally, it’s also important that the handles are ergonomically designed. Most pans aren’t that light and flipping the pans might be difficult if the handles aren’t ergonomically designed. You may slip or hit yourself using them. As a result, look for a sturdy, well-made, ergonomic, and cool handled pan for safe cooking.

  • Oven Safe

If you’re fancy enough to make frittatas, we’re assuming that you’re fancy enough to put the dish in the oven for finishing touches. Even 10-15 minutes in the oven can add the perfect level of crispiness you’re looking for in your frittata. So, the pan you’re using must be oven-safe.

As most pans come with Teflon coating, they can withstand heat up to 570F. We recommend you to cook below 400F just to be safe. Before you buy a pan, check if it’s safe for the oven and microwave. You might not have an oven right now, but don’t buy the pan which doesn’t come with the oven-safe feature.

  • The Diameter of Pan

This feature actually varies with personal preference. If you don’t have friends over a lot, you can get a small foldable frittata pan and be comfortable using it. But if you’re often having brunch parties, you need a bigger pan than that.

A pan with 7-11 inches diameter should be enough for making frittatas. Look for the larger sizes if you want to cook other dishes like meat, fish, and vegetables as well.

  • Sealant

Making frittatas is more fun when you get to flip the pans effortlessly without spilling any ingredient. A good quality sealant is extremely important if you want to flip your joined or foldable pan.

Look for FDA approved sealant in your frittata pan. Another way of checking the pans’ sealing capability is checking if the two pans completely close each other off or not. You can also buy similar-sized pans for sealing the interior while cooking.

Sealant feature plays an important role because it also ensures that the moisture in your food doesn’t evaporate.

  • Weight

Frittata pans shouldn’t be too heavy. As most of these pans are made of aluminum, they are sturdy yet lightweight. You can also opt for cast iron pans to make a frittata, but that will be much heavier compared to the regular ones.

However, we recommend not cooking frittata in cast iron pans as you won’t be able to handle them every day. If you work in a restaurant, it will be more difficult to make a frittata in a skillet during rush hour of breakfast.

  • Dishwasher Safe

Most non-stick pans don’t even need a dishwasher as a rinse under flowing water is enough for cleaning them. But if you have oil and grease in your pan, always use the dishwasher for cleaning it.

Many people use hard bristles for removing debris of off non-stick pans; don’t do that. Hard brushes or bristles will take the non-stick coating off leaving you with just a regular pan. Use a piece of cloth or soft-bristled brush for cleaning non-stick cookware. You can also use hot water in the dishwasher for a heavy rinse.

How to Make Frittata – The Process 

Want to know how to make the perfect frittata? Well, a delicious frittata means 3 things: custardy, creamy, and full of add-ins like veggies or meat. The beauty of this dish is you can add whatever you like to it.

We’ll show you the basic recipe so that you can come up with your own version of a delicious frittata.

1. Cooking Frittata Using Oven

  1. Start with 5-12 eggs, put them in a bowl and whisk until yolk and white combine and form a creamy texture.
  2. Add 1-3 tablespoon of full-fat milk. You can put cream as well.
  3. Add finely chopped cooked bacon, sausages, sautéed vegetables, and other add-ins.
  4. Add 1-2 cup grated cheese and salt for taste.

Cooking time : 

Put your frittata in the oven for 20-30 minutes and bake at 350F. If you’re using a stovetop or pan, cook both sides until brown.

2. Cooking a Frittata on Pans or Stovetop

Here are steps to cook a frittata on pans-

  1. First, pour the whisked egg mixture into a heated pan.

If you notice that the egg has started to cook and is making a solid layer at the bottom, start pushing add-ins to the middle of the pan. Do this by lifting the solidified surface. This will allow uncooked egg flow to the bottom of the pan and cook slowly.

  1. Once all the raw eggs are half-cooked and have formed a solid layer at the bottom, prepare to flip the frittata. If you’re using foldable or hinged pans, close the hinges so that one part acts as the lid. When you flip, eggs will be cooked on this part.
  2. Flip very carefully and don’t rush. Once you have flipped the frittata, check if the other side has browned or not.

Cooking time :

Let the frittata cook for another 10 minutes and flip it again. Turn off the heat and there you go! You have successfully made a delicious frittata!

Frittata vs Omelet

Many people are confused about whether frittata and omelette are the same dishes or not. Well, to clarify, they’re not the same dish. Omelettes are thinner and more firm while frittatas have a creamier texture inside.

Then again, people might argue that omelettes can be creamy as well. The main difference between frittata and omelette lies in the way they’re cooked. Add-ins are mixed with the egg beforehand while making frittatas, and they’re folded in the centre while making omelettes.

Other differences between these two include the following :

1. Origin

Omelette originated in France during the 14th century. It’s widely popular as the delicious dish is so easy to make. There’s actually a legend surrounding omelette that once Napoleon Bonaparte ordered a town’s people cook a giant omelette after an innkeeper made it for him for the first time.

Many people claim that frittata originated in Italy, but there’s no concrete evidence of that. What’s more confusing is that restaurants in Italy don’t really sell many frittatas.

2. Consistency

Frittata requires custard consistency whereas omelettes require the egg yolk and white to be just mixed. So when you’re eating a frittata, it tastes lighter and creamier compared to omelettes.

3. Cooking Time

Most people regard frittata as a fancier dish compared to omelettes. One of the many reasons for this consideration is that frittatas require more time to be cooked. If you want a quick breakfast, you’ll go for omelettes as they can be cooked in a minute or two. On the other hand, frittatas require at least 20 minutes of cooking time.

4. Serving Temperature

Omelettes are often served when they’re hot. As the texture is crispy, omelettes taste better when they’re hot. Frittatas are often served at room temperature, which means that you can make frittata 1-2 hours before brunch.

As their consistency and texture differ widely, one dish tastes good only when it’s hot and the other at room temperature.

5. Thick or Thin

Omelettes are generally thin and frittatas are thick. Many might argue that adding cheese and meat to omelette will make it thick, but the original recipe of omelette actually describes it to be thin. Some chefs even add water to make their omelettes thinner.

Besides, frittatas are like pies. They’re supposed to be made with several eggs and lots of add-ins. So, the thickness in frittatas is expected.

6. Shared Meal and Snack

Regular frittatas are definitely huge compared to regular omelettes. You cannot really serve an omelette in a brunch party as a dish, while frittatas are a popular brunch dish.

On the other hand, you can have omelette as a snack or as breakfast. Frittata is too heavy to be considered a snack.

7. Prep-time

By now, you should understand that frittatas require more prep time than omelettes. It’s not just that frittatas contain more toppings or ingredients, whisking the eggs alone takes a significant amount of time.

Overall, the beauty of these dishes is that you can cook a delicious frittata or omelette however you want to.

Final Words

Food unites people like nothing else does. You can know about a culture better through its cuisine than anything else. Frittata represents Italian cuisine to the whole world and it has certainly become a popular dish in the west. The dish is so simple yet so decadent. It conquers the hearts of whoever tastes it.

Whether your date is coming over for the first time or you have arranged a small brunch, the best frittata pan will impress your guests for you. Yes, a frittata is easy to make and doesn’t require much effort, but the smallest things like a good pan can make a whole lot of difference when it comes to taste.

In that sense, you can order our reviewed products from their respective websites or any e-commerce site. It’s easy to opt for the fanciest cookware while you’re shopping, but make sure to do your research before you make the final purchase.

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