Top 6 Best Electric Blankets of 2022

We are the most susceptible to cold weather when we are sleeping. When we are unconscious, we cannot manage our body at all. That is why during the winter, we take so much precaution. It is really difficult to adapt to a severe fall in the temperature. We can wear heavy clothing before going to sleep, but let me assure you it will be very uncomfortable to breathe with the zipper of your jacket or button of your heavy-duty shirt, or the neck of your sweater because if you change your side, you may get a serious ‘gi choke of mixed martial art’.

In this case, you will the one choking yourself in your sleep. Besides, without proper heat management, your bed or blankets will take a long time to get to the correct temperature that your body can feel comfortable in. You need to understand I am talking about minus temperatures here. Even in the tropical countries where the lowest never goes below four or three degrees Celsius, heating the blanket with just your body temperature is very difficult. Why?

The blanket will first suck your body temperature to heat itself while your body temperature will drop. As blankets are heat insulators, they prevent the heat they suck from your body from escaping to the room atmosphere. After that, they slowly heat your body. This is a very lengthy and uncomfortable process. That is the reason why we are going to talk about the best modern electric blanket. I want you to think about this scenario – what if the blankets can heat themselves without taking heat from your body? This is going to be the game-changer, right? It really IS! Let us see what we get from heated bedding or blankets!

What is it?

In layman’s terms, an electric blanket is a blanket that has electric heating wires inside its folds. We have duvets, electric throw blanket, over-blankets, and under blankets. You will place the underblankets beneath the bed sheet. This type is known as heated mattress pads in North America. You need to over-blankets over the bed sheets.

Save Money on Heating Blanket:

Now, we cannot be just thinking of heating only the blanket if you are in the countries that experience a temperature fall of 10 to 20 degrees below zero degrees Celsius. You need to heat your apartment or house, right? You will probably use coal, gas, or electric heating, depending on the commonly usable resources for heating in your country. If you use gas or electricity, it will cost you from forty to a hundred and sixty US dollars every month in winter.

This cost goes up with the number of rooms you have to keep heat. If you are the only person living in a house with three to four rooms, you will be wasting a lot of resources because you are living in only one room.

Besides, even if you think of using a common heater, it still will cost you a lot because the heat does not target anything but an empty space. So, if your room is big, you will incur a huge cost. Therefore, a space heater is not a good idea. What you need is targeted heating, and electric blankets can give you that. It only targets your body.

The modern-day electric blankets only draw about 12-24 volts of current. This means you get to save a lot of money on heating. Electric blanket only focuses on you, nothing else, that is how it saves money. You can control the temperature of the blanket as well. Every person has their own preference. With an electric blanket, each person at your home can customize the heat with the built-in heat control. Above all, you get an environment and health-friendly heated electric blanket.

Natural Pain Relief:

Heat is a natural healer of pain. In our body, there are receptors of heat that can prevent the signals from telling our brain that we are suffering from pain. With an electric blanket, you can fight various issues such as – cramps, stiffness, aching, soreness, etc. Heat improves the blood circulation within your body, and this helps you heal from workouts or injuries. Electric blankets help you sleep better at night, and when you sleep like a baby at night, you will have a good and healthy body in the morning to work all you want during the day.

Helps You Sleep Better:

Have you ever slept only for one or two hours at night before suddenly waking up for something you have to do? How did your eyes feel? How did your body joints feel? Now think about a night when you fell asleep after being so tired that you do not even remember falling asleep and then slept through the whole night until your body automatically woke you up in the morning after a good 6 to 7 hours of sleep? How did that day feel? Now compare those two experiences. You sure know now how sleep helps your body to recover magically.

When you sleep less than required, your whole body will feel heavy and tired. You will not be able to keep your eyes open unless you have an adrenaline rush. When the rush subsides, you will again feel sleepy. You might have a headache as well. Unless you give your body a rest at night, it will not let you be comfortable during the day. You may drink as much coffee as you want, but the comfort will never come.

Now, if you are experiencing winter, then you know how important heat is. When we sleep our body is vulnerable to cold besides many other things. It is really important to keep your body warm otherwise you will have hypothermia and catch a serious cold that can be fatal. An electric blanket keeps your body warm when all of your defense mechanisms are down during your sleep. When you sleep your body may still feel cold or heat if the temperature is not accurate.

