Whole House Fan vs Attic Fan

whole house fan pros and cons

Want to cool your home? You have two kinds of fans for your consideration. These are the whole house fan vs attic fan respectively. Though both are elegant and equally beneficial, they possess some distinct differences. It is these differences that impact their performance and determine how suited they are for various roles. You can … Read more

Types of Door & Gate Latches

double gate latch

People put up a gate for mostly two main reasons: security and privacy. However, to some, gates are for more than just keeping people off. They act as a decorative item for the property. A gate gives your home the curb appeal. For this reason, you should choose well the decorative pieces to add to … Read more

Types of Vent – You Must Know

types of ventilation medical

Low humidity levels are good for a comfortable home, mainly in winter. Vapor on the other end, in combination with smokes from artificial materials like cleaners, pesticides, and chemicals can make air uncomfortable and toxic. The solution? Ventilation. Of course, the house needs to breathe and draw fresh air and remove stale air. Although this … Read more

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets Without Sanding

best paint for kitchen cabinets

Need to give your kitchen a new look without depleting your wallet? Consider painting the cabinets. Cabinets with wood finish entail taking out the current paint and applying new paint to the exposed wood. This restorative task revives cabinets that have depleted over time by either being scratched, blurred or stained, and inhales new life … Read more

Convection Oven vs Microwave

convection oven recipes

People have been using some sort of oven to cook their food ever since they were first discovered in Central Europe in 29,000 BC. Throughout the centuries, technology has made incredible strides and stoves certainly haven’t been left behind when it comes to advancements. While people once used roasting pits, and later on coal ovens, … Read more

Copper Cookware Benefits

best copper cookware

Cooking with cookware has been around for centuries, but somehow it fell out of practice as other types of cookware hit the market. Another reason for the change in popularity of copper cookware was the discovery that pure copper is not good for users’ health. Using pure copper to cook has, in the past, caused … Read more

Is Stainless Steel Dishwasher Safe?

Dishwasher Safe

It seems that you can wash almost anything in a dishwasher. This convenient appliance is a must-have in any kitchen, restaurant, and place where food is prepared and served. In fact, doing the dishes by hand is, for many persons, a thing of the past. After all, dishwashers are like all-purpose solutions to every cleaning … Read more

Best Commercial Dishwasher for Home

siemens dishwasher

When you think of a commercial dishwasher, images of large, heavy-duty, and high capacity machines come to mind. Indeed, while the commercial and domestic dishwashers work the same way to perform similar functions, both are fundamentally different. The main differences are in their size and power. As you can imagine, the commercial dishwasher is much … Read more

Gas Range Buying Guide – How to Choose Gas Range

gas range double oven

So you are planning to head out and purchase a new gas range, but you are not sure how to decide on just the right one. With hundreds of makes and models to choose from, the process can quickly become more tedious and frustrating than enjoying. To get a better idea of the different gas … Read more

How to Disconnect a Gas Dryer – Full Process & Guideline

gas dryer installation

So you plan to replace your gas dryer, perform maintenance on it, or just want to shut it down completely when you go away for some time. Well no matter what is your reason, you will have to disconnect the dryer from its source. This won’t be a simple task, especially when you are not … Read more