Top 6 Best Ceiling Fans in 2022

Ceiling fans are one of the most common electric appliances nowadays. A ceiling fan is an electric device. This gets suspended from the ceiling of a room that is why it gets the name ceiling fan. It uses hub-mounted blades that rotate using an electric motor. It can not control the humidity of air or lower the temperature, rather it creates circulating air which lets you feel cool as it helps to evaporate sweat from the skin.

During summer a ceiling fan blades blow air downward, and during winter, it pulls cold air from the floor toward the ceiling. The ceiling fan was fast used in 1860 when it was run by water-powered turbines connected to the blades with a belt. In 1882 Philip Diehl invented the first ceiling fan that ran by an electric motor. Here we will be discussing the best ceiling fans in the market available.

# Top 5 Best Ceiling Fans in the Market – Editor’s Pick 

1. Best Overall: HUNTER 53091 Builder Deluxe Indoor Ceiling Fan with LED Light and Pull Chain Control, 52 Inch, New Bronze

Hunter has been in the fan industry for almost 135 years. They make one of the finest ceiling fans in the market. This particular product has a sleek and durable design.


  • This ceiling fan is built with a style that increases the beauty of your home decor.
  • It has a powerful motor.
  • It is adjustable to work according to the temperature of summer and winter.


  • Five-blade whisper wind powerful operated fan without any noise. It comes with a dia of 52 inches.
  • It comes with a dimmable LED light bulb covered by toffee glass which helps in maintaining the lighting and ambiance of your room.
  • Variable speed control lets you control the speed of the fan as per your requirement.
  • With the chain pull system, the fan speed can be controlled or can be turned on and off.
  • It works in two modes: downdraft and updraft. In the summertime, the downdraft mode delivers cold air towards the ground, and in winter the updraft mode lets the fan pull the air towards the ceiling.
  • It comes with variable 2 inches and 3-inch downrod which helps you to adjust the ceiling height from the ceiling thus optimizing the airflow.
  • Low power motor with only 64 Watt ratings.
  • One-year limited warranty.


  • The performance of the light is very poor and quits working after a few months of use.
  • Speed should be improved, sometimes not enough to make you feel cool.


Hunter ceiling fans are very affordable and quite stylish in design. Plus the light helps to increase the decor of your house. The speed should be improved. Otherwise, this is a good fan.

2. Best runner up: kathy ireland HOME Tilo Modern Ceiling Fan, 30 Inch | Dual Mount Low Profile Hugger with 3 Blades | Damp Rated Fixture for Indoor/Outdoor | Light Kit Adaptable, Oil Rubbed Bronze

Another renowned company in the fan industry is Emerson. They have been in this industry since 1896. They have varieties of ceiling fans that perfectly fit in any home, office, or wherever a ceiling fan is required. Kathy Ireland tilo is one of their best ceiling fans in the market. These fans perform very well and are energy efficient.


  • These tilo fans are designed to beautify the ceiling with their colorful look and durability.
  • It has variable speed control.
  • It is very power efficient.


  • Beautiful three 30 inch blades made from plywood and sleek oil rubbed bronze-colored fan housing to beautify the has scope to attach light with it.
  • Dual mount design.
  • Reversible four-speed control.
  • Wall-mounted speed controller with light dimmer and handheld remote control system. These are sold separately.
  • Low power motor only takes 42-watt electricity making it a power-efficient smart ceiling fan.
  • It can be used as a flush mount fan but it comes with a 4.5-inch downrod also.
  • The damp-protected design makes it even perfect for outdoor space but can not withstand direct rain.
  • The fan blades are designed to flow air downward in summer and take air upward toward the ceiling by counterclockwise and clockwise rotation.
  • Fantastic airflow capacity of 2278 Cubic Feet Per Minute.
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Installation can be difficult.
  • Not good for a large house.


Kathy ireland tilo is a power-efficient small ceiling fan with a beautiful plywood design and bronze finish. It is also very affordable. If the speed control and light dimmer were included it would have been great.

3. Best quality: Hunter Fan Company 51061 Hunter 42″ Low Profile IV Ceiling Fan, New Bronze finish

Hunter fans are very popular in the market due to their quality. This particular product from Hunter is a low-profile ceiling fan with a bronze finish. 


  • This fan is designed with style and quality which, suits the home interior perfectly.
  • It is power efficient.
  • It supports led kits for lighting.


  • Five weather oaked blade classic design with a 42-inch dia for better performance.
  • Specially made whisper wind motor works quietly and for a longer period without any trouble.
  • Variable speed control helps to adjust the airflow as required.
  • It comes with a provision for color-controlled LED light that can be tuned.
  • Its reversible variable motor lets it flow air downdraft in summer and updraft in winter.
  • It is a flush mount ceiling fan that is good for a house that has a low clearance between the ceiling and floor.
  • Pull chain control lets you adjust the speed and turn on or off the LED light.
  • It consumes only 57 watts of electricity.
  • It has a good airflow capacity of 2902 Cubic Feet Per Minute.
  • Lifetime warranty for the motor.


  • Installation can be complicated.
  • Some complained about loud noise from the blades while the fan rotated.


Hunter 51061 is one of the most affordable ceiling fans in the market. Its performance is very satisfactory. LED mount and pull chain give it an added advantage.

4. Best reversible: Harbor Breeze Mazon 44-in Brushed Nickel Flush Mount Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light Kit and Remote (3-Blade)

Harbor Breeze is a renowned fan manufacturing company. Their Mazon 44 inch fan is a nicely designed power-efficient ceiling fan.


