Gas Range Buying Guide – How to Choose Gas Range

So you are planning to head out and purchase a new gas range or gas cooking range, but you are not sure how to decide on just the right one. With hundreds of makes and models to choose from, the process can quickly become more tedious and frustrating than enjoying. To get a better idea of the different gas ranges available and more easily find the right gas range for your home this article is perfect for you.

Why a Gas Range?

Gas ranges differ from electric stoves and dual fuel ranges in that it is run exclusively by gas, whereas electric stoves are powered by electricity and dual fuel ranges can be powered by both electricity and gas.

Gas ranges and stoves use natural gas, propane, butane, liquefied petroleum gas, or other flammable gas as a fuel source. One reason why people prefer gas ranges over electrical stoves is that gas ranges aren’t prone to electric and power outages like an electrical stove is.

The other advantages of gas ranges, stoves, and cooktops are:

· Greater control and accurate cooking temperatures – Since the gas flame can grow larger or smaller almost instantly with the turn of a dial, the heat transferred to the cooking pot can also change instantly

· More evenly distribute heat – A gas flame can heat the sides of a pot in addition to the bottom of the pan, which cooks the food faster and more evenly. This will reduce scorching that an electric stove might cause.

· Faster cooking times – Because gas heat is immediately available, it takes less time to heat up a pan and start cooking, whereas a gas cooktop must warm up first before cooking.

· Less wasted heat – Gas burners emit less wasted heat, whereas an electric stove will keep emitting heat until it completely cools. A gas range can help keep your home cooler by emitting less heat.

· Doesn’t need electric power – A gas range doesn’t need electricity to work, so even if you get a power outage from a storm or bad weather, you can still turn on your gas stove and prepare a meal or even just to warm up your hands.

Should I Buy a Gas Range, Electric Stove, or Dual Fuel Range?

Basically, the question all comes down to what do you need most: a gas-powered stove or an electric-powered stove? And if for some reason, you want to get both, then are you willing to invest highly in a dual fuel range stove?

You can think of dual fuel range like a hybrid car: an appliance that can run both on gas and electric, but the only thing is the higher cost.

What to Look For in a Gas Range

When you look for a new gas cooking range you need to consider the size, types of gas burner you want, color, if you want gas grill with it or not, will it be a side-in or a freestanding range or freestanding gas range with a conventional oven, will it have a sealed burner, the BTU heat output of the burners, should it have a storage drawer, a range hood, simmer burner, warming drawer, grate, size of the cooking surface, griddle, what type of cookware to use, will it be an open burner or a burner with a heat diffuser, should it have option for liquid propane, etc.

  • Size

Make sure you know the size of the space you plan to put your new gas range in.

  • Type and Number of Burners You Want

There are [high-heat burners] that can sear food or heat up food more quickly, while there are also [low-heat burners] that can gently simmer food. Some even have [pilotless ignition] now. Also, have in mind how many burners you would like your gas range to have.

  • Color

You should also choose the color wisely. The color should not show the dirt and grime obviously. Black or white is not the best choice for this because these colors show scratches and grime more than gray or silver.

Another thing to consider when buying a double oven gas range is; the controls. The traditional controls for a gas range are those in the form of knobs. But if you want something more modern, you can choose a gas range with flat digital controls. Digital controls are easier to clean than traditional ones but they also fail more often than the latter.

If you want to know more about the 36” gas range, here are some facts and information.

  • A gas range with this size usually has four to five burners. People who buy this gas range want to cook as many dishes as they can in a shorter time. They can sauté on the first burner, stir fry on the second, fry on the third, and so on. If you have a big family and you are the one who usually cooks, you will be thankful for this feature because it will cut your cooking time in half and at the same time you will have more output.
  • The burners are also very flexible. For example, one burner can produce high heat that makes it perfect for searing or stir-frying. And then another burner can produce an extremely low heat that is perfect for simmering, melting, or preparing a sauce without worrying about burning. This is why this commercial-like gas range is perfect for people who prepare different kinds of dishes for their families.
  • This also has multiple ovens. You can bake a cake in one oven and cookies in another. This makes it the ideal gas range for people who do not only love cooking but also baking.

