Latest 6 Best Probiotic Supplement in 2022

What is a probiotic? Probiotics are a kind of microorganism. It consists of yeast or bacteria. Though people think bacteria are harmful, probiotics are not. It is good for health. It can make you feel better by fighting the bad bacterias that live in your body. Probiotics can be found in the stomach, mouth, lungs, urinary tracts, etc. These probiotics fight off bad bacteria and create vitamins in your body to make you feel better.

A probiotic supplement (or probiotic drink) is found beneficial in treatments of the urinary tract, stomach problems. You can increase or decrease the probiotics in your body naturally by having fermented foods like yogurt or pickles or any fermented dairy drink. There is another way of taking probiotics which is called probiotic supplementation, which is in the form of capsules. Here we will discuss some of the best probiotic supplements that are available in the market.

# Top 5 Best Probiotic Supplement in the Market – Editor’s Pick 

1. Best Overall: Garden of Life Raw Probiotics for Women – 85 Billion CFU Vaginal Probiotics with Vitamins, Minerals, Fruits, Veggies & Enzymes – 90 Capsules, Women’s Probiotic Supplement for Digestive & Immune Health

Raw probiotic is made focusing on especially women’s health. This product is like having fermented foods with probiotics. It has many health benefits. It does not contain any chemical or artificial elements like other probiotics have on the market.


  • Raw probiotic does not contain any chemical elements like sodium ascorbate or anything artificial.
  • This probiotic is uncooked.
  • This probiotic provides vitamins and prebiotics which is especially good for women’s health.


  • These probiotics are live bacteria when delivered till expiration as they were maintained through controlled temperatures.
  • 85 billion colonies forming unit of probiotic ensures proper digestion by maintaining the proper existence of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium which is especially good for digestion.
  • Ensures nutrient absorption, proper digestion, which ensures to get rid of colon, constipation, and especially vaginal health.
  • Improved immune and thyroid is ensured with the help of 33 probiotic strains and 85 billion colony forming units.
  • Helps break down lactose and casein with the help of digestive enzymes in this biofit probiotic supplement.
  • It is raw and free of allergens and fillers.


  • Packaging is not good as a result the product may become unusable.
  • Some may experience lower abdominal pain, constipation, and gastric.


Garden of Life Raw Probiotics is really good for health, especially for women. As its 85 billion colonies forming unit along with prebiotics and enzymes helps to get rid of digestion problems and vaginal yeast infection. The only problem is their packaging. They must improve the package quality.

2. Best Runner up: Advanced Naturals Ultimate Floramax 50 Billion Supplement, 60 Count

Floramax is produced based on the latest scientific research. Among 50 billion live microbes 30 billion are Bifidobacterium. This supplement is very good for resolving digestive problems.


  • This supplement consists of bifidobacterium which is good for digestive health.
  • High-quality probiotics with high potency ensured.
  • The package contains 60 capsules.


  • Among 50 billion colony forming units there are 30 billion bifidobacteria (probiotic bacteria or healthy bacteria) which especially enhance the stomach microorganisms and prevent diseases like colon cancer, diarrhea, etc. It can even prevent depression on some occasions.
  • Floramax probiotics enhance digestive function, reduce allergy, and also improves respiratory conditions.
  • Floramax is especially helpful for constipation. Not only constipation, but it can also prevent your stomach from any kind of disorder.
  • A great source of fiber that is good for digestion and the prevention of many stomach diseases. It also helps to make you feel full of nutrients and limit your excess appetite.
  • 60 capsules contain 12 probiotic strains to ensure proper care of digestive disorders and provide nutrients throughout the course. Also enhances the immune system. These are targeted release capsules.
  • Soy and gluten-free.


Floramax is enriched with gut bacteria or gut microbiome bifidobacterium (beneficial bacteria) which is good for your gut health. It is especially good for constipation. These tablets are soy and gluten-free and contain 12 probiotic strains which help to proper nutrient absorption in your body.

3. Best Quality: Probiotic 40 Billion CFU – Men & Women’s Probiotic with Prebiotic – Lactobacillus Acidophilus Probiotic – Potent Until Expiration – Patented Delay Release, Shelf Stable, Gluten & Dairy Free – 60 Count

These supplements are manufactured from high-quality ingredients to ensure proper health conditions. It has a good shelf life up to the expiration date. It is produced with a special formulation to endure stomach acid and reach the small intestine where it is needed to reduce the bad bacterias which are the causes of an upset stomach.


