6 Best Glass Cooktop Cleaner Reviews 2022

Many times the stoves with a glass surface or glass stovetop or ceramic stovetop or any stove surface or kitchen surface need to be given a good cleaning, but what happens when you do not have a specialized cleaner for these stoves at hand? There is no problem, you can get the same or better result than the specialized cleaner.

#List Of The Top 5 Glass Cooktop Cleaner In The Market – Editor’s Pick:

Glass Stove Top Cleaner Reviews

1. Cerama Bryte – Glass-Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner

When it comes to cooking things or roasting them in a pan, it doesn’t really get much better than a glass cooktop. These great electric cooktop appliances heat up quickly and have a smooth surface that’s fairly easy to clean.

That said, even the smoothest surface can be tough to clean if you’ve managed to spill something greasy all over it. Whether it’s preparing some steak with a little bit of grease that’s popped out, or vegetable oil mixed with eggs, there are substances that can be a nightmare to clean with just water and a sponge.

This is where the Cerama Bryte cooktop cleaner comes into play. Recommended by several cooktop manufacturers, this cleaning solution can easily take care of tough, stubborn stains, as well as the dirty residue left after a cooking session. In particular, it fares remarkably well against grease stains, and various forms of residue, so it’s a perfect choice for folks who cook a lot of greasy foods on a regular basis.


  • Does not leave scratches on your surface
  • Recommended by a number of cooktop manufacturers
  • Easily removes food residue
  • Tackles grease stains


  • This chemical formula is an eye irritant
  • It’s not as efficient after a stain has dried up (so, you need to clean it up right after it happens for best results)


2. Bar Keepers Friend – Multipurpose Cooktop Cleaner

As we already said, glass cooktops tend to be easy to clean in general, but if you leave your stains for a while unattended, so to speak, and then try to clean them up, you may be facing a tougher challenge than if you tried to pick it up right after it happened.

Be that as it may, the next product we’re having on this list comes in the shape of a multipurpose cooktop cleaner coming from a company called Bar Keepers Friend. This cleaning product does not only tackle the grease and other stains quickly and efficiently, but it’s also capable of shining your cooktop so that it looks as good as new!

Other than the grease stains, which are possibly the worst type of cooking stain out there, you should also watch out for the mineral stains left by mineral water evaporating, for example. Luckily for users who tend to deal with these types of stains, this product can easily take care of those, as well.

On top of that, this formula can also be used on stainless steel kitchen appliances, porcelain, and even tiles.


  • Capable of getting rid of grease stains
  • Works wonders on stainless steel
  • Can be used on porcelain and tile
  • Removes mineral deposits off your cooktop


  • Does not perform as well with burnt stains
  • Some users have complained about this product not providing enough shine


3. Weiman – Complete Cooktop Cleaning Kit

As our entry number three, we’ve got pads that can do wonders against tough stains with the help of the non-abrasive cooktop pads, which can remove burnt foods as well as grease. All you need to do is pour some of the solutions onto the area that needs to be taken care of and then gently rub the pads to clean it thoroughly. As simple as that!

The pads included in this offer aren’t just any old pad. In fact, the folks at Weiman decided to equip their pads with a special micro-bead technology, which gives you more scrubbing power without risking any damage to the surface you’re cleaning.

While it could be said that this chemical formula leaves cooktops impeccably clean, it also performs excellently on other surfaces, as well. For example, it can also be used to clean up the glass, ceramic stove, and induction type top ranges! As long as the surface that you intend to clean is smooth, you can rest assured that this solution will be able to take care of it.


  • Comes with non-abrasive cooktop pads
  • Can remove grease stains as well as burnt food off your cooktop
  • Specialized Micro-bead technology
  • Can be used on virtually all smooth cooking surfaces


  • A bit expensive
  • Some users have reported that it takes a long time to scrub off hard stains (but it does work eventually)


4. Affresh – Cleaning Kit (Cooktop Cleaner, Scraper, and Scrub Pads)

Need a complete kit for taking care of tough stains you’ve managed to produce on top of your cooktop? Well, look no further than this package of sheer cleaning excellence called Affresh cleaning kit. (The name is pretty self-explanatory, really.)

