Top 05 Best Jerry Gas Cans Reviews and Complete Buying Guide in 2022

The design and purpose of a jerry can are deceptively simple. After all, the only real purpose a jerry can have is to hold copious amounts of gasoline. But consider all the uses and misuses of gasoline, and all of a sudden, there are many things to consider when buying a jerry can.

The first thing that needs to be considered is safety. Can the jerry risk leaking? Is it childproof? Is it made of strong enough material so that gasoline can stay inside of it for a long time? Are the dispensing components easy to use without getting gasoline all over the place?

#List Of The Top 5 Jerry Gas Cans In The Market – Editor’s Pick:

Our Top 5 Best Jerry Can Reviews

1. Scepter ECO Jerry Can with Child Resistant Closures (5 Gallon, Military Style)

Despite the simplicity of the concept of the jerry can, there are still certain guidelines that it must meet to make sure it is used safely.

The Scepter jerry can meet these guidelines but does so at the expense of ease of use. It has a child-resistant spout with overflow protection, so anyone using it will not have to worry about anything spilling out.

Additionally, the plastic on the inside of it contains an additive that prevents the permeation of the fumes. It means that it is possible to store gasoline inside the Scepter jerry can for a very long time. It also means the can is completely leak-proof to transport it without any kind of worry.

These kinds of things ensure that it meets and even exceeds the quality control standards in many western countries. It is perhaps too safe.

Many users report that the gasoline pours out of the can very slowly because of the child-resistant spout. As a result, they had to replace the spout with something that is not as safe and perform a little faster.

They did this at the expense of making the Scepter jerry can unsafe as well as making it a can that is not up to code with certain regulations in certain states or cities.

The Scepter jerry can is very safe and easy to haul around if you are on the move a lot, but it errs on the side of being too safe to use, and that is something to watch out for.


2. Atlantic British Wavian 20 liter (5 gallon) NATO Jerry Can (GJC20) with Flexible Spout

When most people think of jerry cans, they think of a big red plastic contraption. It is not the case with the Atlantic British jerry can. It is made of steel and is grey in color.

It gives them peerless durability. The seam is actually welded together, which improves the durability that much more. Needless to say, durability is the best thing about the Atlantic British jerry can.

Nothing else comes close. It has a secure quick-release lid, which contains a physical locking pin. It prevents the can from spilling. It can have an air breather that allows for really fast pouring as well. Despite these unique and fantastic features, there are two things to watch out for.

The Atlantic British jerry can is not child friendly and is not up to code with many quality and safety standards. The spout that dispenses the gasoline is not child-friendly, so keep this particular jerry away from children.

Additionally, because it is made of steel, it is extremely heavy compared to most other jerry cans. It weighs 11 pounds when empty. Fill it with five gallons of gasoline, and all of a sudden, it will weigh upwards of 20.


3. Wavian Camping Maxx NATO Jerry Can for Gas, Diesel, and Kerosene

Just like all gasoline is not created equal, neither are all jerry cans. And the Camping Maxx jerry can is no exception. Shipped exclusively outside of the United States, the Camping Maxx jerry can is able to hold all kinds of gasoline, diesel, and kerosene included.

It is not made of plastic like most think jerry cans are made of; instead, it is made of steel. It prevents corrosion even more than reinforced plastic does. The most interesting part about the Camping Maxx jerry can is the interior.

The enamel coating on the interior prevents it from rusting, which means it is designed for long-term storage. Because of this enamel, it is possible to carry gasoline in the Camping Maxx jerry can for months at a time.

It does not come with its dispensing device, so it is up to you to decide whether you want to connect it to a childproof one that takes longer to dispense or is a little more dangerous but faster.

Being made of steel and having rust-resistant enamel, the Camping Maxx jerry can is extremely heavy, weighing nearly 11 pounds with nothing in it.

Additionally, they only have one color, and that is green. Because different kinds of gasoline provide fuel for different things, there is no way to color code what goes in the Camping Maxx jerry can.

You’ll need to remember what kind of gasoline you put in it, which may be an inconvenience if you are keeping gasoline in the can for a long time.


4. Scepter Military Fuel and Jerry Can Spout: ¾ in. Diameter Hose with Filter

Moving on from jerry cans themselves, it is also to understand that the spout that dispenses the gasoline from a jerry can is just as important as the can itself. The Scepter spout can fit any scepter military-style fuel cans or metal gas cans or fuel container, plastic gas cans, fuel tank, metal cans.

One of the best things about the Scepter spout is that it can handle any kind of fuel. So it can not only dispense gasoline but also diesel fuel and kerosene.

Other jerry can spout are fuel-specific and oftentimes, you will need to check and see which kind of fuel it can dispense properly when replacing the spout.

That is not the case with the Scepter spout. As long as you have a Scepter-style military can, you can use this spout to dispense any kind of fuel.

This particular spout is available in ¾ of an inch, but It also sells other spouts available for diesel and off-road vehicles, which are ⅞ of an inch long in diameter. It is one more thing that contributes to how diverse it is in its use.

There is one thing to be aware of when it comes to the Scepter spout. Although it pours really quickly and efficiently, it is not child-resistant. It is something to keep in mind.


5. No-Spill 1405 2-1/2-Gallon Poly Gas Can

Unlike other models available in the market, the Poly Gas Can by No-Spill demands almost zero guesswork from the users’ side for a risk-free gas transferring. Controlling the pouring speed is like a cakewalk with its easy-to-operate feature.

Firstly, tip the can vertically be targeting your vehicles’ gas tank or any other container you prefer. Then put the nozzle into the tank opening, and push the switch to start pouring. Once you see the container filled, relieve the switch, and that’s it!

With its 7/8-inch funnel spout, it’s easy to load the tiniest stuff. And to ensure that this can keep on serving with the same preciseness as a new one, this No-Spill item comes with a dust cover fasten with the nozzle. So, no blockade arises on the way to lessen the smooth flow during the pouring.

Apart from its easy-to-use and accurate performance, users also loved its versatility. Besides adding a 6-inch additional flexible nozzle (needs to purchase separately), you can see it filling gas on boats, motor cars, and other narrower openings.

Finally, you can see the residue of gas existing in the can after every use, thanks to the view stripes at its front and back!



Although they are simple in their design, it is essential to know that there is a different jerry can for each situation. One of the best things you can do when selecting one to keep emergency fuel in is to know what kind of fuel you need (gasoline, kerosene, diesel) and how long you need to keep it for.

With these things in mind, it will be much easier to decide what jerry can get. Remember that the spout of a jerry can is also important. Different spouts can handle different types of fuel, and some are more dangerous to use than others.