How to Clean Stubborn Stains on Glass Cooktop – The Process

At the time of cooking, any small mishap like a splash of oil or the overflow of boiling milk can change the outlook of your shiny glass cooktop. Glass cooktop or glass stovetop, or ceramic cooktop are designed in such a way to give convenience as well as stylish and minimalist looks to your kitchen.

A clean kitchen and its appliance increases the interest in cooking many times over. But if you do not clean it regularly and properly, you may face trouble in the future. There will be stubborn stains lying on your favorite cooktop.

But it is possible to remove those stains and make it look shiny, clean, and fresh again.

The following steps will work both for regular debris and old stubborn stains.

Process of Cleaning Stubborn Stains On Glass Cooktop

1. Turn on The Stove

If you want the best result then you must have to turn on your stove for 10-20 seconds. Do not overheat just heat up a bit and then turn it off. That will warm up those stains and make them a little bit soften. A hot cooktop surface may burn your hands and it may ruin the usefulness of the materials that will be used for cleaning.

So, let the stove cool down properly before moving toward the further steps.

2. Wiping It Down

Wipe up the cooktop surface very gently with a dry microfiber cloth or soft cloth or paper towel or damp cloth or cleaning pad. Wiping helps to vanish any dry debris like burnt food or crumbs. Dry clothes will remove excess dust lying on it. This debris can cause permanent scratches or stains on your glass or induction cooktop.

3. Spray Water- Vinegar mixture

Stubborn stains are very tough to clean from a glass surface. If the stains are very old then it is much more difficult to clean. In this case, white distilled vinegar works like magic because it’s a natural cleanser. What you need to do is make a mixture of vinegar and water. Mix vinegar and normal water in 1:2 proportion pour it in a spray bottle. Now, spray the mixture over your cooktop. When vinegar is poured on the dirt or over the stain, it softens the debris. Let it sit for 10 minutes.

4. Baking Soda Is Perfect For Stubborn 

Though Baking soda paste is widely used for baking but it can remove stains and debris with it, sounds amazing right? Baking soda has amazing cleaning properties on it. The mild alkali properties help to breakdown debris and its abrasive particle helps to smoothen them.

Sprinkle baking soda over the water-vinegar mixture. Baking soda should be spread in such a way that it will cover all the stains.

5. Cover With a Damp Towel

This step will make your works easier. Damp an old towel with hot water. Do not forget to wear gloves on your both hand, that will help you prevent from burnt. Squeeze all excess water from the towel Place towel above the cooktop, make sure that it covers the surface properly. Leave the towel for 15-20 minutes. Make sure that the towel is hot enough. Because a hot damp towel will soften the dirt as its best and keep the place moist.

Apply toothpaste: Before scrubbing

6. Scrub

Remove towel and scrub the cooktop gently with a dry soft cloth or a cooktop safe scrubber. Scrubbing will remove almost all the debris and stains… Do not put much pressure while the scrubbing. Be gentle while scrubbing and try to use the soft side. Here you can use glass cooktop cleaner because it is amazing for removing stubborn stains. Never use steel wool to clean the glass cooktop.

7. Scrape With a Glass Safe Razor Blade

Although all the dirt will be removed after scrubbing some dirt does not come even after scrubbing, they have to be scraped with a razor specially made for scraping glass cooktop. For that what you need to do is just hold the razor scraper at a 45-degree angle over the cooktop and gently scrape away the residue. Do not use the sharp corner of the razor for scraping as it can leave a scratch or mark the glass.

8. Polishing

Completing all of the above steps now your favorite cooktop is almost ready to use. After removing all the stains with so much effort, if you see the stains falling on your favorite cooktop again, you will feel bad.

To escape from this hard work you can use polish to save the cooktop from these stubborn stains by using metallic polish. What you need to do is pour a generous amount of the glass-safe metal polish over your cooktop. Gently place it all over the cooktop surface and rub it on a circular motion. Wipe the polish with a damp clean clothDry the cooktop with another soft cloth for the best results.

Some Useful Tips For Cleaning Cooktop 

  • Do not scrub a glass cooktop with a harsh scrubber.
  • Try not to put much pressure while the cleaning because the glass may crack.
  • Do not clean the cooktop when it is hot. You may burn your hand.
  • Check the bottom of your cookware before using them on a glass cooktop. Any burnt food or debris will cause damage to your cooktop and leave a stain both on the stove and pot.
  • Try not to use any glass cleaner or dish soap. Use proper cleaning product or cleaning solution.
  • Clean burnt food immediately.
  • Try to clean your kitchen every day.

Final Thoughts

A clean and shiny cooktop will give your entire kitchen a new freshness. Nothing can beat its seamless look and sleek style so try to clean it regularly. Sometimes it’s not possible to clean it regularly as we are so busy with our rough schedule.

The above steps will help the cooktop looks like a new one. You may not get the best result if the stains are too old. But these home remedies will change your cooktops outlook. These simple remedies can overhaul damages and have the appliance all set for the next meal. But do not just rely on these remedies but clean your cooktop every day after you finished cooking.

Have you ever tried this method? Don’t forget to share how you clean your one.

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