Types of Gas Ranges

1. Stainless Steel Gas Range

When buying a gas range for your kitchen, you should think about buying a stainless steel gas range.  If you love cooking or if you are the designated cook in your family even if you do not like it, you should have a durable and great-looking gas range in your kitchen. Having a highly functional and aesthetically appealing gas range will not only motivate you to cook but it will also greatly enhance your kitchen’s appearance.

Buying a stainless steel gas range can do these things for you and your kitchen. It looks sleek, elegant, and ultra-modern. And if you are good enough at choosing, you can even find something that has features that most cooks are looking for in their gas ranges.

If you want to know more about the stainless steel gas range, here are some important facts, features, and benefits.

  • If you want elegance in your kitchen, then you should go for a gas range that is made of stainless steel. This will make you look like a professional cook and your friends will tell you how sophisticated your kitchen is because of your cool gas range. It looks very modern and is perfect for contemporary kitchens. You will feel as if you can cook just about anything in your stainless steel range because it looks very strong and powerful.
  • Appearance is not the only thing that makes stainless steel stove the best option. A stainless steel gas range is also durable and long-lasting. Stainless steel is a sturdy material and as its name suggests, it does not rust, which is a great gas range feature. As you know, gas ranges are always exposed to humidity and wetness. You have to make sure that its parts will not rust for aesthetic and safety reasons.
  • And if you do not want to have a very modern or futuristic look in your kitchen, you can still opt for a gas range made of stainless steel but choose something that has been painted over. You can choose red, blue, green, white, or black with a small portion of the stainless steel showing. This creates a softer and warmer look for your kitchen. And it makes it perfect even for kitchens that do not have contemporary themes.
  • Although it is true that stainless steel shows smudges and fingerprints, you can easily clean it by wiping the surface with a soft clean cloth. It requires regular maintenance but simple cleaning techniques. And having splatters and smudges is normal for all kitchens. You will still need regular cleaning and maintenance no matter what type of gas range you buy.
  • This gas range also comes in different sizes. You can choose the small one for your small kitchen or the big one for your medium or large-sized kitchen.

These are some of the great features and benefits of buying a stainless steel gas range. It is important that you know them so that you can choose the one with the best features and highest quality.

2. Slide In Gas Range

If you want to maximize the limited space that you have in your kitchen, you should consider buying a slide in gas range. A slide in gas range is something that you can fit in between two kitchen cabinets to maximize the small space in your kitchen. Small kitchens are popular in urban homes like apartments or condominiums. If you live in a place like this, you want to use even that small space between your cabinets or even at the end of your cabinets. And to do this, you need a gas range that you can easily slide into space.

In choosing a gas range, you have to consider some very important factors. The first thing that you need to consider is the size. But since you want to place the gas range in between cabinets, you should go for a small gas range. You should also think about design and color. When choosing a color, make sure that it will complement your other kitchen furniture and fixtures, especially the kitchen cabinets. Fortunately, most gas ranges come in neutral colors like black, white, and gray, and these colors complement almost all types of other colors.

If you are buying a gas range, you should also consider whether the gas range is easy to clean or not. Do not search for a self-cleaning gas range because this feature is only for electric ranges. There are probably gas ranges with this feature but you have to search for it far and wide.

You should also check out the controls. Make sure that the controls are easy to use. You can choose between traditional controls like knobs or digital controls where you only need to press buttons.

If you want to know more about the features and benefits of a slide in gas range, read the following paragraphs.

  • As previously mentioned, a slide in the gas range has two unfinished sides so that you can easily fit it in between two cabinets. Some manufacturers provide a side panel. You can use this side panel to cover one side of the gas range if you decide to place it at the end of your kitchen cabinets. This makes it very versatile and flexible. If you decide to move your gas range from the middle to the last part of your cabinets or vice versa, you can do it and the gas range will still look as if it is a part of the long line of cabinets in your kitchen.
  • This type of gas range can be small or big. Of course, it is more useful for small spaces but even big kitchens can sue this space-saving kitchen appliance. You can buy a gas range with several huge burners. Also you can place big pots and pans on top of the burners and they can cook almost all types of dishes. You have to decide which one you need. Do you cook a lot and do you cook big meals? Or do you only cook for a couple of people? You should consider these things to know the right size of slide in the gas range that you should buy.

