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Anyone who possesses a home office, or even has a cubicle at their place of employment that requires more than one monitor to do work efficiently will benefit greatly from a triple monitor stand. A triple monitor stand is a very useful tool in an office or cubicle setting as it can clear up much needed space as well as make a workstation look much more presentable. The following monitor stands will analyze how presentable they can make the monitors look, as well as how big a monitor they can support.

#List Of The Top 5 Triple Monitor Stands In The Market – Editor’s Pick:

4 Triple Monitor Stands Reviews

1. EZM Deluxe Triple Monitor Mount Stand Desktop Clamp

It’s important that things be as simple as possible when it comes to things like a triple monitor stand. It is relatively easy to mount monitors onto the EZM triple monitor stand, as it has a pretty simple design. A T-Shaped contraption, the EZM monitor stand has quick release brackets that make installation as simple as possible. It can fit three 28’’ monitors, can support certain curved monitors, and resembles a cockpit style view. Those are the best qualities about it. It is easy to set up, it is easy to connect the monitors, and the monitors look presentable when everything is set up. Here is what is questionable about the EZM monitor stand. Although it seems obvious, the weight of your monitors must be almost exactly the same for the stand to display everything evenly. Because the brackets are quick release, they can mount any monitor but the weight of the brackets themselves are not fixed. This means if monitors on the sides are a different size, the entire stand run the risk of being lopsided. Another thing to watch out for is the weight of the unit itself. The EZM monitor stand itself weighs roughly 20 lbs when completely put together. When the monitors are added to it, it could easily weigh about 40. If the desk you place it on is too flimsy, the mount stand has a risk of falling.

2. Stand Steady 3 Monitor Desk Mount Stand | Height Adjustable Triple Monitor Stand with Full Articulation and Desk Clamp

One of the chief purposes of a monitor stand is to organize monitors to make sure that every screen can be seen easily, with the monitors all being close to each other without crowding each other. Additionally, it is ideal that the monitor stand does not have to rely on the weight of the desk to mount the monitors. The stand steady monitor stand contains all of these things, and also contains cable clips as well as a center pole, which keeps all of the wiring in between monitors organized. It is also a fairly light contraption, weighing in and a little over 10 pounds. That is what is so great about it. The stand steady monitor stand does have a complicated setup, as it uses VESA plates, which monitors must have four inserts to take advantage of. This limits the variety of monitors that can fit on the stand. The stand steady monitor stand has weight limits as well, as monitors no heavier than 17 pounds will be able to fit on the stand steady monitor stand.

3. VIVO Triple LCD LED Computer Monitor Desk Stand

One thing that some monitor stands can leave to be desired is versatility in how the monitors can be displayed. Some stands are also flimsy in their design, which can limit the kinds of monitors that can be placed on the stands. The VIVO monitor stand has definitive answers for these issues. Different than most monitor stands which only allow a monitor to be mounted in a horizontal portrait, the VIVO monitor stand comes with adjustable VESA plates that allow the monitors to be rotated. The base looks like it could fall apart at any second, but it is surprisingly sturdy. These are what make the VIVO monitor stand different, and better, than other brands. There is one glaring flaw to it, and that is the fact that the plates are very close together, closer than most other monitor stands. If you are using any group of monitors that are larger than 19 inches, this could present a problem as the monitors will have a crowded formation. It may even get so bad that rotating one monitor vertically so that it does not stretch over the other monitors would be necessary.

4. Mount-It MI-753 Triple Screen LCD Computer Monitor Desk Mount Stand Arm for 19, 20, 22, 23, 24 Inch Monitors

Aside from clearing up workspace room and making a workspace presentable, the ability to move things around in the workspace is also important. The Mount-It monitor stand is a triple monitor stand that is specifically designed to let the user move around the monitors that they place on the stand as much as they want. They also support heavier monitors, up to 22 pounds per monitors.

One of the most outstanding things about the Mount-It monitor stand is that the VESA plates can rotate a complete 360 degrees. This allows users to adjust their monitors in a portrait or a landscape. Most other monitor stands require the user to take the monitor off the stand, adjust it, then put it back on to do this. The Mount-It stand eliminates this completely. There are a couple of things to be aware of when it comes to the Mount-It stand. First, while it does allow for a lot horizontal and vertical movement, it seems to be a crowded design in any case. The stand only extends to 54 inches, and that’s when it is stretched out all the way. If three 24 inch monitors are placed on this stand, they will undoubtedly crowd each other. The way the Mount-It stand is set up, it is likely that whoever places monitors on it would need to line at least one monitor up vertically to avoid the monitors crowding each other.


Anybody who possesses multiple PCs and wants to use those PCs in their workstation or home office absolutely needs to consider getting a monitor stand. There is no way that a workstation or home office can look even somewhat organized without one. Just like there are different monitors for different situations, there are also different monitor stands for different situations. Because monitor stands are designed for efficiency in a workstation or a home office, it is wise to consider how much room the stand will give each monitor and if the stand allow mobility for the monitors.

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