You can sweat half the night, and then due to a temperature fall your sweat may dry up sucking your body heat and dissipating into the thin air. Due to this rapid temperature change, your body will catch a serious cold. Therefore, your body must remain at a constant temperature. This way your body will not be under stress, and you will have a good night’s sleep. Also, we told you that there is an underblanket that preheats your bed. These advanced blankets have a timer so you can set them according to your need.

Can Help Improve Your Mood:

Your mood can change for various reasons. And sleep deprivation or sleep in discomfort can be one of them. If you cannot sleep because of cold weather, then an electric blanket can improve your mood by providing you with the necessary warmth you need for your rest and sleep.

They’re Safe to Use:

Unless there is damage that exposes the wiring inside the blanket, electric blankets are safe to use. Many rumors say that these blankets can cause cancer, but they are tested negative from that point too. All you have to make sure is that there is no damage.

How to Use a Heated Blanket:

If you cannot think of an idea on how to make use of an electric blanket, then let me point you to winter when you need heating elements to keep you warm at night. But buying a blanket just for the winter cannot be the only usefulness. You should be able to find out how you can use it throughout all the seasons. As electric blankets have a therapeutic use, you can make use of them when you get sick and have pain all over your body. Never use stomach pads or laptops when you are using an electric blanket.

Never put heavy items on top of your blanket because both the device and the blanket will overheat. Do not sleep with your pet dogs or cats with your blanket on. The animals tend to scratch or chew on everything they get their claws on, and that will damage your blanket’s wiring. Besides, your pets will get serious problems from overheating as they are naturally heated by themselves. Never twist the power cord. Always remove your cord from the power source after each use. When the cold winter is over, let your blanket cool off, then either hang it or roll so that you do not damage the wiring inside. Never fold it.

When winter comes, before you make use of your blanket with high spirits, please make sure to check for damage. You never know when rats can damage your precious property. You have to make sure that there is no opening to wiring and wirings are not exposed through the damaged blanket cover. Safety comes before comfort.

It is common sense that you will need to clean your blankets. So, always check the manual or instructions given by the manufacturer.

Now that we have learned how useful electric blankets are and how to use them, it is time for us to see the best electric blankets.

# Top 5 Best Electric Blankets in the Market – Editor’s Pick 

1. Best Overall:- Electric Heated Blanket Throw Flannel Sherpa Fast Heating 50″x60″, 10 Heating Levels & Up-to-9-Hours Auto-Off Timer & LED Display, for Home Office Use, Machine Washable, ETL Certified, Mia & Coco, Grey

The first blanket on our list is from Mia & Coco – the Electric Heated Blanket. It can cover an area of 50 by 60 inches. Made from flannel and Sherpa material. It is perfectly suitable for office and home use. You can even wash it in the machine. It comes in a grey color and is certified by ETL.

On your cold and winter days, you do not have to worry anymore. Mia & Coco’s electric heated blanket ensures you the warmth of comfort and relaxation. It is a throw blanket and has ten settings for temperature. The timer is auto and has nine different levels.

You get very good insulation from the outside cold with Flannel and Sherpa. It gives you superior warmth and is friendly to your skin. Even if you touch it when your blanket is still off, you will not get the feeling of cold. To save your energy it comes with ten levels of temp settings, and the timer turns off automatically after nine hours. You can control the temp with a controller. The lowest temp starts from 710, and the highest temperature is 127 degrees Fahrenheit. You can set the timer to shut off after some hours according to your choice.

The ETL certification ensures the safety of the blanket. So, you can use it with confidence. There is a manual for you so that you can use it properly without having to worry about any accidental damage. The Japanese advanced technology PTC&NTC gives overheat protection. Its duty is to stop the blanket from taking power from supply the moment the blanket reaches a serious temperature. It also has a LED display to show digits.

To wash the blanket, you need to take out the cord by detaching it from the blanket and read the manual for washing instructions.


  • It can cover an area of 50 by 60 inches.
  • Made from flannel and Sherpa material.
  • It is perfectly suitable for office and home use.
  • You can even wash it in the machine.
  • It comes in grey color and is certified by ETL.
  • It has ten settings for temperature.
  • The timer is auto and has nine different levels.
  • The Japanese advanced technology PTC&NTC prevents overheating.
  • LED display.
  • You can wash it in a machine.


  • It covers a bigger area.
  • Comfortable and soft.
  • Use on the sofa and bed.
  • A great present to your family members.

