Top 6 Best Ventless Gas Logs in 2022

Before we talk about the ventless logs, I would like you to imagine yourself sitting in a cabin far away from your home, in the mountains, during the winter, and reading poems by the fireplace. But what if you do not have a cabin back in the mountain or forest? You can still light up a fireplace minus the ash, smoke, and charcoal. The thing is that in the rural areas you can have chimneys that is why a fireplace is not a problem. But what about urban apartment buildings?

We cannot have chimneys, and obviously, we cannot have a fireplace. In the normal fireplaces, we burn wood, ember, etc., that is why we cannot have a fireplace in homes where we do not have chimneys. But, worry no more. Smokeless or ventless technology has made it possible for us to have a fireplace even in our apartments. We can now have ventless burners and ventless logs. With these two you can have a ventless fireplace at your urban home without any smoke being produced, and there will be no toxicity in the air. So, let us have a look at the best ventless gas log!

# Top 5 Best Ventless Gas Logs in the Market – Editor’s Pick

1. Best Overall:- Peterson Real Fyre 24″ Big-Stack Split Oak Gas Logs Only No Burner

If you want to experience the subtle nuances, textures, and realism of nature you must check out Peterson Real Fyre 24″ Big-Stack Split Oak Gas Logs. This product is the first on our list and does not include the burner. You must remember that the package does not contain any burner. Professionals crafted these woods from the real world, and artists painted them in the original colors. They look elegant in any type of home.

This comes from the designer series Real Fyre. You can put these in-ring burner fire pits, which are very common. The distance between the fire pit wall and the edge of the logs should be at least three to six inches. In the package, you will get about seven pieces of logs. The bottom and the back are unfinished and have rough finishing. This does not come with a burner. You can use these logs with a vented system.


  • Meticulously printed by hand to look like natural wood.
  • These are excellent ceramic refractory logs, and steel rods reinforce their integrity.
  • Design is very efficient and protects and preserves natural resources.
  • Burner is not included in the package you need to select separately.


  • Suitable for ventless gas fireplace systems.

2. Best Runner up:- Peterson Real Fyre 24-inch Live Oak Log Set with Vented Burner and Gas Connection Kit. Match Lit (Natural Gas Only)

The next product we want to present from our shortlist is the Peterson Real Fyre 24-inch Live Oak Log Set with Vented Burner and Gas Connection Kit. Match Lit (Natural Gas Only). It comes from the famous Peterson Real Fyre company and is made of ceramic. It has a painted finish and weighs 78 lbs. The product we have presented to you was just the logs.

Many of you may have to ask yourselves why there are logs only but no burner. Well, here we are with the full set for your convenience. Feast on the Peterson Real Fyre log set with burner. Like before, it is based on match-lit natural gas. There is a connection kit to connect your burner to your gas tanks. The craftsmanship of the manufacturer is outstanding. It never ceases to represent the quality and tradition together. The natural texture of the logs within the set exhibits realism.

With the high definition of the bark, the wood looks natural. Refractory ceramic of the highest quality is used to craft the logs so that they can provide radiant heat. You can feel the heat even after you have switched the burner off. Steel rods reinforce the logs. To prevent pollution in the environment and the maximum protection of natural resources, the logs have a unique vented design. In the package, you get a 90k BTU burner, kit for connecting the gas, vented burner, glowing ember, sand, grate, and six gas logs. It is 24 inches long and has a live oak color.

The logs have a policy of limited warranty. As long as it has the logs. If the owner himself owns them till the end, the logs will have a lifetime warranty. The gas logs have five years of warranty. Except for the controls, pilots, and valves, the log burners get a ten-year warranty. The apk-17 (with the valve) and spk-26 have two years and three years of warranty respectively. Except for the batteries, all the other controls and valves have one year of warranty. You should look into instruction manuals for more information on the warranty.


