10 Japanese Kitchen Tools – Improve Your Kitchenware

Plenty of different kitchen appliances or kitchen tools or Japanese kitchenware to give your kitchen a new life and with those new tools, you can change your cooking skills too.

There are many kitchen tools available in the world and Japanese cuisines are no exception in that case they use different types of cooking tools for their needs which are also very much familiar with us.

Let’s talk about some must-have Japanese kitchen tools. You might not buy everything but those are so unique that you must have them in your kitchen.

Give a look, who knows you might find your desired one too…

#List Of The Top 5 Japanese Kitchen Tools In The Market – Editor’s Pick:

Our 10 Japanese Kitchen Items

1. Bamboo Baskets 

Seiro is a Japanese bamboo basket, which is used for steaming foods like Nikuman known as Steamed meat buns, and Chawanmushi these are their traditional food item so these baskets are very common in every Japanese place.

If you want to cook Chawanmushi and Nikuman in an authentic way or you like steam food then you need Seiro. Steamed foods are very healthy and took a very short time to cook. If you are health conscious then you should have a bamboo basket at your home for healthy steamed foods.

2. Japanese Kitchen Knives

Knives are one of the most useful kitchen tools. While purchasing knives people prefer Japanese knives for their best quality. Japanese use various knives for cutting meats, vegetables, and fishes.

Japanese Chefs use the following Japanese knife :

  • Chef’s knife: Gyuto is a Japanese Chef’s Knife and is used for multipurpose cutting and mainly used for cutting meat. This is very lightweight, thin with a sharper edge.
  • Multipurpose Knife: Santoku is a unique Knife that serves three purposes at a time like cutting meat, fish, and vegetables. It is very comfortable to use because of its flat edge and its continuous chopping motion.
  • Vegetables Knife: Nakiri is a rectangular-shaped vegetable knife that is very popular for cut vegetables into brunoise, julienne, and mince. This is preferable for both right-handed and left-handed people because of its double-sided grind.

3. Japanese Mortar and Pestle

Japanese Traditional mortar and Pestle are two important tools in Japanese cuisine preparation which helps to grind ingredients into a fine powder or paste. It is said that the combination is made for each other.

Suribachi is a grinding utensil or bowl or the mortar with a glazy external outlook and notched internal inner look. These notched spiral edges help to facilitate crushing seeds, nuts, or spices into a fine powder.

Surikogiis made of hardwood because the internal decoration of Suribachi is notched so any other pestle made of stainless still or other materials can damaged the longevity of Suribachi.

4. Japanese Chopsticks                                              

Having a bowl of Japanese cooking or cuisine without chopstick is pretty much uncool. Japanese use chopsticks almost in their every food.

A pair of chopsticks will help you to pick foods like Nikuman, Dumplings, SushiRolls, etc. Chopsticks can be made of wood, metal, and plastic but a wooden one is more long-lasting and durable.

5. Bamboo Sushi Rolling Mat 

If you haven’t yet tried any Japanese food then you should give a try to sushi rolls. Sushi rolls are easy to make but you can’t make perfect rolls without a sushi mat or a Makisu.

Bamboo sushi rolling mat helps to roll sushi without spreading much mess. With the help of this mat, all the sushi ingredients like nori, rice, vegetables, fishes, tofu remain organized. Bamboo sushi rolling mats are eco-friendly, easy to wash, and reusable.

6. Japanese Rice Cooker

Rice is the main dish almost for all Asians but the way of consuming rice is different. But if you have a Japanese rice cooker your life will be easier.

Its automated kitchen tools which help to steam and boil rice. What you need to do is wash your rice put it onto the cooker with water set time and heat and the rest will be automated. You can also Cook Steamed buns and cakes using a rice cooker.

7. Japanese Rolled Omelet Pan

Omelet is a common and easy to cook breakfast right? If you are in a hurry and already getting late for the office then having a Tamagoyaki pan at your kitchen can save your job. Tamagoyaki is a rectangular-shaped Japanese pan that is perfect for rolling Omelets.

Tamagoyaki pan helps to roll omelet perfectly because of its slope. You can cook any type of Sandwiches, Pancakes because it’s very easy to flip in a Tamagoyaki pan rather than a normal pan.

8. Japanese Grater

You must be thinking now is there any difference between a Japanese grater and a normal grater? Of course, there is a huge difference between them. In a Japanese grater or Oroshigane, the grated ingredients remain on the upper surface of a greater whole in a normal grater the grated ingredients fall behind the grater. This works as a great wasabi grater.

This Oroshigane is best for grating cloves of garlic, wasabi, ginger, and any vegetables of the same texture.

9. Japanese Drop Lid

If you want to make any kind of simmered food then add a drop lid or Otoshibuta in your list. You may find a drop lid in every Japanese people’s place. This kind of lid helps to distribute heat evenly so the food cooks quicker than regular time, reduces large bubbles on the liquid, and prevents evaporation.

The lid doesn’t cover the saucepan rather floats on the liquid. Wooden Otoshibuta is traditional but you can find it made of adjustable Stainless steel.

10. Miso Soup Bowls

Soups are something that the Japanese have in their food menu almost every single day. Traditional Miso Soup bowls are made of carved wood but it’s also available in plastic. These bowls may attract you by its color or the abstract paint on it.

If you are planning to buy bowls for soup for your upcoming occasion then this bowl can enhance the beauty of your table.

Final Words 

Kitchen tools with your tremendous cooking skill can bring the utmost change in your taste bud but for that what you need to do is to know the usage of these tools. Like, you have plenty of tools but none of them are useable that’s a complete waste of money.

So, do not waste on buying unnecessary kitchenware’s. Buy something different like Japanese cooking utensils and try to cook something delicious with that. Maybe you are using some of these items or thinking of having any of these.

Get your preferred one for the best results.

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