2. Best Runner up:- Electric Heated Blanket Queen Size 84″ x 90″, Heated Throw Flannel with 2 Separate Controllers, 6 Heating Levels & 8 Timing Sets-Auto Off, Home Use, Machine Washable – Beige

The next on our list is the MaxKare Electric Heated Blanket Queen Size. It can cover an area of 84 by 90 inches (queen-size). It is a heated throw blanket. Has two separate controllers, six levels of adjustable temperature, and eight settings for the auto-off timer. It can be used in a home environment. You can wash it in a machine. It comes in a Beige color and has solid patterns as a design.

If you want a cozy and warm queen size comfort, MaxKare has you covered with its Electric Heated Blanket. Its material is flannel. It is friendly to the skin and offers very good warmth. You do not have to feel the cold inside your blanket anymore.

You buy this to share with another person. It can be used by your family or friend, use without worry because the blanket has two separate controllers. You both can now sleep without worry and control the side of your blanket with the separate controllers for the best warmth for your body. With a timer, you can rest assured that your blanket will not overheat. It will be turned automatically off when it is your time to wake up. Wash the blanket according to the user manual provided by the manufacturer. You can wash this in a machine too.


  • Two sets of separate controllers of the same blanket ensure that you and your partner can sleep according to their desired warmth.
  • Multi-level temperature control.
  • Eight timing settings on the timer.
  • Washable in a machine.


  • Nice and cozy.
  • Share it with another family member or friend.
  • Ease of cleaning.

3. Best Quality:- Sunbeam – Queen Size Heated Blanket Luxurious Velvet Plush with 2 Digital Controllers and Auto-Off Feature – 5yr Warranty (Mushroom Beige)

From the famous brand Sunbeam, we have our next blanket – the Queen Size Sunbeam electric Blanket Luxurious Velvet Plush with 2 Digital Controllers and Auto-Off Feature. Just like any other electric blanket, you can easily set the auto-timer to stop the function of the blanket. It comes in a Beige color and solid pattern. It is made from luxurious material velvet plush. Has two separate digital controllers and an auto-timer function. It covers an area of 84 by 90 inches and weighs six pounds. It has twenty settings for heat customized just for your convenience.


  • Two separate temperature digital controllers.
  • Auto on/off timer.
  • It Covers an 84 by 90 inches area.
  • Made from velvet plush.
  • Weighs six pounds.
  • Twenty settings for heating.
  • Hitech system ThermoFine warming keeps the temperature in control.
  • Washable and dryable in the machine.
  • Comes with five years of limited warranty.


  • Suitable for two-person use.
  • Heavy quality.
  • Elegant.
  • Lowers the cost of operation.

4. Best Reversible:- Pure Enrichment PureRelief Plush Heated Throw – Fast-Heating 50” x 60” Electric Blanket with 4 Heat Settings, Storage Bag and Soft, Machine-Washable Micromink and Sherpa for Cozy Couch or Bed Use

Next, we are going to present the PureRelief Plush Heated Throw – Fast-Heating 50” x 60” Electric Blanket from the Pure Enrichment brand. It can cover an area of 50 by 60 inches. It is a throw-type fast heater. Has four settings for heat. Its color is gray with a pain pattern. You can wash it in a washing machine. It is made from a very luxurious Sherpa and micro-mink. It is very soft on both sides. You can use both sides for warming your body.

There are four settings to help with your body pains. There is a built-in LED controlling device. The four settings are high, medium, low, and warm. You can use it without the plug and yet can feel the heat. This blanket is covered with five years of limited warranty. The customer service is open all seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day. It is easy to clean. First, you will have to soak it in detergent water for 15 minutes. Then wash in the washing machine with cold water. Then stretch it and hang it to dry. This blanket has an auto-turn-off timer. After a designated time, it automatically shuts down its system by cutting off the power.


  • Very luxurious looking Sherpa and micro-mink material.
  • Four settings for heat.
  • Safe auto shut down.
  • Washable in a machine.
  • LED controlling device.
  • 5 years of limited warranty.


  • Soft and comfortable, and warm.
  • Low-cost maintenance.
  • Save more money on home heating.

