How to Make Juice with a Blender

A blender is an electrical device that can be used to crush or mix foods or any other necessary item in it. A blender normally contains a large container with a rotating blade at the bottom of the container. This blade works with the help of a motor housed inside the base of the blender. The container can be made of steel, plastic, or glass.

The first blender was introduced in 1922. Stephen Poplawski is the person behind this invention. He was the owner of Stevens Electric Company. At that time the mixture of milkshake and malt was so popular this inspired him to invent the electric blender. He received a patent for the blender machine in 1932. Then Fred Osius and Fred Waring invented the Waring Blendor and introduced it to the public in 1933. This blender was one of the most popular blenders at that time. From 1950 the electric blender started to be used widely around the world. Blender makes your juicing easy and blender juice is tasty. In this article, we will discuss how to make juice with a blender.

Different types of blenders:

Some mostly used types of blenders are as described below:-

Countertop blender:

These are the most common type of blenders. They have a container mostly made from plastic, a rotating blade supported by an electric motor. Countertop blenders can be used to blend almost anything from vegetable paste to green juice, or beet juice, orange juice, celery juice, watermelon juice, apple juice, ginger juice, fresh juice, carrot juice, pineapple juice, fruit juice, homemade juice, leafy green juice, strawberry, citrus fruits juice, veggie juice, or milkshake, whatever you want. These have different sizes according to the container capacity. The container can be made from plastic, metal, or glass.

Hand blenders:

These types of blenders are called hand mixers. They have variable speed and multiple attachment options. These are very lightweight and easy to use. Hand Mixers are mostly used for beating eggs or whipping creams.

Immersion blenders:


Immersion blenders are blenders that have a motor at the top of it and a blade or blend kit attached below it. These blenders are dishwasher safe. These are used mostly to blend soup or any hot liquids that need blending. They are also good for mixing powdered drinks. These are also very portable and easy to use. Some immersion blenders may have different types of attachment.

Portable blenders:

These are blenders that can be carried around on the go. These blenders are mostly made from hard plastic or glass encasement and blade at the bottom attached with a motor. You do not need a power outlet to turn it on. It has batteries and can be charged to use it. It makes it easy to make milk or protein shakes anywhere at any time. Also good for making baby foods.

Bullet blenders:

These blenders are good for making smoothies. Also can be handy in making baby food. Bullet blenders can be used to make batters. This blender also contains a container, blade, and base.

Commercial blenders:

These are the upgraded version of countertop blenders. The only difference is the built quality is stronger than a normal countertop blender. The motor is also powerful and can be used frequently.

How a blender works:

One of the main parts of a blender is the motor. Basic electric motors are used in blenders. These motors are cooled by air. They are not meant for use for a long time. They give short bursts of power for a small-time. When the speed dial is at low or zero, the motor gets low power so, it turns slowly, and when the dial is set to high or whatever the blender has for high settings it gets the maximum power and gives a powerful output. The blade is connected to the motor shaft. As the motor turns on it tries to create a whirlwind inside it.

As a result, the liquid or whatever inside the container gets sucked inside the blade and the blade crushes them. This is how the blender works. 

Making juice with a blender:

Juice is very good for health as it contains many nutrients. It is easy to desist, and it can help in detoxifying your body. Commercial juices have preservatives, and they are not good for health. So it would be good to have juices made in your home. Though there are juicers that are only meant for making juices, a blender can also be used to make juice.

Making juice with a blender
  • First, choose what fruit or vegetable you want the juice from. Then wash them properly.
  • Then peel the fruit or vegetables.
  • For soft fruit or vegetables, you can use them as a whole, but for hard ones, you should cut them into small pieces and add some water, so no pressure gets on the blade and motor as they are meant for a light load.
  • Then turn the blender on and wait until the fruits or vegetables get into a puree.
  • If the texture of the juice is too thick then you can add water. Also, if you want to add sugar or ice to it then you can.
  • When the whole process is done taste the juice and pours it into the glasses.
  • Clean the blender properly.


Making juice in a blender is very easy now you know the process. You do not have to go for or buy a separate juicer for making juice. If you have a blender in your house you can use it to make any kind of juice you want. That is why always look for a good quality blender that can serve you in multiple ways. A good blender should have a good quality container with a measurement mark and match the capacity according to your needs.

Also, it should have a powerful motor and a blade made from good quality steel so that it can easily cut through your fruits and vegetables. It should make less noise. Also, it must be easy to use. A good quality blender lasts long. Hopefully, this article will give you a perfect hint on how to make juice with a blender along with the idea of how it works and what different kinds of blenders are there in the market.

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