  • This fan has a glossy nickel finish.
  • It is very power efficient.
  • It has provision for a light kit.


  • Glossy nickel finish gives a premium look.
  • 44-inch dia capable of perfect airflow.
  • Multi-speed option controlled by remote control.
  • Its reversible motor allows it to push air down during summer and lift air upward by turning clockwise in winter.
  • 18 watt LED light integrated with a fan helps to illuminate the room’s interior.
  • The fan is very power efficient. Power consumption is 58 watts.
  • Its flush-mount design makes it perfect for low ceilings.
  • It can produce 2845 cubic feet per minute of airflow.


  • Airflow is lower than advertised in some cases.
  • The illumination of the light should be improved.
  • The working distance of the remote should be increased.


This fan’s brush nickel design makes it perfect for the interior of your room. It is perfect for a low ceiling house and easily covers a 100 square feet room with enough airflow to let you feel comfortable.

5. Best affordable: Minka-Aire F844-CL Light Wave 52 Inch Ceiling Fan with Integrated LED Light in Coal Finish

Minka fans are renowned for their beautiful design. These fans are perfect for any type of home interior. They are perfectly designed to keep the air circulation throughout the interior of your room.


  • F844 CL has an eye-catching design, and it consists of three blades.
  • It supports an LED bulb that comes integrated with it.
  • It can be controlled over wifi and remote.


  • Beautiful driftwood material with coal colored design matches any interior perfectly.
  • A perfect 52-inch blade span can deliver efficient airflow.
  • It comes with a dimmable 16 watt LED light kit.
  • It has two speeds, low and high.
  • The fan can be controlled with remote control. Also can be controlled by your mobile using wifi with the help of a device Bond BD 1000.
  • It delivers 1491 CFM and 4531 CFM at low and high speeds.
  • It takes only 10 watts while low speed and high speed takes only 64 watts of power thus making it a power-efficient fan.
  • Has varieties of downrod options.


  • Pretty expensive.
  • BD-1000 does not come with the package. Have to buy it separately.


This is a luxurious type of ceiling fan with a beautiful driftwood finish. It has multiple speed options with very low power consumption. The control over wifi and remote is mindblowing.

6. Best choice: Hunter Fan Company 59263 Cassius Ceiling Fan, 52″, Fresh White finish

We have already discussed Hunter ceiling fans. This last one is specially built to withstand outdoor weather. These special units go through ultraviolet and saltwater taste so they can withstand outdoor conditions easily.


  • This Cassius ceiling fan is built with durability to withstand outdoor conditions without any motor malfunction or blade droop.
  • It comes with integrated LED light.
  • This fan is very power efficient.


  • Damp-rated and perfectly tested weatherproof design for outdoor conditions.
  • 52-inch blade span for strong air flow throughout the room.
  • A whisper wind motor makes the fan almost quiet.
  • A reversible motor helps to flow air downwards during summer and upwards during winter.
  • It comes with a LED kit to illuminate the room interior.
  • Pull chain used for speed control and on/off of LED light.
  • It takes only 64 watts of power.
  • Can deliver powerful airflow of 5537 Cubic Feet Per Minute.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • The airflow is not as advertised by the manufacturer. Need improvement.
  • The blade connecting material to the body of the fan should be improved.


Nothing to say about Hunter fans. They manufacture one of the finest ceiling fans in the market. This one is no different. It delivers perfect airflow, and the pull chain control is an added advantage.

Buying Guide:

There are many ceiling fan manufacturing companies that deliver fans in the market. But you need the best ceiling fan which will fulfill your need. To find the best ones you have to look for the following things:

You have to decide where you want to install your fan. If the place you want to install is inside the room then any fan will do the work. But if you want the fan outside the room or in some open space then you have to choose damp rated fans that will prevent the fan from blade droop and motor malfunction due to the moisture in the outside air.

If your room ceiling has enough clearance from the floor or the ceiling is high enough then you have to choose a downrod system for your fan. Otherwise, go for a flush mount that is good for lower ceilings.

According to the size of your room, you have to choose the fan. For a small room fan blade dia should be 29 to 39 inch and for a large or bigger than that go for 42 to 56-inch fans.

If you want light attached with your fan then go for fans that have that option.

Controlling the fan can be different. Pull chain control is a chain attached with the fan pulling which will control the speed of the fan. Then there is a remote control or wall mount speed control which, will allow you to control the speed of the light dimming process from a distance.

The fan blade has different designs. Fan with normal blades has nothing special. But the reversible blades have different textures on both sides. So if you get bored with one texture you can easily connect the blade by turning it to the other side.

Reverse motor fans have an option that lets the fan rotate counterclockwise in the summer which allows air flow towards the floor and in winter just push a switch in the fan body which allows the motor to turn in reverse and allow airflow towards the ceiling.

For high-speed airflow look for fans that are capable of delivering high cubic feet per minute of airflow.

Finally, buy whatever you like according to your budget.


Ceiling fans provide cooling by blowing air over your skin. It’s a cheaper option than air conditioning. Ceiling fans work great for both indoor and outdoor. There are varieties of ceiling fans available with tons of options like light attachment or remote controlling etc. This article will help you to choose the best ceiling fan according to your requirement.


Will ceiling fans cool a room?

The ceiling does not lower the temperature of a room. It blows air to make it feel cool.

What direction should a ceiling fan go?

During summer it should rotate counter-clockwise, and in winter it should go clockwise

Do ceiling fans use a lot of electricity?

No, they do not use a lot of electricity. They are quite power-efficient.

Is it cheaper to run a fan or AC?

Definitely, it is cheaper to run a ceiling fan than an AC.

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