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How to Clean the Gas Stove

It is highly important to clean the Glass cooktop on a regular basis. Generally food spills, especially liquid spills can be a real mess. Although these days many Gas Ranges come up with automatic cleaning functionality still I am laying down following steps in case your range does not have self cleaning functionality or you want the satisfaction of cleaning with your own hands. Anyway here are the steps:

  1. Allow your gas stove to fully cool down before you start cleaning it. This is to ensure that you don’t get your hands burned up while removing the griddles or grates.
  2. Fill up your wash basin or sink with hot water. Mix 2-3 spoonfuls of liquid detergent in the sink water.
  3. Remove the burners (if removable), grates, griddles from the gas range. Soak them in the hot water for around 15 minutes. This will loosen the dirt or other burnt food stuff.
  4. Remove the knobs and wash them in the hot water in the sink but don’t soak them for long as that may remove the markings over them.
  5. Meanwhile scrape dried spillovers from the surface of the range with a spatula or plastic knife. Don’t use metal scrapers as they may leave scratches on your range top. Wipe the scraped spillover from the top with a cloth moistened with hot water.
  6. Now coming back to sink, wipe the burners and grates clean with a professional gas range pad. Wipe them dry after rinsing with clean water.

So there you are. Just follow these  simple steps as mentioned above and effectively keep your range neat and clean! Best!

4 Simple Steps To Take Care Of Your 36 Inch Gas Stove

If you have invested in a Gas Range, it is even more important to take its care for better maintenance and longevity. Here I would like to share 4 simple steps using which you can take care of your 36 inch Gas Range or for that matter any sized Gas Range. Here are the steps:

  1. Maintaining Surface Burners – Remove the burners from cooktop. Clean the parts around the burners area. Also clean the burners removing all the burnt food. Apart from this remove any spill overs from the cooktop. Please read this post for ways to clean both burners and cooktop.
  2. Maintaining the Ovens – Every gas range comes up with a manual to effectively clean the ovens. You should follow that manual, otherwise as per the built of your ovens you can follow following steps:
    • Self-Cleaning Ovens – These ovens have pyrolytic coating which helps in reducing dirt to ash at high temperatures. Use a soft moist cloth to wipe out spillovers and grease. As per your range manual, set the cleaning cycle and after cleaning and cooling wipe out any leftover residue with moist cloth.
    • Continuous-cleaning Ovens – These ovens have catalytic coating which helps in cleaning while the oven cooks. This technology is not much prevalent these days. Anyway if your range has this technology then to clean these ovens, you may occasionally use water and nylon pad to wipe out the inner surface and after drying run the ovens for 2 hours at 475°F. Apart from that protect the oven bottom from heavy spills with a piece of foil.
    • Standard Porcelain Enamel Ovens – These ovens have to be cleaned manually each time. You may use warm water and a steel wool pad to clean the interiors of spillovers. It is best to clean these ovens when they are not entirely cool yet little hot.
  3. Maintaining the Broilers – As soon as you are done with broiling, remove broiler pan and grid. Then sprinkle broiler pan and grid with liquid detergent and cover them with a soft moist cloth. This will help in loosening the residue and then you can wipe it off. Also remember never to use aluminum foil on broiler grid as it creates hindrance in cleaning and increases smoking.
  4. Maintaining the Range Facade (Exterior) – There are mainly two types of range facades: Stainless Steel and Chrome & Porcelain and Baked.
    • Stainless Steel and Chrome – Wash the surface with mildly warm water and remove spots with some soft cleaner and then polish with some soft cloth.
    • Porcelain and Baked – Avoid wet cloth on hot porcelain surface as this may cause cracks on the surface. Also avoid cleaners with wax base. Rather whenever there are any spills, immediately use a soft dry cloth or paper towels to wipe them off and when the range cools off, use some soft cleaner with warm water and then polish with a soft dry cloth.

I am sure, if you follow above routine at regular intervals, your range will remain neat and clean as well as in good working condition. All the best!

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