Types of Truck Bed Covers: What is Right For You?

Not all truck bed covers are the same. Just as there are many uses for a truck, there are also numerous uses for pickup truck bed tonneau cover. Putting two and two together, there are different trucks that utilize different truck bed covers. The combinations are endless, but they do not need to be terribly overwhelming. Using this list of truck bed covers which are featured on truck hero, a very informational website involving trucks will help you make a long-term decision about a truck bed flat cover.

The same thing is known for its many different versions for example, hard cover, folding tonneau cover, soft tonneau cover, tri fold cover, hard folding cover, hard tonneau, truck cover, rolling cover, roll-up cover, truck bed tonneau cover, truck accessory, hard truck bed cover, hard tonneau cover, hard bed cover, hard folding tonneau cover, pickup bed cover, soft-folding tonneau cover, soft truck bed cover, bed liner, soft-folding tonneau, snap tonneau cover, soft folding cover, roll-up tonneau cover, etc. The cover with tri-fold design is tri fold bed cover.

Types of Truck Bed Covers

Types of materials that comprise a truck bed cover

Tonneau covers are comprised of many different materials. The most common material that makes up a truck bed cover is matte. Matte is a type of reinforced padding that is placed over the original material underneath. On the underside of the truck bed cover are different kinds of materials, whether it is fiberglass, aluminum, or any other surface. Some of these materials have coated panels, and some do not have those kinds of panels. The panels themselves are either a large board, roll out like a carpet, or they fold into two or three panels like a folding cover or folding tonneau or tri fold tonneau cover. Some of them are even retractable tonneau or retractable tonneau cover or retractable cover. You can this extend this truck bed tonneau over the truck bed.

The ARE (All Range Exterior) truck bed cover

ARE truck bed covers extend around the entire cabin of the truck, effectively transforming the truck into a minivan or an SUV. This is a good option for long trips with more passengers, as the ARE bed can provide extra room for other passengers. If you are using your truck to carry a combination of other people as well as supplies locally, this is a good option, as it is against the law to have passengers in the cabin of a truck without the cabin sealed. These are also known as truck cap or truck shells.

Truck bed covers that are equipped with roof racks: A good solution when camping or going to outdoor events

It is not desirable to place bicycles, rafts, or canoes inside of the cabin of a truck, even if the cabin is sealed with a bed cover. As a solution to this, some bed covers come equipped with roof racks that can easily attach anything that is necessary. One good example of this is the undercover ridgelander, which is a hinging bed cover with a hard surface, that has racks built in. The entire bed is constructed with one piece and clamps on, which makes it very easy to install. The undercover ridgelander is perfect for preparing for the outdoors.

Which kind of truck bed cover is right for your needs?

The answer to this question all depends on what you use the truck for. Now that we know that there are generally three major types of covers (hard top, soft tonneau top, ARE), the next best thing is to determine which type is best for situation.

Let’s say you use your truck for work, transporting all kinds of materials to and from places. A soft truck bed will probably not be ideal for this. And neither would a bed that clamps, as it would be very time consuming to take the bed on and off every time you access the cabin. In this example, it would be good to have a hard surface truck bed that either folds or retracts. This will make life easier.

For those who use a truck to transport things but also have a lot of passengers, it would be ideal to pursue an ARE bed. The ARE bed will still allow you to transport things, but it will also allow you to carry passengers as well. The one bad thing about this is that once an ARE bed is placed on the truck, it will likely be on there permanently, as they require quite a bit of work to attach and remove.


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