How to Choose Road Bike Tires

The tire is an important part of any vehicle. Obviously, the vehicle cannot move without a tyre. Imagine the human body without a heart- the tire shares the same importance for a vehicle. Road bikes are very popular today and no matter what type of bike we ride or where we love to ride them, we all need them.

Before you choose tire, you need to choose your bike. There are so many to choose from – mountain bike, gravel bike, off road bike, road bike, etc. depending on the terrain you bike on regularly, you will need to change tire based on that- tubeless tyre, off-road bike tyre, or on-road bike tire or road tyres, clincher tyre or clincher tire, tubular tire or tubular tyre, narrow tire or narrower tire, wider tyre or wide tires, mountain bike tire, gravel tire, racing tire or racing tyre, cyclocross tire, etc. After you have choosen the tire or tyre you want, you need to consider the tire bead, valve stem, tyre pressure or tire pressure, rubber compound, wheel, tire diameter, break type – rim brake or disk brake, wheel size, tread pattern.

The life of your road bike tires depends on the right air pressure. The air pressure varies from bike to bike and tire to tire. Weather plays an important part in the tire pressure as during rainy season the pressure needs to be less than normal.

Some of the criteria are more or less important depending on what your practice road bike, without forgetting the weight of the tire, the tire width, or ideal pressure. The width of the tire will be about 18 if you roll on a closed track or on very smooth tracks. In general, the choice of a classic tire is about 22-23. If you do not feel comfortable with the fineness of the tires or if above all you are looking for comfort, the tires of 25 are a good option.

What things to Consider When Buying Road Bike Tires


Concerning the material, most tires are currently made of aluminum alloy, advantageous due to its lightness and durability. On the other hand, the high profile rims are usually carbon and are those that exceed 40mm, as we can see in the photo. This type of tire usually offers greater rigidity so they can afford a smaller number of spokes, as well as shorter radios. Although these tires have more amount of material can be made lighter thanks to carbon. Anyway, the big advantage is that they are more aerodynamic, offering a lower air resistance due to its short radii. Thanks to this we can reach higher speeds, this factor being more influential than the lightness of the wheel, for example, contrary to what many believe.


On the other hand, we should look at the size. The road tires are usually of size 700C, which is equivalent to approximately 700 millimeters. Other bicycles such as Triathlon-specific bicycles can be 650, or 27-inch bicycles for older ones. Regarding the width, they usually oscillate between 18 and 23 millimeters, the reason why the size of a standard rim for highway could be of 700 x 23 . Riding bicycles have wider tires than racing ones (between 25 and 28). The rims of mountain bikes, however, are more prepared for uneven terrain, so they are wider and with a smaller diameter.

Rims and Brakes

In general, there are two types of brakes for bicycles, disc, and rim. The rim brakes are the most common. Its name is because the braking force is applied by the friction of the pads on the rotating rim itself, thus stopping the bicycle. This method supposes greater wear of the rim with the passage of time. The disc brakes or rim, however, apply the braking force on the wheel rim. In short, the rim is a key element in the wheel of a bike so we must take special care in their choice and maintenance. And you, what type of rim do you prefer?

There are Different Types of Road Bike Tires

There are so many kinds of road bike tires available in the market today. It is up to the consumer as to which one he prefers to buy. We must look for durability in a road bike tire before we decide to buy it. Of course, there is one thing you can also consider – tubeless tyres or tubeless tire. If you are a fast biker, you also need to consider tyre and its rolling resistance. If you love off-roading, you need to think of gravel bike. But off-road tire or on-road, tubeless is a fine solution.

  • Rubber Tires

Rubber tires are a good option but need to be changed after every five years, irrespective of how often they are used. Buying road bike tires from a certified shop and checking the date of manufacture is important so try not to buy them online even if they are cheaper.

  • Sports Touring

These tires are used across the country and mainly for long straight roads.
Sports Street- these tires are short-lived and made for roads with curves. They are good for cold weather conditions, but in warmer temperature, the internal pressure automatically increases.

  • Track or Slick

These tires are used for racing they have a slight triangular form to give a better grip on the road. These tires are not recommended to use on the streets for everyday use.

  • Studded Bike Tires

The Winter season poses a problem for drivers. Driving a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler through a snow-filled track is indeed a Herculean task for many people. In countries, like U.S and UK snowfall is highly unpredictable. So; the vehicles must have appropriate tires. Normal tires cannot be used during the winter season. This is because normal tires do not have a grip on ice and snow. Special bike tires called studded bike tires are ideal for extreme winter riding. Using studded bike tires can prevent falling on ice. Moreover, these studs prevent the bike from slipping from you.

Tire Maintenance

Road bike tires should be properly inflated. If the tire pressure is incorrect it can generate heat, which can lead to a blowout. Use a gauge to check tire pressure, once a week.

1. Tire care

The performance of your road bike tires depends on the quality of the tires. We need to be safe while driving and the driver relies heavily on his road bike tires. Punctures, impact damage, wrong air pressure, overloading should be avoided. For good mileage, the above points should be taken care of.

2. Tire Repairs

Riding on damaged road bike tires is dangerous. It can cause further damage to the tire and the rider. Deflate the tire removing it from the rim to repair. Never repair a tire with a puncture more than ΒΌ inches. Always remove the tire from the rim before the repair work begins.

Remember to get it repaired by a qualified service person. Speed restrictions should be taken care of after the tire is repaired.

A new Valve must be installed on the rim of the road bike tires each time it is replaced.

A proper rim should be used for your tires. The road bike tire size should match the size of the rim, as specified by the manufacturer.

Each time the tire is removed, proper wheel balancing and alignment is required. Radial tires are a popular option these days but should be fixed only if the manufacturer allows it. Riding at high speed is dangerous and can cause death or serious injury to the rider. So remember safe driving is sane driving.

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