Why Is My Cat Meowing So Much?

Every organism has a system of communication unique to its species. Cats, being one of those species, also have one such communication system. But the problem is other species cannot understand cats’ language, just like we cannot understand their languages. They can be our very personal pets, but we still do not know their language. Yet, cats or our pets do try to communicate with us because they only have us to look after them. They depend on us. They cannot live without our help because it was us who took this responsibility to save and pet our cute cat friends. Here we will explore the question: Why is my cat meowing so much?


Our cats have so many needs, and they have to communicate their needs to us. How do they do it? They do it by meowing in various ways and tones! They greet us, show affection, dissatisfaction or disappointment by meowing. Now, this meowing is very interesting in the sense that cats meow only to humans! They want to say something! Cats do not use meowing sounds at each other except the kittens who meow at their moms to express their needs. But adult cats do not do that to anyone but humans. There is also yowl! But cats use that during their mating season.

It is really difficult to say exactly when cats do excessive meowing. The same sound can have many different meanings. But there are cats that yowl and meow way too much that goes beyond normal limits. Let us try to explore and investigate the reasons why they do that.

Reasons for Meowing:

We will now have a look at the reasons one by one.

Reasons for Meowing
  1. If you are a cat owner you already know the first reason – greetings. Cats will greet you the moment you come home. Your precious kids will run and come meowing to you and affectionately move around your feet. They want to say that they were lonely and now they are happy that you are home and they want to play with you.
  2. Another reason is to attract your attention. Those furballs will try and seduce you for affectionate cuddling, combing, stroking, and so on. Cats will always be shameless in their need for affection. So, they will meow a lot and keep meowing a bit more until you give in to their seduction! Lonely cats will meow more!
  3. It is food time! Cats love their treats and meals! They will exert a lot of effort in meowing if you forget to give them food on time. You may forget a mealtime, but cats will not. They meow the heaven out of you until you give them what they deserve for their cuteness service!
  4. If it is the time to let the cat out!! Yes! Even the human kids will be restless if you do not let them out, and cats are balls of super energy! If it is their playtime and you are ignoring them, they will keep meowing to voice their restlessness. If they want to go out, they will loiter around the door and meow. If they want to come in, they will keep meowing at the door. This will take some time to change and stop meowing.
  5. Aging is another reason a cat can meow excessively. If the cat feels disoriented, or has cognitive dysfunction, or is mentally confused – it will meow.
  6. It is a call of nature – to mate. Your cat is perhaps meowing because she is looking for a mate. The same goes for males too.

To the vet:

You know that your cat is meowing, and you do not have a clue why your cat is meowing. To be sure that your cat does not have any medical issues, please take the cat to the vet. There are many hidden causes of your cat’s distress. Diseases can put a lot of stress on a cat, and it can become unusually thirsty, hungry, or restless, and these can lead to excess meowing. So, go to a vet and have a full body checkup.

Pacify your Cats:

Pacify your Cats

You have to be very patient – perhaps you have heard this many times before. But it will never change – it was right before; it is now and it will be in the future. Why? Because you will have to find out the real cause why your cat is meowing so much. You have to try each and everything out to determine properly what the cause is. Do not try to push your guesswork on an already suffering cat. If you have determined the cause of excess meowing, then you have a few things you can try out. Ok, you have read the reasons, right? They were numbered from 1 to 6. Let us take them and go from there.

  1. For greetings, you cannot do much about the meowing. Once the greeting is over then your cat will automatically move on.
  2. If it is for attention, try to show disinterest when the cat is voicing too much. Later, when he is calm, pay attention to him. This will train him to be less vocal when he is looking for attention from you. Keep doing this regularly, and your cat will understand.
  3. If the cat is meowing because it is always lonely during the day, then get a person who can look after the cat for some time during the day and feed and play with it.
  4. If the cat is meowing for food, then do not feed him when he is vocal. Feed him when he is pacified. You can also buy a timer-enabled feeder.
  5. If your cat is on a special diet. You should talk to the vet about food with high fiber that can satisfy your cat even when his food is lesser in quantity.
  6. If a cat wants to go out or come in, you should consider installing a cat door. But it is not recommended to let your cat out because he may contract diseases. Also, outside is not safe for domestic cats. Just keep him inside and let him get accustomed to the situation. It might take time, but there is no shortcut to this. But you can create a safe enclosure in your backyard if you have one.
  7. If your cat is in heat, she will meow a lot but if you spay your cat, she stops meowing. If you have a male cat, neutering him is the best option.
  8. If aging is the problem, medication can also help.

Do Research and Learn:

We believe you love your cat. But there are also dreadful stories of animal abuse. Some laws protect animals from abusive owners, but that cannot always save cats. If you are an owner with a good heart and patience then we are happy too. But if you have a short temper and cannot stand meowing, please do yourself a favor – give your cat up for adoption. Good owners should always do research and learn ways to understand their cats to find the answer to the question ‘why is my cat meowing so much.’

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