Top 10 Best Vinyl Tablecloths – Reviews and Buying Guide in 2022

Serving food in tablecloth is an art that comes up as a consistent practice from the age after age. Food looks more attractive on it along with it increases the longevity of the table.

As we know that the use of vinyl has increased so a tablecloth made with it is very substantial. When you want to protect your table from any kind of debris despite knowing that any food has to be served at the table, then you need a tablecloth. The best vinyl tablecloth protects the table from scratches and stains with the help of polyvinyl chloride coating and you will find this budget-friendly splendor product on our list. There is a matter of convenience that we often prefer this to fabric tablecloths.

Comfort, outlook, and many things keep in mind here we think to share with you nearly all usable and wipe easy vinyl tablecloths. But do not mistake an oilcloth tablecloth or plastic table cloth with a vinyl table cloth. There is an indoor tablecloth and an outdoor tablecloth. You cannot make any mistake.

So no more waiting, for now, let’s dig the vinyl table cover treasure. 

#List Of The Top 4 Vinyl Tablecloths In The Market – Editor’s Pick:

Top 10 Best Vinyl Tablecloths Review

1. LEEVAN Heavy Weight Vinyl Rectangle Table Cover Wipe Clean PVC Tablecloth 

When you are set about any program around your home buy vinyl tablecloths, generally, it is much cheaper, as opposed to more expensive drip cloths. Here we come with our first pick from LEVAN which is one of the best vinyl tablecloths in the market.

Leevan tablecloth is made with 100% polymerizing vinyl chloride. A design that is fashionable, stylish and you can use it both for indoors and outdoors.

So your table is now protected with durable stain-resistant tablecloths that are durable than any other plastic table cover.

What about the measurements? this tablecloth shape is a rectangle and comes with 5 different sizes “54 x 54 inch, 54 x 72 inch, 54 x 78 inch, 54 x 84 inch, 54 x 108 inch “ and fabricate with 100% waterproof Pvc vinyl, remember that due to the different methods of measurement, there will be few 1~2 cm divergence. When you open it for the first time you will get a vinyl smell but it will leave after a couple of days. 

Caring is the main part of any table cloth but this Vinyl Tablecloth is easy to care for and last longer than any normal table cloths. This grade A heavily weighted tablecloth is oil proof and will not blow away. 

Table cloths needed for parties and occasions and you can use this occasionally. Because occasional table cloths need to be wrinkle resistant thus you can clean it by simply wipe with a damp cloth or sponge. Thus this is Pvc vinyl so don’t iron it.

Overall a fine tablecloth for picnics or even everyday uses. It is so pretty for a national pattern and the quality is first-rate and value for money. 

Highlighted Features :

1. This tablecloth is made of 100% PVC

2. Perfect for indoors and outdoors.

3. Easy wipe cleans up with a sponge or damp cloths.

4. Durable and long-lasting.

5. Wrinkle and stain-resistant.

2. Blue Gingham Checkered Plastic Tablecloths 12 Pack Disposable Table Covers

Having a party outside and you are in so trouble for thinking, has it been successful or a complete fail? What you will do after that with those tablecloths. Yes, we know how hard it can be, especially with the wrong tablecloths.

Grandipity tablecloths come with a wide range of colors and make it more inviting and give it perfection and this makes it ideal for parties with friends. Or maybe your kids want to show creativity with arts and crafts on the table or floor so this can help to protect surfaces from messy spills. 

You can cover tables like buffet tables with that. This Blue Gingham tablecloth is disposable so you don’t need to worry about cleaning up.

So how about the packages? It’s a quantity package so you may choose 6 packs for your events or 12 packs. The versatile color suits your specific mood that’s why you can change the party theme with your moods.

How much it will cover right? So the 54″ x 108″ tablecloth covers any table up to 8 ft.

The best sequels of buying this vinyl tablecloth will be its weather resistance feature. We have done extensive research on it and get to the point that no matter you are in what condition the low affordable cost of this product will help you. 

