How to Clean Granite Countertops in 2022

What is a countertop? The countertop is a workspace mostly placed horizontally in kitchens. Before countertops, people in old ages used to use stone hearth for kitchen work. The first countertop idea was introduced, around the 1700s. At that period, people used wooden countertops or stone countertops. During the revolution of industries, people started using marble and quartz as countertop materials.

When steam engines were invented then steam saws and other machines were introduced to cut hard materials easily people started thinking about making granite usable. But the granite is a heavy material it was hard to give shape and to ship as shipping was so costly at that time. During 1980 cutting technology became easily developed, and the shipping cost was lowered to an affordable level. That is when people started using granite as countertops in kitchens.

A beautiful granite countertop also increases the interior beauty of your kitchen and looks luxurious. So it has gained this much popularity very easily. Now to keep your granite countertop clean you have to follow some rules. Today in this very article, we will be discussing how to clean white granite countertops or granite counter, quartz countertop, marble countertops, natural stone countertop, etc., with granite cleaner properly.

What type of granite is used on the countertop:

The granite looks good and very durable which, makes it a perfect material for your countertops. The luxurious look and durability come with a hefty price tag. So to keep your granite countertop clean and make it last longer, you have to take special care of your granite countertops. First of all, you need to know what type of granite is used in your countertop because some granites are less durable and get stained easily, and some are more durable and less prone to stain. Normally dark granites are more durable than light granites. You can collect samples of granite from your provider to check what type and how it reacts to stains from water, acid, oil, coffee or heat or makeup, etc.

Process of cleaning:

Normally you can clean your granite countertop using dish soap and a soft cloth, microfibre cloth, dish cloth. Just soak the cloth in warm water with dish soap in it. Then gently rub the top of the countertop. It would do the work. After cleaning with dish soap use a microfiber cloth to remove any remainings. But make sure the dish soap does not contain any acidic element or any essential oil.

You can also use a mixture of baking soda and water to clean your countertop. Prepare the soda water paste mixture then use a microfiber cloth to thoroughly apply it over the countertop. You may have to repeat this several times to properly clean the granite top.

Not easy to remove stains:

Now, what if the stain does not go even after applying this soda water paste? Then apply the paste on the countertop and cover it with plastic wrap for a day and let the paste dry. When the paste dries remove the plastic cover and rinse the countertop using a microfiber cloth and warm water. This should do the job. 

Another way to clean your granite countertop is to make a mixture of fifty percent isopropyl alcohol and fifty percent water. Then apply it on the granite surface and wipe it clean with a microfiber cloth. If still the stain remains then use dampened cloth or paper with the mixture you made and let it sit on the surface for five to ten minutes. Then remove the paper and wipe the granite surface clean with a fresh and dry clean microfiber cloth. This mixture is also good for disinfecting your granite countertop.

There is another way to clean spots or stains that are not easy to remove from the granite surface. In this case, you can use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and talcum powder. Though, hydrogen peroxide is a little bit acidic. Apply the mixture of hydrogen peroxide and talcum powder on the stain spot and use a cloth to rub the mixture on the stain. Then after a few minutes of rubbing remove the residue of the mixture using a clean cloth. Then clean again using fresh water and a microfiber cloth and make the countertop dry. This will also disinfect the granite countertop.

Maintaining Shininess:

After using and cleaning the countertop for a long time it may lose its shininess and natural color. The surface of the countertop also corrodes over time.

You can use a three to one ratio of baking soda and water as a shiner. Mix the soda and water to make a thin paste. Then apply it on the granite surface for a few minutes and clean it using a dry microfiber or any soft cloth to remove the paste.

You may use oil as a shiner too. Though oil may cause stain if applied in a small amount then it can make your granite countertop very shiny and also helps to repel water from the surface.

For small corrosion or etching, you can use tin oxide but this is not a permanent solution.

What not to use for cleaning:

Do not use acidic solutions or liquid with a high pH level to clean your granite countertop. Try to use solutions that are pH neutrals. Do not use vinegar, Lysol, ammonia, or bleach on the granite surface. Because these will cause corrosion of the granite surface, and the surface will lose its shininess also.

Sealant for easy cleaning and protection:

Another solution to make your granite countertop cleaning easier is to apply sealant on the granite surface. Granite is made from porous igneous rock. So without sealant porous granite surface is more prone to absorbing the stains and will become permanent over time. Also, the granite tends to corrode as you continuously use or clean it for a long period of time. To get rid of these problems, you can apply sealant on the granite surface. There are two kinds of sealants in the market. One just gives a protective layer on the granite top and the other gets inside the pores of the granite and absorbs any liquid or stain. The latter one is more durable than the first one. But you have to reapply sealant after every twelve months to keep the granite top intact from any stain properly. 


Today there are many types of countertop available in the market. The most demanding one is the granite countertop due to its durability and natural design. Though marble is also gaining some popularity sensation for granite will remain for many days to come. Keeping your granite countertop clean is very easy and simple but you have to be careful not to use anything to clean that may cause damage to the granite surface. And of course, you need to clean it regularly. This article will walk you through the complete process of how to clean granite countertops.

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