  • Meticulously printed by hand to look like natural wood.
  • These are excellent ceramic refractory logs, and steel rods reinforce their integrity.
  • Design is very efficient and protects and preserves the natural resource.
  • It is suitable for indoor use only.
  • The gas connector kit helps you easily connect to the burner without any hassle.


  • No waste of natural resources.
  • No pollution in the environment.
  • Has a great natural look.

3. Best Quality:- 8 Small Pieces Set of Ceramic Wood Gas Fireplace Logs, All Types of Indoor, Gas Inserts, Ventless & Vent Free, Electric, or Outdoor Fireplaces & Fire Pits. Realistic Clean Burning Accessories

The next one on our list is the 8 Small Pieces Set of Ceramic Wood Gas Fireplace Logs. These logs are long-lasting. Even if it costs more than the average cheap ones, it still is better than buying logs that will only last for a few months. This is the best in the market. Buy once, and you can forget it for a long time. These are natural-looking artificial logs. These are safe and burn gas. There is no toxicity and no fumes. These are not like other fake and cheap logs that produce toxic fumes. You can arrange the logs however you like.

Their natural look adds elegance to your room’s decoration. It will give you the same performance minus the hassle of real burning wood. You will get excellent radiant heat from the ceramic logs. They are better at producing heat than glass or cement logs. Take the help of an expert in your locality to install this unit. It will satisfy you. You can use them in propane, vent-free, electric, fake, standard fire pits, gel, natural gas, zero clearance, direct vent, indoor gas, outdoor gas, and ventless gas fireplaces.


  • Eight big size logs to make your fireplace full.
  • Suitable for every type of fireplace there is.


  • No toxic fumes.
  • Very realistic.

4. Best Reversible:-Thermostat 5-piece 18-inch Ceramic Fiber Log Set – Natural Gas

The next on our list is the Thermostat 5-piece 18-inch Ceramic Fiber Log Set – Natural Gas by Empire Flint Hill. This log set is detailed richly. Their ceramic fibers are painted by hand. They are set on top of the vent-free burner from the same manufacturer. It has embers glowing nicely to give you the illusion of realistic fire from the wood in a fireplace in various heat settings. This set is not too expensive and can work fine with new or old fireplaces.

In the package, you will have the thermo control with manual controllers, burner, embers glowing, and logs. There are five logs in the set. The package includes a 28k BTU vent-free or vented burner with Piezo type ignition, control for flame height, and the burner uses natural gas. The gas logs are very strong and durable, perfect for extended longevity.


  • Heavy construction for extended longevity and durability.
  • Ventless.
  • Can use energy efficiently.
  • Suitable for homes without much ventilation.
  • Heavy burner.
  • Physical control knobs for the flame.


  • The elements in the package complement each other.
  • Usable in a ventilation-less home.
  • No smoke.
  • Uses natural gas.

5. Best Affordable:- Barton Fireplace Decoration 10 Piece of Petite Ceramic Wood Fireplace Log Gas Vented Insert Realistic Logs Accessories

The next item on our list is the Barton Fireplace Decoration 10 Piece of Petite Ceramic Wood Fireplace Log Gas Fireplace Insert Realistic Logs Accessories. There are ten very realistic-looking ceramic logs. This set will make your fireplace full. You need to use natural gas to burn these logs. These are ten to fifteen inches long logs. You can arrange the logs according to your creative imagination. These logs are so real-like that you will not be able to tell them apart from real wood unless you have seen the ceramic logs before.

Your room or house will be safe from toxicity because these logs do not deal with nasty fumes. They are ventless for a reason, there will be no smoke no matter how much you burn them. Unlike real wood, these logs do not create ash or coal. So, you do not need to worry about cleaning. The logs go well with most fireplaces – propane, electronic inserts, fake, standard fire pits, gel, natural gas, zero clearance, direct vent, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, vented, etc.


  • Very well suited for fireplaces with natural looks and size.
  • The very realistic texture just like real wood.
  • Made from ceramic.