  • BioSchwartz supplements are full of good microbes that are good for your digestive health.
  • It does not require any refrigeration.
  • It ensures full potency even before expiration.


  • BioSchwartz supplements are free from any unwanted ingredients like gluten and soy which makes them safe to use.
  • It follows a special research-based formulation that enables the supplements to be able to survive the gastric acid and then go to the small and large intestine to improve digestive health and increase nutrient absorption.
  • 40 million colony-forming units mean more power and efficiency helping in digestive problems.
  • BioSchwartz is full of lactobacillus acidophilus Plantarum paracasei and bifidobacterium lactis. These elements help to improve the immune system, can reduce body fat, and fights digestive problems along with tumor growth. It also contains a good amount of probiotic strain or bacterial strain which is also good for improving bowel function.
  • Fights off bad bacteria replenish the good ones thus creating a good digestive function and increases the function of the immune system. It also helps to increase vitamin production thus maintaining the natural balance of your digestive system.
  • The potency of this supplement remains the same even till expiration.BioSchwartz does not require any refrigeration.
  • Also helps in maintaining a healthy weight.


  • May contain maltrodoxin which can affect your digestive function.
  • Some may experience bloating abdominal cramping and acid reflux issues.


BioSchwartz contains 40 million colony-forming units making it powerful to deal with digestive issues. It also increases nutrient absorption and maintains healthy bowel function. But some complaints about bloating and acid reflux should be taken into consideration too before buying this. Discuss this with your nutritionist before buying it.

4. Best Reversible: Align Probiotic, #1 Doctor Recommended Brand, Helps with Occasional Gas, Abdominal Discomfort, Bloating to Support a Healthy Digestive System 24/7, 56 Capsules

Due to various reasons, the balance between good and bad bacteria in our bodies changes drastically. Normally we take foods to maintain this balance. But supplements can also be of great help in this case. Align Probiotic is such a supplement that can maintain the good bacteria in your body by fighting off the bad ones.


  • Align is free from any type of gluten or soy.
  • It is good for the digestive system.
  • It also strengthens the immune system.


  • Gluten and soy-free capsules are very reliable to consume and good for healthy bowel function.
  • Good for maintaining a natural balance of digestive functions.
  • Contains Bifidobacterium longum 35624 which is capable of increasing the T cells which can prevent bacteria or any foreign particles to attack one’s immune system thus boosting the overall immune strength of one’s body.
  • Especially helpful for stomach ache, acid reflux, bloating, etc.
  • The package comes with heat foil seal wrap to let the microorganism survive in hot weather.
  • All the products are DNA tested for proof of bifidobacterium 35624.
  • No refrigeration is required.
  • 5 billion colonies forming unit makes this supplement very powerful and effective against digestive unrest.


  • Some complained about stomach upset and cramping.


Align is a supplement that is recommended by many doctors around the world due to its effective action against digestive malfunction. It contains 5 billion colonies forming a unit that is powerful enough to fight the bad bacteria in your digestive system. Bifidobacterium 35624 strain found in this supplement can increase the efficiency of the immune system by increasing the production of T reg cells in your blood.

5. Best Affordable: Dr. Formulated Raw Probiotics for Women 100 Billion CFUs with Prebiotics, Digestive Enzymes, & UT Support, Approved Women’s Probiotic for Adults, Shelf Stable Probiotic Supplement, 30 Capsules

Wholesome welfare probiotics are so popular and demanded due to their raw probiotic properties. These supplements are quite potent till expiration. These supplements work especially great on women who are suffering from urine and vaginal yeast problems.


  • This supplement is free from any kind of allergen like gluten, soy, milk or shellfish, etc.
  • These capsules are highly potent and useful for digestive tract and urinary tract problems.
  • It works great in boosting one’s immune system.