3. Viking Gas Range

When you think about a gas range that has commercial looks and features but can be used at home, what instantly comes to mind is the Viking gas range. Most Americans use this gas range because it has the features and power of a commercial gas range but it is suitable for your own kitchen at home.

Viking is a company that started to manufacture commercial-type home gas ranges in the early 1980s. The founder decided to incorporate powerful features of a commercial gas range plus the safety of a regular gas range. This idea came to life and now you can buy a Viking gas range in different colors, finishes, and designs.

Here are some of the great features and benefits of a Viking gas range. Check them out.

  • Viking ranges can be slide-in, drop-in, or free-standing. A slide in gas range is something that you can place in between cabinets or at the end of the long row of your kitchen cabinets. A free-standing has four legs and can stand on its own between cabinets or away from them. This makes it easy for you to move your stove from one place to another. A drop in stove can be easily placed somewhere without installation and all you need to do is to plug it in.
  • You can also customize your gas range. You can choose the design, color, fuel type, size, and burner configuration. A customized stove might be more expensive but at least it is something that will truly address your needs. You can do all of this if you go directly to the company or to their official website.
  • Usually, these gas ranges from Viking look like commercial gas ranges because they come in stainless steel finish. They look very neat and powerful. To make the stainless steel look softer, Viking adds other colors to the gas range like red, blue, white, or other colors that will complement almost all types of kitchen themes. So if you have a country themed-kitchen, You do not have to worry about your stainless steel looks very modern and futuristic because of the cool colors and designs.
  • This gas range usually has several burners. It could have four burners up to 8 burners. Choose something that you think you will need. If you cook several dishes at one time, choose a gas range with four to six burners. But if you are only cooking one dish at a time, then a typical four-burner gas range will do.
  • The Viking gas range also comes in different sizes. But even if their stoves are small in size, it does not mean that it functions as a regular kitchen stove. Even the smallest Viking range has the features of a commercial gas range. Just choose the right size for your kitchen needs.

Viking gas range truly has a lot of features. You should take advantage of these features to be able to prepare great meals for you and your family.

4. Frigidaire Gas Range

If you are looking for a versatile and highly functional gas range, you should consider buying a Frigidaire gas range. Frigidaire is one of the leading makers of high-quality cooking ranges and stoves. You can never go wrong if you choose this brand. But just like buying and choosing other brands of gas ranges, you should also consider several factors.

For one thing, it is important that you know how to clean the range before buying it. You can ask the store staff about the cleaning instructions. Make sure that you can live with it. You should also take a look at the design. Although appearance is not as important as the function, you should still consider it. You do not want an ugly gas range sitting smack in the middle of your kitchen. Size is also important. Whether you want to buy a 24” gas range with four burners or a 40” gas range with eight burners is all up to you. Just make sure that you can maximize the features of your stove so that the money you spent buying it will not go to waste.

And if you decide to buy a Frigidaire gas range, you should consider the following features.

  • One great feature of this gas range is its ability to preheat the stove or oven in about 5 minutes. This is much shorter compared to the usual time that you have to spend preheating your regular gas range. It will greatly reduce your cooking hours.
  • Preheating is not the only thing that the Frigidaire gas range can do in a jiffy. It can also boil at lightning speed. You do not need to wait several minutes just to boil water or eggs. This gas range can do this in a shorter period of time. You can use your hot water or eat your hard-boiled egg without having to wait for it impatiently.
  • It also has multiple oven racks. You can now bake at a faster rate because you can bake them all at the same time. And you do not need to worry about uneven baking because the range distributes heat evenly due to its true convection feature.
  • Frigidaire gas range also has a feature that allows food and meals to stay warm when they are not yet ready to be served. You do not need to reheat the food again and again which sometimes causes bacterial growth. You also do not have to worry about burning or overcooking because it only produces a very low temperature.
  • The gas range also has stainless steel protection that keeps your gas range clean and neat. You no longer have to worry about fingerprints or smudges making your gas range unattractive, which usually happens when you are busy cooking several dishes in the kitchen.

These are some of the features that you need to know and you need to remember about the Frigidaire gas range. Keep them in mind to have bought the perfect gas range for your kitchen.