  • Suitable for all fireplaces.
  • No smoke, ash, or coal. No cleaning.
  • Safe for the home environment.
  • You can arrange them as you like to look like real wood.

6. Best Choice:- Natural Glo Glowing Embers for Gas Fireplace | Mineral Wool Gas Log Embers to Enhance Gas Fireplaces. Rock Wool Fake Coals for Gas Fireplaces | Embers Glowing for Use with Gas Fireplace Logs

The last on our list is the Natural Glo Glowing Embers for Gas Fireplace. To redecorate your charmless fireplace, the Rockwool artificial embers are the best. It can make your fireplace shine in a natural-looking glow. The fake embers come in 7 Oz bags and will last for years. To make your fireplace more attractive and realistic, you can use artificial embers. They will increase the beauty of the fireplace itself. You can use a natural gas burner with these embers. The package comes with an instruction booklet. It has all the information that you need.


  • These embers last for a long time.
  • Very realistic fake embers.
  • Retains the natural glow.


  • Lasts for a long time.
  • Installation of the embers is super easy.

Buying Guide:

We have read about the best ventless gas log set, now let us have an idea how to buy the logs of your choice.

We buy ventless log because they are not messy, but affordable and safe. That is why they are better than real wood logs. You can enjoy the warmth and beauty of firewoods burning minus all the mess that firewood or charcoal makes. We will try to give you an idea of what ventless logs are.

Ventless Logs:

When the tag says ‘ventless’, it means that there will be a need for a chimney or smoke. The items that are tagged as ventless will not give out smoke and give you a clean flame. They will burn with maximum efficiency. There is no leftover from gas after burning. Although there are byproducts namely carbon dioxide and vapor of water, nasty gas such as carbon monoxide will be within the safety limits.

These give blue flames that are smaller compared to the flames created by vented logs. Even with this smaller fire, the ventless logs look very realistic. If you are burning natural gas such as liquid propane, after the oxygen in the air is burned by the flames, water vapor will form dews on various surfaces like windows or looking glasses, etc.

Although in winter you may welcome the dews or excess moisture in the air, it may cause mold to grow in your room. You can use an exhaust system to draw out the vapor and let it out in the open air. This will keep the balance inside of the room. The air that is burned, if you cannot let it out, will circulate inside the room or the house and will boost any odor that is already present at your home. This is a bad thing, and you need to think of a way to let the burnt air out of the residence.

One point to note, if you have respiratory problems or other allergies or cannot stand the smell, then these are not for you. You should not think about ventless logs. To use the ventless logs, you need to install a burner certified by ANSI. This is the law. Usually, you have to arrange the logs around the burner according to the manufacturer’s manual. If you do not do so, and the logs come into contact with the flame, carbon monoxide will come out, and you know how deadly that is. So, you have to arrange them according to the manual.

Usually, ventless logs are safe on the papers. But the thing is that, if they fail to perform as they are supposed to, then they will produce harmful gases in your residence. For indoor use, there are strict restrictions in some parts of the world and other places require the owner to strictly follow some rules and procedures.

You have to install an ODS or oxygen depletion sensor with the pilot of the ignition. It determines how much oxygen is left inside the room. If the level goes below 18 percent, the gas will automatically be cut from the burner’s gas supply. You cannot install a burner that can produce over 40k BTU per hour. This will ensure the quality of oxygen and its quantity in the room atmosphere. For a private resting room, the BTU per hour is even less, 6k to 10k.


  • Almost 100 percent efficient.
  • You will get more heat.
  • Burners will burn less gas.
  • There is no need for a vent.
  • There is an ODS to measure the quality of oxygen in the room’s atmosphere.
  • Burners must be ANSI certified.


