How to Train a Puppy Not to Bite

Have you ever seen your puppy bite, nip, or mouth people with puppy teeth? I think you have. You know how irresistible those cute little things are if you have. The way they walk, bark, look, and howl will blow your mind away. Before we get to the point – of how to train a puppy not to bite, we will quickly discuss a few things. In short, we do bite inhibition for puppies or stop puppy biting.

Should You Get a  Puppy?

You may fall in love with a puppy and want to raise it as one of your family members, but you need to know that getting a puppy is like taking responsibility for a human child! It involves the same kind of responsibility as a human child. So, consider a few things before you buy one for your home.

If you consider a puppy as one of your children, you will understand what a puppy needs. Your children cannot be alone, and a puppy is the same. It wants to play and cuddle with its mommy. Besides, it needs education and house manners too! So, if you are not around the house most of the day, is it ok for you to raise a puppy? Just as your child would need assistance from you, your puppy would need the same. So, if you can make sure that there is someone around the house, you may bring a puppy into your abode.

Taking care of a puppy is not at all an easy task. Just like the way the management of a person needs money, taking care of puppies needs money. Starting from the vet bill, food cost, chew toy, holiday cover, collar, and even a litter will cost you money. Therefore, if you are not financially ready, you are not ready to raise pups.


Just like an infant does not know what is right or wrong, and you need to teach everything, puppies will need you to do the same. It is super challenging. You need to invest time and patience in teaching a puppy. So, if you are not good at investing in these two elements, then a puppy is not for you. But once you train it up, it will give you joy and pleasure like no other. Another idea is you can take help from a professional dog trainer for dog training.

It would be best if you taught your puppy to be good to people around the neighborhood and the community in which you live. It would be best to abode by the law regarding pets in public spaces. Also, you need to clean up the mess your pet creates and need to prevent any misbehavior of your pet.

If you do not live alone, you have to talk to your family members about getting a pet. If they agree, you can bring the pet or run the risk of animal abuse.

Usually, getting an adult dog as a pet is much better and less cumbersome than getting a nipping puppy or a biting puppy. You can easily get a dog from animal shelters where they are well fed and learn a lot of things about human society. They get their health and behavioral assessment for you, and this support continues lifelong. Even after all this, do you want a puppy? If yes, you have almost decided to love puppies no matter the obstacle.

Training Your Puppies Not to Bite:

Training Your Puppies Not to Bite

Puppies are just like human babies. Babies will put anything in their mouths. Puppies will do the same. They will lick, sniff, and chew to discover new things. This is a way they play with the things around them. But you have to teach a puppy not to bite or chew on everything. If you don’t, it will bite people too. It would be best if you taught that people do not like bites on their skin. Teach them to be gentle.

Dogs have this innate ability to control their bite force. You see, a mother dog will bite the skin around the neck of its pup to transport it from one place to the other. But that bite does not put even a mark on the pup, nor does it hurt. That is why it is important to teach them to understand the result of its bites on human skin. When trained, it will not bite hard when it is under stress.

  1. Give your pups toy bones to chew.
  2. If your pup tries to bite you while you pat him, feed him treats with your other hand. This will keep him from biting. Slowly he will get accustomed to your patting and will not bite.
  3. Use a form of play that does not require going into contact with your pup. Avoid wrestling or playing rough, which will encourage biting. Play tug of war or fetch. When he stops biting, hide the toys away. Bring it out the moment he starts biting again.
  4. When the pup is trying to bite your ankle or feet, stop moving right in the place, bring out the magical fetch or tug toy, and wave it as if you want to play. When the pup grabs the toy, you start moving. If you don’t have the toy, stop moving till your pup stops biting you. When he stops biting, reward him and speak nice words to him. This way, he will be able to stop biting when you move.
  5. Give a lot of interesting toys for your pup so that it stops mouthing you or your dress or other items.
  6. Enroll your pup in a pup class. There it will have monitored playtime with other pups. It will help me learn many new skills.
  7. You can up the game a little. You can now stop playing with your pup the moment you feel its mouth near your skin. Then ignore it for some time. After a few minutes, I came back to play with him again.

Pup is just like a child. It does not know any better. So, treat him with patience while you teach and train him up. 


Pups are such cute things to have as a pet. They can also be quite a handful. We tried to answer your question ‘how to train a puppy not to bite’ to the best of our abilities. I hope you know how to train your pup! Happy pup petting!

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