How Long Does a Memory Foam Mattress Topper Last?

A Mattress topper is an extra layer to cover your mattress from getting worn off and provide extra comfort. It is made of different kinds of materials. Our focus in this article will be on memory foam mattress toppers or mattress foam toppers. Before mattress toppers, mattresses came, and before foam, something else was used in mattresses. In ancient times people used straws and grass as bedding. Then people came up with the idea of stuffing bags made from fabrics with grass, straw, or horsehair.

After the invention of coil springs, people started using coil springs. The gaps were filled with pieces of cotton. This type of mattress was very popular until the 21st century. In the 21st century, memory foam became popular as a mattress and mattress topper. Memory foam can change its shape under pressure, but it gets back to its original form as soon as the pressure removes it. But memory foam was invented in the 19th century.

In 1960 NASA Ames center of research told an astronautical engineer Charles Yost to develop a technology that could help the astronauts survive the impact of the crash landing of the aircraft. He invented a special type of foam that can absorb impact and get back to its original form afterward.

This technology was called open-cell technology as the foam has small bubble-type cells in it, and the cells let air flow between one another easily, which was responsible for the effect. They named it slow spring back foam. These foams were safe for the astronauts and gave comfort while they sat on them for hours. Charles Yost made his own company in 1967 and started selling these foams as temper foam or viscoelastic foam. Even after all these, the production of the foam was very difficult, and thus the price was very high.

In 1974 Yost sold the product to Dickinson and Co. Who then started producing the temper foam. Yet it was too expensive. In 1980 NASA released the Tempu Foam Formula to the public.

Many companies started producing memory foam toppers but failed to produce the perfect temper foam as the production process was very difficult. But one company was persistent and continued to research and develop a perfect design of temper foam for everyone as they understood the market of this product. The company was Fagerdala World Foam from Sweden. They named their product Tempur pedic Swedish mattress and started ceiling it in public in 1991. From then, it became popular, and till now, it is being used as one of the most comfortable mattress materials. This is also used for producing the memory foam mattress topper.

We will eventually learn by getting through this article how long a memory foam mattress topper lasts.

Why Should one Use Memory Foam Toppers?

Memory foam toppers are made from enhanced polyurethane. There are various memory foam mattress toppers or memory foam toppers with different thicknesses, sizes, and densities. These types of toppers are incredibly comfortable and feel so soft. The surface of a memory foam mattress topper is designed so that it won’t be displaced if someone twists or turns frequently.

It helps to increase your mattress’s shelf life and provides comfort on an old and hard mattress. These toppers can remove joint pains and are good for arthritis. Though some toppers can be hot and, when new, has an odor that can be uncomfortable. These are expensive too. But overall, it is the best choice as a memory foam mattress topper.

How Long Memory Foam Toppers Last?

Usually, a memory foam mattress topper can last three to five years. But this longevity depends on some factors that can shorten or expand the longevity of the memory foam mattress topper.

  • Quality: Quality is an important factor in terms of longevity. There are many memory foam toppers on the market. But all are not of the same quality. Those made from poor-quality polyurethane will wear out fast and won’t last very long. But with good quality polyurethane, a memory foam mattress topper may last very long.
  • Thickness: Thicker the memory foam longer it will last. Thin memory foams tend to wear out quickly and not provide desirable comfort. But thicker foams take a long time to wear out and provide desirable comfort even over an old hard mattress.
  • Weight: Memory foam mattress toppers have a range of weights that they can sustain. If used by overweight people regularly, then it may lose its resilience and wear out quickly.
  • Mattress condition: Memory foam mattress toppers on a new mattress will last longer. But if the mattress is older, the topper may not last very long. Because if the old mattress has sags and is worn out already, the topper may take the same shape, losing its purpose of serving and being damaged very quickly. So a good shaped new mattress is good to use while using a new memory foam mattress topper.
  • How frequent is it used: The memory foam mattress topper may lose its integrity and become brittle or worn out very quickly due to frequent use. That is why the toppers in guest rooms last longer than in bedrooms. 
  • Proper maintenance: If you maintain your mattress topper properly, it may last more than your expectations. It is good to use a cover for your memory foam mattress topper. This will slow down the frequency of cleaning it. But you can clean the cover regularly. A cover also protects the topper from any stains. Suppose you have no cover, then no problem. You can clean the mattress topper using a vacuum or a solution of water and detergent, brush off the surface of the topper, and vacuum it again. It would be best to clean your memory foam mattress topper at least twice or thrice a year. This will increase the shelf life of your memory foam mattress topper.


A good-quality memory foam mattress can provide you with ultimate comfort, and it also protects your mattress from stains and dust and lowers the pressure on the spring of your mattress. A good mattress topper can help remove the pain or any discomfort from your body joints and thus ensure a sound sleep for you. But if you do not take proper care of your memory foam mattress topper, it will be damaged quickly, and you won’t be able to use it again. Also, while buying a topper, buy the best quality toppers. We hope this article will help you get a proper idea of how long a memory foam mattress topper lasts.

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