  • Flames do not look too natural.
  • Flames are limited up to only 40k BTU for safety reasons.
  • You cannot arrange the logs using your creative imagination. You have to follow the guidelines from the manufacturer for your safety.
  • Lots of restrictions during installation.
  • Byproducts produced after burning remain within your home.
  • Nasty odor is a byproduct that boosts other odors within the house or room.
  • It increases the level of moisture.
  • Dangerous for people with respiratory problems.


Ventless ceramic log is mainly made from refractory cement or ceramic fiber so that they can tolerate very high temperatures for a long time. There are steel rods inside of the logs so that they can reinforce the logs from the inside and prevent all types of damages. Cement logs are better than ceramic logs because they can keep their original texture and color after long use. Ceramics may not be able to keep the color or texture in the long run.


You can ignite burners with match or lighters, but this system is only available with vented gas logs sets.

Safety Pilot Kit or SPK is a type of gas controlling valve. It has a thermocouple that can sense the flame. You can use a match or lighter to light this system. If the flame is out then gas will automatically cut off.

There is also a Modified SPK. With an additional motor, you can attach a remote controller to the gas sets operation module. With a remote, you easily turn the set on or off as you wish.

The next is the Millivolt valve which uses thermopile instead of the thermocouple. With this, you can connect the thermostat, timer, wall switch, and remote controller to the log set.

Electronic Valve is another ignition system. With this, you can control the log set via remote control, a switch on the wall, and a gas valve switch. Although it requires power, it can run without batteries.

What Do You Get?

  • Assembly accessories.
  • Damper clamp.
  • Sand or vermiculite.
  • Glowing ember.
  • Sand or vermiculite.
  • Logs
  • Grate of steel.
  • Burner
  • Assembly of the pilot.
  • Pilot assembly.
  • Valve for the glasses.


You cannot just buy the first thing you see. You need to ask around a bit for information. Sizing is important. When you are buying a log set for the size requirements so that you can fit them correctly into your burner with enough clearance on every side of the logs’ position. If there is not enough space or clearance, then space will overheat, and that can damage your set, fireplace, home, etc., permanently. You will need to find the measure of the height, depth, width – front, and rear of your fireplace.


We have read the best ventless gas logs reviews, and then we read about a buying guide. We need to use our heads when we go shopping. Read the article slowly and with intent. You will soon be able to enjoy your time with your family and friends. So, do as you please.


Where exactly do I place the embers in Natural Glo Glowing Embers for Gas Fireplace? Will there be any problem if the flames touch them?

You can arrange the embers right inside the flame. There is no problem. But the instructions will tell you to place them away from the flame. That does not give a realistic vibe.

Are these ventless logs on in Barton Fireplace Decoration 10 Piece of Petite Ceramic Wood Fireplace Log Gas Vented Insert Realistic Logs Accessories?

Yes. Please, follow the instructions that accompany the logs and the burner unit for the optimal experience. You need fresh oxygen so, keep one of your windows a little open.

Is there a remote controller in Barton Fireplace Decoration 10 Piece of Petite Ceramic Wood Fireplace Log Gas Vented Insert Realistic Logs Accessories?

There is no remote controller for this unit.

I need to make a system that looks just like the picture on the website for Peterson Real Fyre 24″ Big-Stack Split Oak Gas Logs Only No Burner. What else do I need to buy?

You can purchase the Real Fyre system to use with natural gas. You can have two options. G4 system and G45 three burner system. These two have a complete set of gas kits, damper clamp, glowing embers, lava granules, sand, burner system tray, and grate. The burner tray brings the main difference between these two systems. The G45 has an extra burner in front of the tray for increased illumination. Both of the systems can be lit by a match. You can add another automatic safety valve to both of them. The suitable model is SPK-26. You should choose a propane gas system. The triple burner G45 has the automatic pilot included. In this package, there is no burner. You have to buy everything else except the logs. You do not need any type of certification for the logs. The burner systems which are suitable for these logs are usually certified by RADCO. UL certifies the electrical appliances. RADCO certifies gas items.

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