5. Best affordable:- Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad | Polyester, 10 Heat Settings, White, Queen – MSU1GQS-N000-11A00

Next on our list is your queen-size comfort for the upcoming winter – the Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad MSU1GQS-N000-11A00. The mattress pad is something you put underneath your bed sheet to provide heat from beneath your body. Your bed will not feel ice cold anymore. The Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad MSU1GQS-N000-11A00 has ten settings for heat and comes in white color and cotton material. Fabric is a hundred percent polyester.

Sunbeam has been a trusted partner of its customers throughout the generations for over a hundred years. At a regular interval, it produces innovative and excellent products to make your life comfortable. It is a brand you can trust with your eyes closed. It is confident in giving you the ultimate confidence and satisfaction.


  • With the technology called ThermoFine, you get well-distributed heat.
  • Ten settings for heat.
  • With a ten-hour interval, the auto-shut-off timer activates.
  • Polyester fabric with a hundred percent cotton material.
  • Queen size mattress for more than one person.
  • It is safe to wash and dry in the machine.
  • You can pre-heat conveniently.


  • Heated comfort for you and your family or friend in the winter.
  • Undisturbed sleep on cold days.

6. Best Choice:- Beautyrest 100% Cotton Heated Mattress Pad, Dual Temperature Control Electric Bed Warmer with 18″ Deep Pocket, 20 Level Setting, Auto Shut Off Safety, Queen, Deluxe White

The last on our list is the Beautyrest 100% Cotton Heated Mattress Pad. It is a queen-sized comfort for you from the brand Beautyrest. It is made with a hundred percent cotton with white deluxe color.

This is a mattress pad so, it will go under your bed sheet and heat your body from underneath you.

There are two separate controllers so that you and the other person using it can set heat according to personal choice. You can sleep without worrying about what the other person is feeling. There are 20 settings for heat to give pinpoint control over your heating needs.


  • 100 percent Cotton material.
  • Queen-sized mattress.
  • 20 settings for heat.
  • Two separate controls.
  • Five years of limited warranty.


  • Bigger area and multiple controllers give you more control over your mattress.

Buying Guide:

We have read through the best electric blankets. Now, let me give you a bit of advice on how to spend your money wisely to buy the right blanket for you.

How to Choose a Heated Blanket:


When you browse for your electric blanket, you find two major types – pads or mattresses and blankets. As you can see from the name ‘mattress’, it goes under the bed sheet and provides heat from underneath you. The second one is the blanket, and this goes over you. Do not use electric mattresses with other foam-type mattresses as heat from electric mattresses can seriously damage your foam.

Price Vs. Quality:

You need to see if the blankets you are choosing have met all the regulations for safety. Always go for famous brands as they tend to give you customer support and better quality. As you are dealing with direct electric heating, you need to ensure your safety first. The branded items are always better in comparison to the non-bran items. Cheap is sometimes good but in this case, avoid cheap items as cheap translates into cheaper material and lesser safety. They do not go through as rigorous testing as the branded pricey items.  

Blanket material:

You will find many types of manufacturing materials for blankets – fleece heated blanket, polyester, or cotton. You can choose based on the material you are accustomed to using. If you invest in a blanket of very good quality, you get both safety and the guarantee of comfort.

Temperature Range:

You need to consider the supported range of temperature in your blanket choice. For every brand there are varieties. You need to also take note of the controller that comes with a blanket. There are various types. Can you understand the numbers easily and the writings? Is it digital, button, or dial switch? Can you detach the controller from your blanket?


You need to see if the blanket you like has a timer or not. With a timer, you can set the number of hours you want the blanket to keep you warm. This can be convenient.


We have come to the end of the article. I hope you have come to an understanding of electric blankets. We have talked about a few popular blankets. We also have read about its usefulness and how to use it. Then we finished with a buying guide. Now, I hope you can take an educated guess on how to choose a blanket now, right? But do not stop just here. Read and research more! Then go shopping with a confident heart. Happy shopping!


Electric Heated Blanket Queen Size 84″ x 90″, Heated Throw Flannel with 2 Separate Controllers, 6 Heating Levels & 8 Timing Sets-Auto Off, Home Use, Machine Washable – Beige

After the first wash was the blanket still functional?

Yes, did! Just have to follow the instruction manual.

Is there a cord to connect to the power?

Yes, there is a power connector cord.

How many watts?

One hundred and ten watts.

Can you tell me what the shortest time on the timer is?

1 hour is the shortest, and 8 hours is the longest on its timer.

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