Highlighted Features : 

1. Obtainable with 30 different colors and sizes 

2. Budget-Friendly and party-ready. 

3. Three size packages: 1 Pack 6 Pack 12 Pack

4. The material of this table cloth is plastic. 

5. Easy disposal vinyl tablecloth.

3. Locika Washable Vinyl Tablecloth Easy Care Dinning Tablecloth

Locika Washable Vinyl Tablecloth is so difficult to overlook as it has a smooth surface with soft cloth backing. A non-slip tablecloth which is very similar to cloths and the side of this table mat is scalloped. 

One of the things we like about it is floral patterns and you can feel the softness in your hand. A scratch-resistant,heat-resistant. Eco-friendly and washable tablecloth offers flawless services.

So now you are clear that you can wipe clean this tablecloth. Even if you clean with your hand or do a machine wash after hanging dry, the color will not fade. Remember applying cold water, mellow cleanser, and the delicate cycle. Keep in mind, do not use detergent, and don’t do any inordinate wringing. 

Also, this vinyl tablecloth is infinitely reusable, so it doesn’t make sense to throw something like this. 

That’s why these types of vinyl tablecloths are enduring and great for kitchen tables, dining room tables, outdoor dining or picnic tables, buffets, banquets, homes, and also great for hotels and restaurants. It is better than a cotton tablecloth for various reasons.

Highlighted Features : 

 1. Soft cloth backing. 

 2. A 100% waterproof tablecloths. 

 3. Wiped clean possible with a sponge or napkin. 

 4. Great for family use and parties. 

 5. Machine and hand washable vinyl tablecloths. 

4. Sancua Checkered Vinyl Rectangle Tablecloth

Overheated food, damage tablecloths but sancua Checkered Vinyl Rectangular Table cloth is heat resistant so one problem sorts out. Yeah, this is long-lasting because of its superior strength or tablecloth protectors.

What does your table require? a well stylish tablecloth. Maybe you need this for buffet dinners, dining table, tea table, party, birthday, cafes or you are thinking for a banquet, picnic, BBQ, camping, barbecue, indoor, outdoor. You can also use it for everyday use.

Along with all this good side, a little problem you may face is the color, the product can be a little different from the picture. Otherwise, the texture and the sizes are perfect and 3 made to fit sizes are available. These are 54×54 inch, 54×78 inch, 54×108 inch.

Wipe cleaning is the fact to consider before choosing the right vinyl tablecloth. The manufacturer tips are “do not bleach and iron it”. If you see tablecloth is quite wrinkled, place it in the dryer with a couple of heavy towels that helps a lot. 

Highlighted Features : 

1. This vinyl rectangle tablecloth is stain-resistant and wrinkle-free. 

2. Versatile usage, so good for both indoor to outdoor. 

3. Scratch, oil, and other spills proof and also 100% waterproof.

4. Crafted of high-quality vinyl PVC thick materials.

5. Cleaning is so simple just wipe it.

5. Obstal 100% Waterproof PVC Table Cloth, Oil-Proof Spill-Proof Vinyl Rectangle Tablecloth

Obstal vinyl tablecloth is completely made of vinyl and doesn’t think that it is only for indoor but the manufacturer made it for both sides. As this is a tablecloth so the only function of this tablecloth is food needed to serve over it. So it needs to be durable. 

So you can get a durable and 100% waterproof cloth from this brand and also chemical additives used in these PVC products to soften. 

After a big party, a difficult task remains which is to clean them all. What about after ending the party you see all are clean? Cleaning it is like magic. With a wipe cloth, you can clean many within a short period and these colorful tablecloths do the next for you. After-all without any rips, tears, or losing the color you can clean it.

Even though you can’t iron it, the offer is not perplexing. This is a great offer for those who want a budget tablecloth.

