How to Drive a Riding Lawn Mower

A lawnmower is a machine used to cut grasses to give them a desired look and size. Lawnmowers use one or many revolving blades to cut the grass and maintain the height using nuts and bolts on both sides of the wheels or a master lever. The lever is attached to the handle. A riding mower, lawn tractor, or zero-turn mower can be powered by an internal combustion engine, electric motor, or batteries.

The small lawnmowers do not have self-propulsion, so you have to walk behind the mower while guiding them. Larger lawn mowers like riding lawn mowers are self-propelled, and a rider controls and guides them on the grass. Lawnmowers usually use two types of blades. One of the blades moves vertically, and the other moves horizontally. The vertical ones are called rotary, and the horizontal ones are called cylinder mowers.

The idea of a riding lawnmower or a garden tractor came from a cutting cylinder to which a bladed reel was connected and was used to remove excess wool from the surface of woolen and velvet clothes. This idea first struck an engineer named Edwin Beard Budding from England. Having the idea to use the design of this machine to create a machine that can be used to cut grass, Budding made the first-ever reel mower in 1830. This mower was 19 inches wide and used cast iron gear wheels. This was very heavy compared to modern mowers and was difficult to move but served the purpose for which it was invented. From the time of its invention, it became very popular.

In 1842, Scotsman Alexander Shanks created a 27-inch reel mower that a horse drew. In 1859 another inventor named Thomas Green invented the first-ever chain-driven mower, which was very light and easy to handle. Then in 1870, an Indiana native named Elwood McGuire designed a lighter and simple designed push mower. In 1890 first steam-powered lawnmowers were introduced, which became commercial in 1902 with an upgraded design that included an internal combustion gas engine. This was the first riding lawn mower raised by the company named Ransomes.

Now there are varieties of lawn mowers available on the market. Riding lawn mowers are used for large lawns or golf clubs. This article will help you get a clear idea of how to drive a riding lawnmower.

riding lawn mower

Driving a Riding Lawn Mower:

Driving a lawnmower while riding on it is not very complicated. But before using the mower, you have to follow some rules. First, check the oil and fuels before using the mower. Then never drive your mower on concrete while the blades are active. Also, to keep good control over the mower, keep it in low gear while you are using it to cut the grasses. Now we will tell you the steps you should follow to drive a riding lawnmower:

  1. To start the lawnmower you have to put the key in the ignition while keeping pressure on the brake and clutch at the same time. This process will start the engine of the mower.
  2. As you drive the mower towards the lawn, keep the shift lever in a low gear position and use the steering wheel like a car to move the mower around.
  3. As you get on the lawn, stop the mower by pressing the brake and clutch at the same time.
  4. Now press the blade button in the panel to lower your mower’s blade. As soon as the blades are engaged, press the brake and clutch to start the lawnmower and ride around the lawn to cut the grass up to the desired height. Keep cutting the grass till finished. You can repeat it to make sure all grasses are cut properly after finishing your grass cutting. Press the blade engagement button again to retract the lawn mower’s blade inside. Then drive the mower towards the garage, take off the key, and park it inside.

For an automatic model, you need to press the start button and press the gas paddle to start the lawnmower otherwise. It’s the same as the manual one.

To give your lawn stripes like football fields, you must use a special roller. The stripes effect reflects sunlight from the bent grasses caused by the roller. Attach the roller to your mower and drive it on the lawn. In this case, keep the grass tips a bit taller so that the roller can easily bend them. Go on a straight line so that no zigzag can ruin the design. While turning back to the next line, use the reverse mowers on the first line to cut the long grasses.


Using a riding lawn mower is pretty easy. But if you continue to use it without maintenance, it may become problematic and won’t operate well. So always clean your lawnmower to remove grass or dirt from it. Keep the moving parts of the lawnmower lubricated using grease. Change the spark plug and air filter. This can help you to save fuel costs.

Change the oil when needed and change the lawn mower belt if needed, as they are available from the local dealers. The blades can get dull as they are constantly used and get in contact with dirt, rock, or trees. You can sharpen these blades from time to time to get a perfect cut for your grasses. Your riding lawn mower may last more than usual by taking proper care.

Over the years, the design and ease of use of a lawnmower have improved a lot. The riding lawn mower is very helpful as it is easy to use and takes a very short time to cut grasses on your lawn or the golf course. Using labor or a push lawn mower would take more time and energy than riding a lawnmower.

So it is wise to buy a riding lawn mower these days. It will save you time and money. Whatever confusion you had on how to drive a riding lawn mower, this article has helped you clear those confusions.

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