Vented vs. Ventless Dryers – Head to Head Comparison 

Out of all the home appliances, an electric dryer or clothes dryer basically consumes more energy than the others. So, when you are planning to buy it, energy-saving becomes an important factor. We will not talk about any gas dryer, washer dryer, condensation dryer types.

In this situation, a vented dryer or ventless dryer comes into play. You might even ask yourself, “Which one is the best in terms of energy-saving?”

For your benefit, today we discuss vented clothes dryer or vented vs ventless dryers or non vented dryer or ventless clothes dryer. Check it out.

Vented vs. Ventless Dryers – The Comparison

Vented Dryers

Vented dryers are traditional models that are quite common throughout the world. To heat the air, it uses either gas combustion or an electric heating element. The generated warm air moves around the clothes constantly and then, it gets out with the help of exterior vent. There is another kind of dryer called vented tumble dryer and it also has a dryer vent, although there can also be a condenser tumble dryer.

Although it is quite affordable, it does need some maintenance with time. As you have seen, it requires an exterior vent to release evaporated moisture or heated air, or moist air which can turn out to be a challenging situation for many people. Some homes have options to install while some dot, unfortunately.

If you buy the one that runs with gas, you must have a vent pipe to release the carbon monoxide. About dirt issues, lint forms inside the vent and you must clean it regularly to avoid the risk of catching fire.

In this regard, the best place that you can put it is near a window or some other place where the air can escape easily. You can even hang the hose to the window opening if you have a problem with the previous option.

Just avoid putting it in an enclosed place as it is not safe for the appliance and your health. Always take some necessary precautions before you use this kind of product.

Keep in mind that this dryer will use more energy than the ventless one. Nevertheless, you can get your dry clothes within no time.


  • Not expensive
  • Dries quickly
  • Common among people
  • Comes with additional features in the upgraded models
  • Can dry a large number of clothes at a single time 


  • Ventilation installation is mandatory
  • Consumes lots of energy
  • Not suitable for everyone

Ventless Dryers

Ventless dryer such as condenser dryer or condensing dryer is a modern version of the previous one. By the name you can guess it; no vent is required for this model. Thankfully, it can be a great option for you if your laundry room has no exterior venting facility. Not only that, but you can also save some of your money since it consumes less energy.

The installation process is also very easy and moreover, you don’t have to clean the ventas lint won’t get the chance to build up. The hot air produced inside is recycled continuously so it is also good for the environment.

There are two types of ventless dryers, condenser, and heat pump dryer. Let’s have a look at their features and advantages

1. Condenser Dryers

When it starts, the condenser heats the air and it moves straight to the tumbler without getting released into the atmosphere. Then, it goes to the condenser again to get cooled down and after that, it reheats.

Your damp clothes will be releasing water in the drying process and all of it gets drained through the tube. If not, a container collects it which you have to empty manually.

Besides, as the same air is being used in drying, lots of energy is saved. Surprisingly, your clothes won’t get excessively dry as the dryer is flexible on your clothes.


  • Easy installation process
  • No need to make holes in the wall
  • Goes easy on the fabrics while drying
  • Can save money due to less energy consumption
  • No need for ventilation


  • Expensive
  • Need to clean the water container
  • Takes time to dry

2. Heat Pump Dryers

This type of dryer operates uniquely through the use of a heat pump. The air stays warm all the time and it never cools down like the previous one. 

Overall, it consumes less energy because it runs at a lower temperature. Yes, it goes easy with clothes.

Apart from that, some minor drawbacks are that it is smaller and drying takes a longer time. Plus, when it operates, it creates noise and if you are living in a small-sized apartment, you could get irritated. 


  • Energy efficient
  • Ventilation installation is not necessary
  • The lifespan of the cloth increases
  • Versatile
  • The room doesn’t get heated up due to building up of moisture or heat


  • Need to spend extra money while purchasing
  • Can’t hold many clothes
  • Have to wait a long time for the clothes to get dry

Which One is Better?

Up to this point, it is clear that ventless dryers pick the win but still, vented ones can still be a pretty good option.

When you are going to talk about installation, ventless models are very easy in this area. Maintenance is not that much needed and the striking quality is its energy-saving feature. You have to spend some extra cash for this one but the investment won’t go to waste for sure.

Unfortunately, the time taken to dry your clothes is longer than the vented ones. So, if you are in a hurry, that can be a problem. But still, the decision relies on you. Check your budget, personal requirement, and other criteria before you head out to buy.


The updated products come with washer dryers combo facility. So you should look at them as well before purchasing. Furthermore, consult with the supplier for extra advice. 

Have a good day!

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