Highlighted Features :

1. Available with good color and sizes

2. Effortless caring is possible with a sponge. 

3. Versatile protection for all-round occasions. 

4. You can cut it to any size. 

5. Also comes with soft cloth backing. 

6. PENGSHE Rectangular Vinyl Tablecloths

When your intention is searching heavy-duty vinyl tablecloths you are on the right spot. Water Resistance, durability, and availability of these three things make it congenial. 

Vast usability is the above consideration. Things come with these sizes “60×84 inch,60×104 inch,60×120 inch, and round 60 inches.” now you can easily guess how widely you can use it. 

You can use it in several places from a luxury dining table to a kitchen table or having outdoor parties. You can use it on picnic tables, buffets, and banquets. Including home, hotels, restaurants on the new year, or valentine’s day this tablecloth is mind-blowing.  

The majority of people love this tablecloth because it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor. A good-looking, wrinkle-free vinyl tablecloth is more impressive than a sticky cloth. 

The material of its surface is vinyl and there is no escaping toxic chemicals that prove that you can use them on demanding tasks. 

Yeah, the manufacturer gives you permission for low iron but we don’t recommend it. To keep it more durable, clean it with a soft cloth. 

Highlighted Features : 

1. This tablecloth is machine and hand washable for long-term use.

2. No color fading after washing.

3. Comes with different colors and sizes.

4. Multi usable either for home parties or outdoors.

5. After cleaning you can hang this for drying.

7. Yourtablecloth Heavy Duty Vinyl Rectangle or Square Tablecloth 

Do you have a very expensive table? If you have then we are sure that you are looking for superior protection for this. Especially homeowners love their dining table a lot and they bought this without looking on a budget and the expensive one.

So what we pick here is homeowners’ favorite vinyl tablecloth from the brand Yourtablecloth. Yeah, it will make a huge difference and give the aesthetic appeal of your place.

This gray color rectangular shape tablecloth is ornamental and remains more options for you to choose the right vivid color. Please note that tablecloths over 54” size will be seamed.

No one likes to spend more time or waste time on cleaning a table mattress. A new vinyl tablecloth means easy cleaning, rapid clean is also necessary for restaurants. So this funnel backing nonslip designed tablecloth is very easy to clean by using a damp cloth. 

Getting a 100% satisfaction guarantee is one of the reasons behind picking this one. Many years of hassle-free use is worth buying it.

Highlighted Features : 

1. Made of heavy-duty vinyl

2. Non-Slip and Non-Skid. 

3. Neatly done edges ensure high wear and tear resistance

4. Spread effortlessly on a table and fold flat conveniently when not in use

5. choose from a range of popular sizes, color options, and shape

8. smiry Waterproof Vinyl Tablecloth

Smiry creates these attractive vinyl tablecloths eye-catching and balanced by floral composition. They keep varieties in color and also make their square-shaped tablecloths with durable vinyl. 

Not all tablecloths embossed well with a nice tone like this one. Arrange a party and get your classy dinner finished with these products. 

Yes, this is also easily cleanable but you don’t need to clean it after every meal. Suitable for families with kids or friends to come home for holiday snacks. Budget-friendly and also multi usable. 

A lot of times you may think something worth the price and save some time and without having to worry this is perfect for your choice both for indoors and outdoors. 

The company makes sure that tablecloths looking will be a faultless choice for your home decor even if they know stains and spots are hard to remove.

It is 100% waterproof and thin but any kind of fluid leaking through the material is impossible because of their renowned waterproofing technology

No one can ogle this navy blue color vinyl cloth. Lastly, your choice does matter and you can keep any of the colors and it will be a worth decision buying this one.

Highlighted Features : 

 1. The very attractive floral pattern design.

 2. Durable and heat sinks are great for any kind of table. 

3. Can be easily cleaned with wet or dry cloths. 

4. Weight is heavy that’s why it doesn’t slip.

5. 24/7 hours usable. 