  • a 100 billion colony forming unit is great for maintaining the balance between good and bad bacteria and improving one’s digestive and immune system.
  • 34 different kinds of grains are capable of fighting problems like constipation, diarrhea, intestine or vaginal yeast, tooth decay, urine infection, etc. It also helps to break carbohydrates, works great for lactose intolerance, boosts the immune system, reduces skin inflammation, normalizes blood pressure, and improves the oral condition.
  • All the supplements are made from raw probiotics which help maintain a proper digestive system and reduce urinary tract infections. The prebiotic found in the supplement is also very helpful in increasing the immune system capability.
  • The prebiotics and digestive enzymes found in this supplement help to get rid of bloating, gas, weight loss, etc. They can improve and increase nutrient absorption which further improves the human body’s overall balance.
  • GMP certified.
  • No refrigeration is needed.


  • May cause bloating and acid reflux to some users.


Wholesome welfare supplements contain a huge number of colony-forming units.100 billion colony-forming units make it powerful enough to work efficiently on your digestive and immune systems. Raw probiotics consisting of 34 prebiotic strains are good for many health conditions, especially urinary tract infection and vaginal yeast problems. It also works great for any bowel problem like diarrhea, leaky gut, etc.

6. Best Choice: Enzymedica, Digest Gold + PROBIOTICS, Digestive Aid for Maximum Relief, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, 180 Count

This special supplement can break down your foods so that the food can get digested easily and quickly. Thus it helps to improve your digestion. It also helps to improve your immunity by letting the nutrients from the foods absorbed into your body.


  • This supplement breaks down foods to make them easy to digest.
  • By making digestion easy it boosts energy.
  • It prevents indigestion.


  • The 1.5 billion colonies forming unit is powerful enough to enhance the microorganisms in the human body thus eliminating any harmful bacterias.
  • This product is not genetically modified. It does not contain any gluten, soy, or any kind of artificial element that can be harmful to the human body which makes this product quite reliable to use.
  • This supplement can quickly break down foods thus accelerating the digestion process. This helps your body to absorb necessary nutrients from the foods properly and quickly.
  • It helps to get rid of bowel problems like acid reflux, gas, indigestion and bloating as it helps to quickly absorb food particles in the form of nutrients.
  •  Small-sized capsules are easy to swallow and powerful fiber-enhanced to digest protein, carbohydrate, and fat easily.
  • Consists of thera blend enzyme which remains active even in the stomach’s acidic environment and goes into the intestines where it is needed most to eradicate any digestive problem creating bacteria.
  • It helps increase immunity.


  • It may cause vomiting, stomach cramps, and diarrhea in some cases.
  • It May taste bad.


Enzymedica can be a great choice if you want to improve your digestive system along with the immune system. The thera blend enzyme in it is kind of a miracle as increases digestion by breaking your food fast and can even remain active in the acidic environment of your stomach before going to the small intestine where it is needed most.

Buying Guide:

To get the best probiotic supplement, you can go through the following tips. It may become helpful for you.

Colony-forming units are very important. This term means the number of viable bacteria in the supplement. Any probiotic supplement should have at least one billion cfu. But greater the number of cfu better is than the supplement. The potency of these supplements also increases with the increased number of colony-forming units.

Look for the supplements that contain bifidobacterium and lactobacillus. These are helpful and good bacteria that help in your digestion process and keep your immune system healthy.

More probiotic strips better the supplement. So those with more than one probiotic strain are more effective than those with only one probiotic.

Always look for supplements that are gluten, soy, dairy, and any artificial element-free.

Do not buy supplements that contain any filler or binder as their base. These can cause side effects like bloating or acid reflux.

Expiration date and storage are very important. Because when the expiration nears the colony-forming unit lessens, and so is the efficiency of the supplement. And these supplements should maintain a certain temperature. These supplements can not handle the heat, so refrigeration is needed. 


Probiotic supplements play a great role in the human body. These supplements decrease the bad bacteria and increase good bacteria in the body. Doing so helps in keeping the digestive system working without any trouble. It also boosts the immune system. Before buying these supplements you must discuss with your health instructor because the wrong supplement can have bad effects on your body. This article hopefully will help you to buy the best probiotic supplements.


Is it good to take probiotics daily?

Yes, there is no problem with the daily intake of probiotics.

What happens to your body when you start to take probiotics?

If you are taking supplements for the first time then you may experience stomach irritation, diarrhea, or bloating. But these side effects can go away within a week or two.

Should I take probiotics in the morning or at night?

It is good to take supplements at night before you go to bed.

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