Indeed, even if you’ve managed to create a proper burnt disaster on your cooktop, all you need to do to make it disappear is pour some of this solution on top of it and start scrubbing. What you’re left with after you’ve finished your cleaning is a neat ‘n’ shiny cooking surface you’ll be pleased to work with again!

Even though this kit does include a scraper powerful enough to scrape off even the most stubborn of surfaces, you don’t need to worry about scratching the surface of your beloved cooktop. To confirm the efficiency and safety of this product, the folks at Affresh like to cite the recommendations and praise they’ve received from some of the leading cooktop manufacturers such as Whirpool, KitchenAid, and Maytag.


  • A complete cleaning kit (no additional scrubs required)
  • Able to tackle tough burnt stains
  • Recommended by leading manufacturers of cooktop stoves
  • The scrubs won’t scratch the smooth surfaces of your cooktop


  • Cannot be used on the inside of the oven
  • Does not work on stainless steel surfaces


5. Cerama Bryte – Touchups Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner Trigger Spray

Here, on our spot number 5, we’ve got another product from the Cerama Bryte folks. This time around, it’s a cleaning solution in the form of a trigger spray bottle. The effects are very much the same as with the model occupying spot number one, the main difference being the form of the bottle and the sprayer.

This thing does wonders to remove all sorts of messes off your stovetop with stovetop cleaner. Whether its fingertips, water residue complete with mineral layers, grease, or smudges, a couple of sprinkles of this solution will take care of it as soon as you can say ‘Jack Robinson’.

Other than working great to clean surfaces such as gas cooktop, this solution can also easily clean countertops. Various materials come into question, including ceramic tile, granite, Formica, and Corian. Of course, as long as you don’t use excessively abrasive means of cleaning, you can easily get rid of grease stains and other messes off your countertop whenever you like, because this formula won’t damage them.


  • Removes fingertips, mineral layers, grease, and other stains with ease
  • Easy-to-use trigger spray
  • Gets rid of food residue
  • Works on a variety of surfaces


  • Eye and skin irritant (got to be careful when using it)
  • Some users have reported poor performance with tough stains


6. Weiman – Glass Cook Top Cleaner and Polish

Got a dirty cooktop to take care of but simple water and scrub won’t do the job? Get a Weiman Glass Cooktop cleaner and get your cooktop a makeover you’ve been waiting for! (Or the makeover it’s been waiting for, rather.)

Anyway, this cleaning means comes with a biodegradable formula helping you get rid of tough greasy stains with ease. In fact, it’s not only stains that this chemical solution tackles – but it can also be burn marks, which are notoriously tough to remove.


  • Features a biodegradable formula
  • Recommended by major cooktop manufacturers such as GE, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Thermador, and more
  • Works on both glass and ceramics
  • Gets rid of grease, burnt food, and grime


  • A bit expensive
  • Doesn’t really work on stainless steel


How to Clean a Glass Stove Step by Step

  1. Spray a generous amount of glass-ceramic surface cleaner on the stovetop surface or cooktop surface. Let the product take effect for 10 minutes and finally remove with a piece of dry paper the cleaner of the glass stove.
  2. The most difficult and sticky spots, as well as the burnt ones, we will remove with an Elbow grease degreaser. This product will practically work miracles in vitro. Use a cotton ball to apply and then rub with the rough part of a dishwashing sponge to get rid of the dirt.
  3. For grease stain that seem impossible use the scraper that brings the vitro. This special tool of the manufacturer consists of a blade that “shaves” the most rebellious spots. Never use the corners of the blade as it will cause scratches on the surface.
  4. Finally, rinse and dry with a soft microfiber cloth or a cleaning pad.


You will save a lot of work if you clean the glass-ceramic a bit after each use. You will avoid that the stains accumulate on the surface and that they burn and finish sticking, resulting in finally much more difficult to eliminate.

Always clean the kitchen when it is cold, otherwise, it is possible that the surface ends up scratching.

Now that you know how to clean your glass stove you can enjoy cleaner, safer, and more hygienic every time you cook in this appliance.