How do Adjustable Beds Work?

Sometimes you will feel discomfort when you go to bed, your whole body will ache, or your neck or shoulder will. This all happens because the bed you are using is no longer the right one for you. What you need are modern adjustable beds. In this article, we will discuss how do adjustable beds work?

What is an Adjustable Bed?

In easy, straightforward words, it is a type of bed you can adjust based on the comfortable posture of your body. You can adjust it to fit your comfort. That is why it is called adjustable.

In common sense, people underestimate adjustable beds thinking that the bed only is suitable for old or sick people. Therefore, sleeping in one of these beds makes people very embarrassed. But the recent trend is leaning towards comfort more than embarrassment. People now are starting to believe that comfort comes first because as long as they are healthy in body, there is no problem with what others think. The benefit supersedes embarrassment.

A healthy person may not understand, but a sick person can tell how comfortable and beneficial it is to sleep on an adjustable bed. An elevated backrest when you need to sit up or get out of bed is always helpful. If you want to watch a program on your laptop or smart device, you will feel better if you can watch it from an elevated position. You will find it particularly painful if you read lying on your back. But if you read from an elevated position, you will be able to read for a long time. You can make it happen just by pressing the designated button. This type of bed is in use as a hospital bed.

The job of an adjustable bed is to give you a surface that is comfortable for your body or sleeping posture. You can keep adjusting until you get what you exactly need. There is a controller to adjust the sections of the bed. The motor that powers the bed is very quiet.

The internal frame of the beds usually has one lever. But nowadays, there are beds with five sections or five action levers that can give you even more options and adjustability for your body’s comfort. Around thirty-seven slats mounted on rubber constitute each action. Each of the sections can move independently and assist your body and the mattress. With this, you can find your perfect position for comfort that leads to good sleep. The adjustable beds help you find your perfect posture.

Let us break down the structure of an adjustable bed. This way, we will understand how it works.

adjustable beds

The Base:

The first component we will be talking about is the bed base or adjustable base bed of an adjustable bed. This component supports your body when you go to bed. If it does not work, you will not be able to change your body to a good and comfortable posture. That is the reason why it is so important.

In one sense, we use adjustable beds to prevent sleep-related discomfort and injury to our health. But it also is good for people who have various kinds of injuries such as stiffness, pain in the back, sleep apnea, etc.

The difference between the usual and adjustable beds is the joints on the adjustable bed frame. There are two very basic constituents. The first one is the surface where you sleep. Here you rest your mattress. The second part of the unit is the frame joints. The adjustable frame has various joints. With these joints, the base can move independently without having to worry about the mattress. Both of the components play a part in providing you with various comfortable sleeping positions.

The joints can rotate to some extent and then let you rest in various positions. For instance, you were sitting in an upright position where you can read books or avoid an influx of acid, sleep apnea, or heartburn. You can even watch TV or work on your laptop from this position.

If you are suffering from water retention or swelling in your body, you will have to keep your leg raised above your body line. You can make this happen with an adjustable base that will only raise your legs and keep the rest of your body parallel to the ground.


Now that we have told you about the head and leg positions. Let us see what else this adjustable bed has to offer. Adjustable beds can lower and raise your body. The best beds with adjustability will be able to raise and support your head, neck, back, and legs while keeping the pelvic area in a supported position. This way, there will be no pressure on your joints. The beds come in various sizes, from the king, queen, twin xl, etc. Some beds give you the ability to control two parts of a bed separately. Some even offer zero gravity, USB ports, and massaging features.

The Control:

Let us look into the control of an adjustable bed. Usually, you will see people using adjustable beds in medical TV dramas or movies. Nurses use a controller to raise the bed or lower it. That component is the controller. There are also wireless remote controllers and also corded controllers. Usually, corded controllers are more commonplace. Ultra-modern beds have based with more functions like wireless control with backlit options. You can even use them in the dark.

Adjustable beds have motorized joints. When you say that you are controlling the bed, you are using a remote controller to manipulate the motorized joint to bend them according to your will. Using the motors, you will be able to put the bed in a position that suits you very well. There is also a way to put the bed into the correct place manually.


There, you have it! The answer to your question ‘how do adjustable beds work’ is just there. There is not much to say. Although there are various types of beds, the control systems are usually the same. I hope this article can give you a bit of understanding of adjustable beds.

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