How do you Fix a Dead Car Battery?

The battery of a car is an integral part of the whole system. No vehicle can run if the battery is down. If you have to compare a car battery, you can only do so with the heart of a human. When the heart stops, the body stops, and that means the person is also clinically dead. So, you understand how important the battery of a car is, right? But what if the good battery or old battery does die on the highway? Then you will surely be happy to know how to fix a dead car battery. It will save your day for sure.

Let us first learn what type of batteries are available.

Car Batteries Types:

Calcium Batteries:

This type of battery is the lead-acid type, and there is no antimony on its grids. Instead, it has calcium elements on both the plus and minus sides. Calcium is used in antimony’s stead. Calcium is available in the market and not expensive at all. This makes this type of battery low-maintenance.

The calcium battery design makes it rechargeable with ease. It does not need high voltage to charge, although it can achieve the functionality level of an antimony battery. They work the best in electric-powered vehicles.

Deep Cycle Battery:

This type of battery is also very common. They are lead-acid (battery acid) batteries. They offer their max capacity during use. You can discharge deeply at a regular interval and exploit much of its capacity. This battery has very thick plates.

Wet Cell Batteries:

This type of battery can be your best choice if you are tied up by price. This battery has water, sulfuric acid, and lead combination. Electrolytes come from this combination. This type of battery is inexpensive. In the older models of cars, you can find this type of battery. Modern cars do not use them because it is not adequate to supply the power the modern autos need.

AGM Batteries:

To solve the eternal problem of inefficient energy, this battery came to be. This is a very popular type of battery.

This battery is a flooded type lead-acid battery. They have glass mats engrossing electrolytes. There is a regulator for the valve for pressure control. They entered the market to support modern vehicles with needs for high energy.

EFB or Enhanced Flooded Battery:

EFB batteries are the answer to the high demand for energy of the ultra-modern cars of today. These are updated versions of we or flooded batteries. These batteries offer you great durability and performance. These batteries are excellent.

Fix your dead car battery:

The health of the battery of a car depends on the use of the card. They usually can last at least three years or beyond. The condition is set on the stone that you have to properly do the charging. You need to use them regularly and never let them recharge and discharge too many times. There are many reasons why your battery may be damaged:

  1. Electrolyte level is low.
  2. Too many times discharged and recharged.
  3. Damaged cell.
  4. Charging problem.
  5. Corrosion.
  6. Lack of regular use.

There are a few quick ways to revive your dead car battery. You can use Epsom salt, lighter, jump lead, 18-volt drill battery, chainsaw, rope, axle stand, chock, aspirin, distilled water, etc. But we advise you that you learn about your car battery inside out otherwise you will do more harm than good to your vehicle. Better to let a pro do the job.

Epsom Salt Solution:

When the problem is a low level of electrolyte, then you can use the solution of Epsom salt. If you use this properly, it can temporarily increase the electrolyte level and provide you just enough juice to start your car. Put one part Epsom salt in 3 parts distilled warm water. Add this solution to each of the cells till the solution covers the plates by half or one-fourth of the solution.

The Hard Hand Cranking Method:

This is purely a manual method. You have to jack the rear wheel up and solidify the support with an axle stand. Safely secure the front wheels by putting at the center a chock and square to the tires. Turn up the ignition. Slowly wrap a long rope circling the tire to put a spin on the wheel toward the direction it normally rotates. Now, pull as hard as you can, and it will turn up the car engine by starting the motor.

The Chainsaw Method:

This method uses the drive of the chainsaw to charge the car battery. First, remove the blade, chain, and sprocket of the chainsaw. When you remove the blade and bare the chain drive naked, it will look like a pulley. Get the drive belt from the saw’s alternator. Connect the drive spindle and the pulley. Start the chainsaw and your drive belt and put nice gentle pressure on the best. Do this till your dead battery can revive. If the belt is unguarded, it will spin out of control sometimes. Therefore, you need to be very careful.

Use Aspirin Solution:

You can also change the state of the electrolyte level of your battery by using an aspirin solution. Crush twelve 350 or 500 mg aspirin tablets, and then mix them in six ounces of distilled warm water. Put the water solution in all the cells equally. Add extra water if necessary to cover any plate.

The 18-Volt Drill Battery Method:

The drill battery method works just like a car-to-car jump start. First, fully charge the drill battery. Get jumper cable or battery cable leads. By using the jumper leads make connections with your dead battery. This way you can start the car.

Use Distilled Water:

If you do not have Epsom or aspirin, just add some distilled water. This should work if electrolytes are low. Now try to start the engine a few more times.

The Hot Ash Method:

If nothing else works, use this method. Light firewood and make some seriously hot ash. Now, bring out the battery from the car. Remove the venting caps of the battery. Place the battery on the ash. When the ashes have warmed the battery, place it inside the car again. Now, try to start the car once again.


We presume that you are not an expert on batteries. So, we keep this simple. This article is just to give you an answer to how do you fix a dead car battery. But in reality, you may have to call for help to fix your car battery. Hope this helps!

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