9. Grapevines Contemporary Grape Print Heavy 4 Gauge Vinyl Flannel Backed Tablecloth

Whenever we talk about 100% Polyester tablecloths this product from Lintex always comes in our choice. Good for an oblong sized table and this will fit perfectly.

Sage Green color is unique, choice able, and also decorative too. For homeowners who want perfect decoration, this tablecloth is for them. So without having to worry about the damage, you can surely choose grapevines contemporary grape print vinyl tablecloths from this brand. The blue color is also available. 

This fits well for 6-8 people, so the measurement of this one is 60″ x 84″ Oblong (152 x 213cm) You can get these sizes too: 52 x 52 Square, 52 x 70 Oblong, 60 x 84 Oval, 60 x 102 Oblong, 60 x 120 Oblong, 70 Round. 

100% Polyester Flannel backing gives this cloth wonderful, soft, warm endearing quilts and is made of Heavy 4 Gauge Vinyl. It also has a felt liner on the bottom and it serves its purpose very well. It is durable enough to serve you for a couple of years without having to worry.  

How to take care of this ? with a simple mild soap with a damp cloth is enough to scrub away all the leftover dirt away from this wrinkle-free tablecloth.

Lastly, we can say this will be a great tablecloth for both indoor and outdoor best choices for your Dining, Barbeques, Parties, Picnics, Restaurants, and Cafeteria. So you can match your interior with this beautiful vinyl table linen or linen tablecloths that will give a luxurious outlook.

Highlighted Features : 

 1. Available with a wide range of sizes and it is imported. 

 2. Water and stain-resistant

 3. This is spillproof and also stainproof

 4. Flannel backing 100% polyester

 5. Easy to clean. 

10. Newbridge Whimsical Backyard BBQ Vinyl Flannel Backed Tablecloth

Our final pick is from the renowned brand Newbridge. We pick this one for its particular feature. Lots of time we are confused about what tablecloths to choose for outdoors and special occasions. Maybe we should go with a casual one or maybe we need the gentle one. 

This one is BBQ Print Vinyl Flannel Backed Tablecloth. So from the print, you can guess how attractive it will be. Images of burgers, hot dogs, skewers, grilling tools, and lemonade make it more stunning. 

Let’s talk about sizes. 52″ x 52″ Square (132 x 132cm) which fits the table size of 28 in x 28 in to 40 in x 40 in and the shape of the table is square. 

This polyester flannel backing tablecloth is very comfortable for cleaning as the buildup drops of fluids can be easily swept away.No exceptions in cleaning features, like others you can clean it by mild soap with damp cloth or sponge on the vinyl surface of this tablecloth. Moreover, we advised to not machine-wash this product and no laundering. 

From summer covering to any kind of outdoor event, this outdoor serve tablecloths look great and you can easily clean up messes on it.

Overall, these vinyl tablecloths are designed to be long-lasting. It is another level of example for elegance and grandeur at your own home. You can use this heavy-duty vinyl tablecloth for many years without any trouble and having fun with your family, friends, colleagues in summer, or any occasions outdoors. 

Highlighted Features : 

1. BBQ Print Vinyl Flannel Backed Tablecloth. 

2. Great for outdoors. 

3. Trouble-free cleaning and say no to laundering. 

4. Multiple sizes are available. 

5. Water and stain-resistant.

Things to Consider Before Buying Vinyl Tablecloths 

It is protecting the beauty of your dining table so you have to pick the best vinyl tablecloth considering size, shape, color, and few things in mind before buying it.

1. Size 

The keystone of any table setup is the tablecloth. Picnics, family reunions, tea parties, or patio dinners vinyl tablecloths have to be sized to fit your table.

Casual events, tablecloths should have a 5.5- to 8-inch and formal events, tablecloths have a 15-inch drop from the edge of the table to the bottom of the tablecloth. So when you buy it it is important that your tablecloths need to fit your table. Some tablecloths can cut it into desired sizes. 

First, you need to know how to measure a table then buy the perfect longing size. 

2. Shape 

Tablecloths protect the tables from food and drink spills, liquor stains, accidental scrapes, and scratches. Otherside it increases the elegant value of the room. So somewhat you buy it to cover tables so that it can’t permanently damage your table and another reason is to display the beauty of your room.

There are four primary shapes of tables like Rectangle, square, round, and oval. So it is tricky to find the right shape because choosing a correctly sized tablecloth is very critical. 

We would suggest purchasing tablecloths fit table sizes. 

3. Color 

Any drawback to vinyl tablecloths can be staining, wrinkles, and mold, also the problem with vinyl cloth is that the paint sits on them without being absorbed so the color is important, though vinyl is thin and cheap looking it also comes with different textures and colors so if you’re not careful you’ll track stains, paints, wrinkles onto other surfaces. 

Another thing you should keep in mind that the color of the vinyl tablecloths will not fade after washing. You can wipe clean with cloth but you can’t iron it. You can choose any from a variety of pretty patterns and solid colors. This is a great option. 

If you choose the correct color it will increase the beauty of your decoration and also it will hide the visible wrinkles. 

4. Easy Cleanable and Waterproof 

Vinyl tablecloth must be waterproofed and without this feature, it is unprovoked to buy. You can also waterproof any tablecloths by spraying water repellant. It is also safe to use. 

So what is more important than time? If you buy wipe cleanable tablecloths it will save a lot of time, only rub the tablecloth and it will be ready for the next events and parties.

How to Buy The Perfect Size Tablecloths for Your Table? 

Different tables have different sizes and tablecloths need to fit with those tables. So follow this step for measuring the length and width of the tablecloths. 

Measuring The Length and width of The Tablecloths 

Table Length + 2 ( Drop on side ) = Length of the tablecloth. 

Table Width + 2 (Drop on side ) = Width of the tablecloth.

Example:  So suppose you have 30 inches wide and 60 inches long table and you want a drop of 6*2 inches. 

So the resulting dimensions will be -42’ x 72’ inches and that is the tablecloth size you should purchase.

For Round Table 

So if you have a roundtable you can use the tricks below for measuring tablecloth sizes. 

Table Diameter + 2 ( Drop on side ) = Tablecloth Size

Example:  If you have 50 inches round table and 10-inch drop So you need to purchase the dimensions of 70 inch round tablecloth. 

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

1. What is the difference between vinyl and oilcloth?

Answer: The main difference between these two are Oilcloths are printed fabrics made of 100% cotton where there is PVC coating to protect the cotton, where the vinyl cloth has only plain vinyl PVC.  

Another thing is oilcloth is much more expensive than the cheap vinyl. 

2. Can you put a vinyl tablecloth in the washer?

Answer: Of course, but in case of washing it try to use cold water and mild detergent and make sure the spin is on low. Don’t over wring just hang it for drying. 

Our recommendation is not to laundering vinyl tablecloths. 

3. Are tablecloths outdated?

Answer:  Definitely not, in fact, it can enhance the total outlook of indoor and outdoor. You can say this with confidence that they are more decorative. Now, they are more decorative. 

In reality, it is affordable for most homes. So with this protect the surface of the table and prevent stains on that surface is easier. It also saves a lot of time.

4. How do you store tablecloths so they don’t wrinkle? 

Answer: If the table cloth is not kept properly, it wrinkled too easily which is very difficult to fix. A hanger with clips can be the best option.

5. How do you get tomato stains out of vinyl tablecloth?

Answer: Removing ink, juice, coffee, tea, soda tomato stains is difficult but you can use bleach to remove stains out from vinyl tablecloth. Some times set the dryer to low heat can help. 

Final Words 

Vinyl tablecloths are great to use both indoors and outdoors. All are easy to clean, and you can use it both for small and big events like picnics, family reunions, tea parties, patio dinners, or restaurants. 

Now you hold all the required information to choose the best vinyl tablecloths. Pick your desired one and definitely, you can serve your food both for indoors and outdoors. 

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